Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: your stuck with ink (ink you’re an editor, you used the wrong your)

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Chapter 021 – Mutual Understanding [A]

The spot with three trees. Tlue expressed his gratitude to Fay there. Both of them felt somewhat incompatible to each other.

Tlue hated Fay. However, it was a fact that he saved Maria, so it was only natural for him to thank him.

He wanted to leave as soon as he was done. It was because he was still scared of Fay. Since Tlue already thanked him which was in line with his moral values, he wanted to leave immediately. His head was filled with such a thought.


I’m ashamed to think that I… am still unable to overcome my fear of him… but still, I can never forget about this fear. Abyss… I guess I could refer to it as that. It’s similar to the hate of similar people, and the fear grew stronger. I just can’t handle this monster who is detached from my understanding 


It was fear of something that he couldn’t understand. The person in front of him wasn’t the Fay he had known. He felt that the Fay now was an existence belonging to a completely different dimension and that a different common sense applied to him. Humans had always feared the unknown. 

Tlue ended up seeing that abyss when he was thirteen years old. It was an impossible degree of obsession. Although Tlue didn’t know what that was exactly, the pressure it exuded was carved deep inside Tlue. 

The abyss of soul that not even gods could understand was seen by Tlue, no matter how small it may be, and that turned into a curse that bound him. 





Let’s leave quickly. 


Just as Tlue was about to turn his feet to the orphanage, a certain duo approached Fay and Tlue. They were a man with red hair like a red lotus and burning eyes in similar color accompanied by a blue haired man with a freezing gaze. 


If I’m not wrong, they are, 


Tlue was familiar with those two. It was because the duo was often involved with Tlue since the time of the temporary enrollment period. In the novel game Round Table Heroes, they often got involved with Tlue which often developed into combat events between them. 


And Arthur also got involved with the two once, so the event was they would work together and defeat them, raising their favorability to each other. 


*Disclaimer: Due to Athena’s intention, the event scene where Tlue and Arthur are paired together to defeat them didn’t involve Fay, so the scene was edited out altogether. 


Tlue: “It’s you two again?” 

Guren: “Ou, it’s us again, so let’s fight, in a mock combat!”

The red-haired boy turned his aggressive gaze. However, Tlue shook his head since he didn’t want to fight unnecessarily. 

Fubuki: “Both of us are curious about your ability, your ability as an All Master, that is.” 

The blue haired boy gave his freezing gaze as if saying he had no intention to back down. 

Tlue: “I’m sorry, but I-” 

Guren: “Really, what a coward. Well, you’re just an orphan after all. Unlike us who grew through fighting, I don’t expect much of you to begin with.”

Tlue: “…Does being an orphan matter?”

Guren: “Ah-, it’s not like I meant it as an insult. It’s just we were active as adventurers all this time, so we just thought you, who are raised comfortably in an orphanage, could only have that much ability.”

Fay: “Hou, that’s an interesting remark you have there.”


Fay came in between the red-haired boy and Tlue. Just like the red-haired man, he also had an aggressive gaze. 


Fay: “You’re just saying that orphans are inferior. Then I’ll fight you instead. I’m also an orphan, but it didn’t matter much to my ability. I’ll teach you that.” 

Fubuki: “…Heeh, try it.”

Guren: “Personally, I’m more interested in Tlue, but… interesting.”

Fay: “I don’t mind going two against one.”

Guren: “If both of us fought together, we’d still win even if Tlue fought alongside you.”


They clearly underestimate us, thought Tlue. Although he didn’t mind being insulted alone, saying orphans are an inferior people meant it didn’t just involved him, but his family in the orphanage was also insulted. 


He… why’d he accept the duel? There should be a reason for that… However, I also didn’t like the way they say orphans are inferior… Although I have no idea what he has in mind to accept the duel… 


…He protected Maria. It’s also him who tried to overturn the reputation of orphans. Is it really alright of me to back off in this situation…? 


Tlue was conflicted. He was shaken between his fear and stubbornness. However, he came to an answer at the end of his worry. 


Even though I’ve vowed to move forward… I was about to break down in fear once again. Is that really alright? Even if I can’t overcome it yet, there’s meaning in trying to do so… In that case, 


Tlue: “I’ll do it too. I’ll be two on two.” 

Guren: “That’s good. It won’t be fun otherwise, you know? Isn’t it, Fubuki?” 1

Fubuki: “Aah, that’s exactly it, Guren.” 2


It seemed that the fiery boy with red hair was called Guren, while the frosty boy with blue hair was called Fubuki. Originally, this pair were easily defeated by the tag team of Arthur and Tlue. 


Guren: “The match is decided when the other party either is knocked unconscious, has their wooden sword knocked away, broken, or surrenders!” 


However, the result changed due to a different person being involved. 


Everyone held onto their respective wooden swords. Tlue took the spare wooden sword Fay had, while Guren and Fubuki took out the wooden swords they brought with him. 

The one who made the first move was Fay. He kicked the ground and made a sharp approach. The one who received his attack was Fubuki. Fay used his incomplete Art reinforcement, and while Fubuki also did not have complete mastery over Art, he was better than Fay. 


Although Fay had superior swordsmanship, he lacked the strength to make use of it. 


Fay’s sword was easily blocked. Then Fubuki’s expression and atmosphere changed completely. 


Fubuki: “Hyahaaaaaahhh!!! You’re quite good!!! You’re quite something to receive my compliment!!” 



Fubuki’s cool image suddenly changed and he began to speak loudly like a battle maniac. And just like Fubuki’s, Guren’s also changed his sweltering vocabulary. 

Guren: “I forgot to mention… that Fubuki’s personality changed when in combat. He’ll go wild and move without rationality, but, there’s no problem since I could just support him instead.” 


Both of them… suddenly swapped personality?! 

It was a low ice-cold voice. It might seem to others that Guren and Fubuki switched personalities. In fact, Tlue couldn’t hide his inner surprise. 


Tlue: “…Tch.” 


Tlue clicked his tongue. He intended to use magic to support Fay but couldn’t. Fay was always moving at a dizzying pace and that hampered Tlues aim. Moreover, Guren and Fubuki also moved in the way that Fay would shield them from Tlue’s magic. 

It wasn’t a battle two on two. They instead made the smallest movement to achieve the greatest result, the two against one. Fay was also unable to handle Guren’s magic support while he was busy fighting Fubuki. 

Guren’s flame arrow launched toward Fay’s shoulder. 


Fay: “…” 


He didn’t seem to look in pain, but his left arm would be useless for the time being. He was using his right arm alone to continue swinging his sword. 


Tlue’s magic support also didn’t work as intended. The reason was simple. It was because he continued to get distracted by Fay. His focus was drawn on him instead. 

Rather than offsetting Guren’s magic support, he was too distracted by Fay instead. It created an impossible phenomenon where he treated his ally as a greater threat than his enemy. 


Guren: “It seems, we really overestimated you… you’re not worthy of being our opponent.” 


Fay was blown away. At the next moment, Guren and Fubuki charged in front of Tlue. It became two on one, and Tlue was wondering what happened to Fay that he looked over there instead. The skin of his head was scrapped and bled. His mouth was also cut and bled. 


Fubuki: “Really, you guys! Be more spirited, will you!!!!” 


Fubuki’s mighty sword swing knocked Tlue’s sword in the air. It was his fault for being too distracted by Fay. 


Guren: “As expected, we are the strongest… It’s just proof that mere magic aptitude is not enough to overcome our mutual understanding.” 

Fubuki: “Hahahah!! That’s obvious!”


The two had an atmosphere that they won the match. Fay’s wooden sword was also broken before they knew it. 

Guren: “As expected, there’s no growth in the cage known as an orphan… it seems we are correct to jump out of it after all.” 

Tlue: “…”

The duo left after saying that. Only the pair of losers remained. Fay immediately picked up the sword Tlue dropped and began swinging it again. 

The match just now should be permeated inside him already. He was always growing. 


Tlue: “…I failed to prove that orphans aren’t inferior. I… can’t do anything… damn, not again…” 

Fay: “…”


Fay continued to swing his sword without looking at Tlue. That figure made Tlue painfully aware of his own weakness and immaturity. 

Tlue: “I’ll challenge them again… what will you do?” 

Fay: “…I have to be strong. Although it’s against my principle to rely on the help of others, very well. I’ll go along with you. You decide what to do yourself.”


Tlue could feel Fay’s strong will on his eyes which seemed to say he would test and see what Tlue would do. Tlue felt something from Fay’s gaze. 


He… is he testing me? … Perhaps he didn’t go all out during the last duel to test me? I really didn’t get him, as usual… But it’s true that our goal aligned for now, even though it was temporary. 




The first thing Tlue did was to try and understand. What should he do to understand the existence known as Fay? How should they cooperate? 


The other duo was in tune. Because their mutual understanding was perfect, Fay and Tlue were defeated. No, Fay was doing as usual, it was just Tlue was too conscious of Fay, which made 1 + 1 result into -1. 


Fay was beyond Tlue’s comprehension. Even if Tlue were to ask him directly about it, Tlue doubted that he could learn anything. But if he gave up at this point and didn’t try to understand Fay, there was no doubt that Tlue wouldn’t be able to cooperate with Fay. So Tlue tried to do so while walking in the royal capital.  


What should I do… Ah! There’s Yururu-sensei over there! 


She was Fay’s sword instructor who was always together with him. Perhaps she might know something about Fay. 


Tlue: “Yururu-sensei!” 

Yururu :“Ah! Good day, Tlue-kun. Is something wrong?”

Tlue: “Actually… Blah-blah yadda-yadda.”

Yururu: “I see… So something like that happened. Understanding Fay-kun is it? … Uhn, I also have a hard time understanding him though…”


It seemed that Yururu also had a hard time understanding Fay. 

Tlue: “I wanted to win against those two, so anything helps.” 

Yururu: “Uh-n, first of all, I was actually surprised by the fact that the two of you actually lost. Things might be different if your opponents were veterans, but Guren-kun and Fubuki-kun are in the same generation as you two, right? Uh-n, Tlue-kun is a capable person … and Fay-kun’s swordsmanship is quite amazing too. I can’t say much since I don’t understand the situation well, but… perhaps it just meant that cooperating with Fay didn’t go so well… cooperation with Fay-kun… I don’t think you need to go that far. Worst case scenario… you can just leave it Fay to handle two against one and I think he will win somehow.3

Tlue: “Eh? What does that mean?”

Yururu: “Err, I think it’s wrong to answer everything as an instructor, so I’ll stop here! But I think you will eventually understand! Good luck! You’ll definitely win!”

Tlue: “Ha, haah.”


Tlue wasn’t sure. His words contained such an impression. 


Tlue: “Err, then can you tell me something else? Like compatibility as a partner (fighting comrade).” 

Yururu: “Pa, partner (lifelong marriage partner)?! Eh, err, Fay-kun has his rough and precarious side, So I think it’ll be good for a woman about eight year older with good tolerance to support him… A, also, it’s better if they have the same interest, since Fay-kun seems to be interested in swords… I think a silver haired woman who also has the same interests might be a good candidate… O, or something like that! What am I just saying! It’s embarrassing!”

Tlue: “…I, I see.”


I wonder who she is referring to… I don’t get it… how is a woman related to being a fighting comrade? Uh-n, Yururu-sensei raises a surprisingly difficult question. 

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