Tensei Saki de Suterareta no de, Mofumofu Tachi to Oryouri Shimasu ~Okazari Ouhi wa my Pace ni Saikyou Desu~

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13. Meeting the Silver Wolf King

I was a bit worried as we drove through the royal capital in a roofless carriage. Most of the people that lined up along the street were just human. There were only a few beastkin, like the dog-eared girl I’d seen earlier.

Supposedly slightly less than half of the citizens of the Wolfwald kingdom were beastkin, and I heard that they comprised about 30% of the capital’s residents.

Despite that, the majority of the people who came to see my wedding were human. Though there were some, the percentage of beastkin was probably less than ten percent.


As I thought, it seemed that the relations between beastkin and humans were rather troubling. There was a clear gap between them here, though not as much as in my own country.

There had been four Queen candidates for the Silver Wolf King who I was marrying. Two were humans and two were beastkin. While there was rivalry between them, I, a human, came along to be the new Queen. The beastkin were probably dissatisfied and not keen on welcoming me.

…While I was making an educated guess about the beastkin’s point of view, the walls of the royal palace came into view. 

We went through the outer wall’s gate. I saw a few buildings that looked like royal villas interspersed with a small forest.

The royal palace of the Wolfwald Kingdom was double walled. There was a vast plot of land inside the outer wall, while the inner wall held the main keep where the King resided. And just ahead at the end of my journey was a tall, towering palace that reached the heavens.

The white outer wall was made from stone, complementing the greenery of the surrounding forest brilliantly.

A magnificent palace with several spires awaited us with an imposing presence.


As soon as I arrived at the main palace, I was stripped of my dress by the maids. They cleansed, re-dressed, and readied me. I had to clean up quickly before meeting His Majesty, as my arrival had been delayed by our detour.

Pearl powder covered my skin and rouge was applied to my lips. Finally, after putting on hair ornaments, I immediately headed to His Majesty. I hurried as much as possible, but at a graceful pace so as not to look rushed.

Looking at the foreign royal palace, I thought of King Glenreed who I was about to meet.

His Majesty was 23 years old. A bit older than my age of 17, but it was a sensible age difference when it came to political marriages.

King Glenreed was known for his excellence as a king and hatred of women.

I was to be a figurehead Queen anyways, but even though I didn’t want to force myself to shorten the distance between us, he was technically my husband-to-be.

While I was thinking that it would be nice if we were able to build a favourable friendship or at least acquaintanceship, the door to the audience chamber opened and I finally met His Majesty.



While it was a natural act of courtesy, it also came from being surprised.

A young man with silver hair was sitting on the throne. He had bluish eyes the colour of a lake in winter. Surrounded by a possessing aura, the masculine and graceful outline was reminiscent of an ice sculpture. Cold yet beautiful, he had such an exquisite face that he was unforgettable from first sight.

…I’d heard that he was misogynistic, but he was so good-looking it would’ve been rude of me to think that he might have had any trouble with the opposite sex.

As I bowed and raised my head according to etiquette, I felt as if His Majesty’s lips were moving.

“—What a strange scent.”


Wait, what did you just say?

Even though it was but a small, quiet, muttered soliloquy, it still was a quite a worrisome remark.

If I’m not mistaken, you were saying these words while looking at me, correct, Your Majesty?

…My body should have been cleaned thoroughly by the maids. Even the perfume that I was wearing should’ve had only a mild fragrance.

And yet I had a strange scent?

No way…

Did you mean that the smell of the dried meat and spices I touched while cooking yesterday was so ingrained in my skin? That couldn’t be the case, but what His Majesty had just said was too puzzling.

I kept a calm smile in place while wondering and waiting for His Majesty to continue with his remarks. 

At this moment I got to brilliantly demonstrate the Crown Princess training that I’d hammered into my body.

“You said that your name is Leticia Gramwell, right?”

“Correct. It is our first time meeting, Your Majesty.”

His Majesty’s indecipherable blue eyes narrowed as I pinched the hem of my dress and bowed.

“You must have had a hard time on your long journey to our country. I’ll give you a royal villa, so take your time and rest well.”

“Thank you for your kind words.”

“I’m afraid I won’t show up very often, but I plan on granting your wishes as much as possible. Go straight to the royal villa and check if there is anything you need.”

His Majesty’s words were sympathetic but superficial. He was granting me a royal villa, as if to say, “Go and stay there already and don’t bother me.” And thus I was pronounced a figurehead Queen.


After having a small conversation of no more than a word or two, Leticia headed to her royal villa. Still sitting on the throne, Glenreed was left to his own thoughts.

Leticia, who had been dumped by her betrothed, the Crown Prince of her country, and had been as good as exiled, came here to be married. He had wondered what kind of woman she was, so he was a little disappointed that she easily accepted going to the royal villa without any fuss. She was well-disciplined as a duke’s daughter, and her behaviour was graceful and impeccable. It was splendid, but…

What was that scent?

It was neither uncomfortable nor unpleasant at all, but she certainly had a different scent. 

Was it because she came from a foreign country? Or was it because she possessed strong magical power, as he’d heard?

He didn’t know the reason, but he couldn’t leave it be even if she was but a temporary Queen. That was because, from his experience, he should never ignore it when his “Nose” caught something.

I’d like to find out, but what to do?

There were several outstanding retainers, but quite a few of them had the capability to reveal something about the power of his nose. If so, then maybe he would have to personally make a move.

That was the plan that Glenreed laid out.

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