After I Finished YEETing the Protagonist, I Moved on To My Second Life and Found Out that My Students Were the Protagonists of the Sequel

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Chapter 13 – Reunion with that Compatriot

The classes continued without any problems during the weekdays. 

The curriculum wasn’t specified by the government, but rather something I compiled after consultation with the vice principal, so it was well tailored to my students.

It could be said that beginner classes such as “How to refine magic power” or “How to incorporate magic formation” would be a waste of time for those three girls. 

Those who neglected the basics would never become stronger, but if one only continued to focus on the basics, they would never improve.

So I taught class content intended for very advanced students, but they could follow along without any problem.

[“So it’s better to push forwards without mercy……”]


The vice principal’s troubled expression as she said that was still fresh in my memory.

From the perspective of us shitty brats, we were confident enough in our abilities to skip just any class.

In comparison, weren’t Erin’s group of three too serious about their studies despite their natural talent?

When I recalled my days as a student…… It honestly amazed me that someone like me was actually able to act like a teacher now.

During the practical exam, we carelessly used our full strength and destroyed the school building along with the mountain.

Depending on whether or not I understood the content of the assigned reading, I would either work on something else during the class, look around aimlessly, or just sleep.

It was the worst. 

If Erin’s group did something like that, I might not be able to bear it.

I was really glad they were good kids.

Also, Ms. Vice Principal, I am terribly sorry about my behavior during my school days……I’ve reflected on my actions……


No, well, wait a minute.

Looking back, I think that someone other than me was the main culprit in most cases.


[“Descendant of the Hero, Haruto, be my compatriot and work for the sake of Tail Kingdom!”] 

[“Ah sorry, I have no interest in that kind of thing.”]

“[“What……?! Are you saying a man like you has no ideals or aspirations?! I can’t leave it like this! I’ve decided, I must teach you a lesson in motivation. I’ll make you sing the national anthem four times in the morning, twice in the afternoon, and three times in the evening!”]

[“That’s just brainwashing! Rather, how did you come up with that specific number so quickly?!!”] 


Immediately after such a mysterious accusation, my attacks collided with hers, and the classroom was blown away with an explosion. 

Yep, no matter how I looked at it, both I and that girl were at fault for not adjusting our power levels.

I am terribly sorry for that. But if she hadn’t said anything in the first place…

No, it was definitely my fault in this case. I should’ve responded with more restraint. 

Unfortunately, I had the memories of being incited and doing something stupid together.

However, there must be something that I was not involved in……!



[“Listen to me, my compatriot Haruto!”]

[“What’s up? Were you the one who was changing the shape of the schoolyard this morning? Or rather, it could only be you. Sensei was looking for you while leaking killing intent.”]

[“Uwah, I didn’t want to hear that…… that’s not it! That Aias seem to be going to town to join in on group blind dates without telling us!”]

[“Hah?! That pisses me off. Oi, we’ll join in too.”]

[“You know my thoughts, my friend! You’ll participate as a male member, while I join as a female member, but……”]

[“Aah, so we’re going to pincer-trap that fellow like that.”]

[“The person I’m most worried about in this operation is you. Are you okay with blind dates? You are such a virgin to the point I’m worried here about your ability to function.”]

[“…I’m really gonna beat you up.”]


Aah, no good……This was another incident that was triggered by me……

In the end, she and I were fighting during the blind date, and the store exploded.

Sensei, I am really sorry about that time.

“Teach’, thanks for waiting.” 

As the light slowly faded from my eyes when I recalled how many times I had helped rebuild school buildings and other structures I had destroyed, my name was suddenly called. 

When I looked, I saw Erin in her school uniform with a nervous expression.

Even though it was a day off, she was still in her school uniform. I was also still wearing my formal work attire, though, so I had no right to judge.

“It’s okay. We’re on time for the meeting. Shall we go, then?” 

“Yeah…… Sorry about this, teach’.”

“Don’t worry. I can always help if it’s just for a three way meeting.”

The meeting place we were at was a communal carriage waiting area a little far from the adventurer school. 

The destination the carriage would carry us to was the royal capital.


In the capital was the main residence of Erin’s current home, which was with the SwordX family. 

……Well, it seemed they rented a room in the royal castle for this meeting, though.

As I loosened my tie, I desperately tried not to sigh at the thought of why things ended up like this. 




I hadn’t visited the capital for a long while, but it was as lively as ever. 

The horse carriages and passerbys pushed past each other down the wide street.

It reminded me of Shinjuku or Shibuya. In other words, the traffic was really bad.



Erin’s eyes widened as she took in the noisy atmosphere. It seemed like it was her first experience with this traffic.

Hm? Why did she react like that when the main residence of the SwordX family was in the capital?

……I guess she could have lived in a separate villa.

I hadn’t read anything about that from the game.

“Don’t get separated, okay.” 

“Got it.”

I grabbed Erin’s shoulder and pulled her closer. 

Perhaps she wasn’t paying attention, but she ended up landing face-first into my chest.

“Ah, s-sorry.” 

“Hm, i-it’s okay.”

“Whatever you do, don’t panic like I am.”

I never thought something like this would happen after all……!

While fanning the heat from my cheeks with my hands, I quickly looked elsewhere.

“Hey teach’, is the royal capital always this crowded?” 

“Aah, it’s basically like this every day.”


Erin moved away from me and started looking everywhere. 

What caught her eyes were the stalls, which looked like small islands in a rushing river because of the flow of people moving around them. 

“Should we take a look?” 

“Is it okay?!”

Erin’s eyes sparkled and showed a look of joy. 

We still had plenty of time, so it wouldn’t hurt to do some shopping.

She ran and arrived at a stall selling mainly miscellaneous goods. I followed at a more leisurely pace.  

Along with cosmetics and health supplements, they sold accessories and non-practical stuffed animals.

This was common in commercial facilities, I guess…

“Amazing, there’s no sense of unity in this… but this is good in its own way……”

“Well, it’s because people often pass by.”

It wasn’t that customers came because they sought specific things here. 

I guess the main customers were people who just happened to see it while passing by and bought it.

“If there’s anything that you want, let me know, Erin.” 

“Eh…… I-I think that won’t be good after all. It makes me feel bad for Sharon and Kuyumi, or something like that.”

Perhaps the recent incident of farm work being exposed by them was still weighing on her mind, because Erin pouted unhappily.  

“Well, think about it another way. It is fine as long you’re honest about it. Perhaps they will also be brought to the capital someday, so why wouldn’t they buy theirs at that time?”

“……Ah~, yes, well, I guess so?”

It was an appropriate excuse, if I say so myself. 

Or so I thought, but after Erin showed a slight hint of dissatisfaction, she quickly dismissed it.

I wonder what that means? Wouldn’t it be good if three of them were treated equally?

“Then I want this, this…… and this!”

While I was tilting my head, she quickly narrowed down the items she wanted. 

Erin quickly grabbed jelly-like cosmetics used to moisturize the skin and a stuffed bear.

Cosmetics aside, would that stuffed animal fit in her bag……?


Well, whatever.

The important thing was that the person in question wanted it.

She said she didn’t know what her own desires were before.

But if she thought the stuffed animal in front of her was cute and wanted it… 

I was sure there must have been at least one step forward in opening her heart.

“This bear is so cute, right?” 

I looked at the stuffed bear that was being held in her arms and said with a faint smile. 

“Yes, it somewhat looks a bit like teach’……”

“Which part? Wait… wait a minute. Do I look like a bear? Wait a minute.”

The stuffed bear looked up at me with its round eyes. 

It was totally different. I wasn’t that cute.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like being called cute because I was a man. Rather, because I was a veteran warrior who had seen plenty of bloodshed, being told I resembled a bear inflicted mental damage to me. I didn’t want to think of myself as something that could brutally kill others. 

However, Erin just smiled softly and rubbed her cheeks against the stuffed bear.

I’m not sure if you should be doing that to a bear you said looked similar to me.

After paying for the products, all I could do was stare at the stuffed bear, which was definitely enjoying the sensation of Erin’s cheeks. It doesn’t matter if it’s not a living creature! 




Well then, it was good timing that we left the store just now. 

It was just a short walk along the street to reach our destination, the royal castle.

“As expected, people can’t enter the castle without a pass or something like that, right?” 

“That’s right. There is another way to enter the castle, which is by having the gatekeeper register the visit directly, but I guess there will be an intermediary waiting for us this time.”

“Intermediary? Who is it?”

Where the heck did she find out I was going to talk with the SwordX family? 

She went ahead and declared herself to be an intermediary without permission, and it was recognized in no time.

“Well, she is a good person, but……”


Then we approached the plaza right next to the royal castle.

It was a place to rest where many people, mainly families, spent their time relaxed and smiling while watching children run around.


But now, there was a tall, red-haired woman wearing a military uniform standing there with a piercing gaze, and the children had been evacuated by their parents. 

She was really…… no good at these kinds of things……




When I called out to her, she recognized me and slowly approached me with no expression on her face. 

Erin, who started to hide behind me as she was taken aback, said, “So it’s that person after all……” with a tone of despair.

I am really sorry about this. Please believe me when I say I had no choice.

“Erin SwordX, right?” 


The woman had already approached to just a stone’s throw away. 

Seeing the black military uniform that strangely suited the woman and her blade-like aura, Erin stiffened.

“Hmm… you have flexible muscles and excellent dynamic vision. I see, I see, it seems like it really is the person in question.” 

Her long, thick red hair, which almost reached her waist, combined with her deadly nature, made her seem like she was wearing a winter fur cloak around her shoulders. 

That hair was the origin of her moniker.


“Has ‘The Burning Wolf’ come to hunt?” 

When I called out to her teasingly, she turned her gaze toward me. 

“It’s been a while, my compatriot from the same school.” 

When she grinned, her mouth revealed her sharp teeth. 

“Teach’, this person is……?”

“Aah~ err……”


How should I introduce her?

I couldn’t stupidly and honestly say she was the captain of the secret unit after all.

“I’m Cadenta Olheim, a member of the Tail Kingdom army.” 

While I was at a loss, she had quickly finished her introduction. 

I guess it was natural for sensitive military personnel to have a ready answer when they had to introduce themselves.

“Ah, yes……”


Erin seemed to realize from the woman’s military uniform that she was a soldier, and straightened her posture.

Seeing that, the red-haired woman’s expression softened. 

“You don’t have to be so stiff. Despite how I look, I’m kind to my juniors.” 


Erin froze at the unexpected words. 

“I guess I forgot to mention that,” said Cadenta. Then she pulled me close, leaned in, and put her arm around my shoulders.

“This man and I were classmates…… In other words, I’m your senior, Erin-dono.”

“By the way, this girl destroyed the school building the most often among us.”

“If we’re bringing up dark pasts, then I want to mention that if we narrowed the scale down to the classroom, you’re the one who destroyed it most often.”

As always, Cadenta and I bantered back and forth whenever we met. 

“Eh……Eeehhhh?! Teach’ isn’t freaking out, even though he’s in close contact with a woman?!?!?!”


Erin looked at me and Cadenta and let out a really rude remark.

Cadenta burst out laughing when she heard that. 

I’ll never forgive her for that…

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