Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 026 – Mordred [B]

“Who are you?” 

“Isn’t it gentlemanly to introduce your own name before demanding one from a lady?”

“I’ll ask again, know that there will be no third time… Who are you?”

“What an impatient man. Oh well, I guess that’s alright… My name is Mordred. I’m just a free swordswoman who goes around destroying places on a whim and one who seeks out fights against a strong people ~♪” 1

“…I see. I guess you are a person I have to clash swords with.”

“That’s right. I defeated a man who wore similar clothes as you earlier♪ Please show me how you’ll avenge your comrades ♪”


The swordswoman who introduced herself as Mordred had long blond hair tied in a ponytail. Her blood colored eyes were looking at Fay. She was a person who preferred a struggle over her daily meal. She sought for a battle that could boil the depth of her being.  


“I only swing my sword for my own sake. Don’t mistake that part, woman.” 

“…Heeh, so you’re a person with a peculiar belief!”


Fay moved first. His sword was swung down to Mordred strengthened with awkward Art physical reinforcement. It was slower than what Tlue did and it surprised Mordred since she thought the man in front of him was a strong person. 



“Well, the sword’s movement in itself is wonderful, but…”


It wasn’t the struggle she sought for. There wasn’t an exchange that trembled her soul. That was why she wasn’t satisfied. Although Tlue also wasn’t enough to satisfy her, he had future prospects for that. But the man in front of her was… 


It’s disappointing… I’ve seen his vessel, so let’s end this quickly. 


Slashes which were faster than Fay’s struck him. He couldn’t handle the sword dance, with wounds appearing on his shoulders, legs, and cheeks. Blood oozed on his clothes and shoes. However, Fay kept swinging his sword without minding any of that. 

She intended to end the battle quickly, like children who threw their old toys away because they were tired of them. However, the battle still continued. 

Her sword scratched him all over, but none of them were fatal. Despite being overwhelmingly superior in speed, the battle didn’t end. 


What’s with this strange feeling…? It feels as if he knows where I’m going to strike. 


Mordred tried to kick him as a surprise attack. It was direct violence to his body without using a sword. However, her left leg failed to reach his ribs, as Fay blocked it using his right hand. 

They could hear a slight squeak in his bones, but that didn’t make him fall. They exchanged gazes. It felt as if she heard him saying to not expect things were over with just that. 


This time, Fay stabbed her using the sword in his left hand. She immediately avoided that using Art physical reinforcement. 


It was a strange feeling. She was overwhelming him, be it in Art operation, physical ability, or swordsmanship. There was nothing that could make her inferior against him. She was a girl who loved to struggle. However, there was a basis for her absolute confidence. She understood all kinds of strength. 

And if asked whether Fay was strong, he wasn’t. 

But despite that, she still couldn’t win despite her overwhelming advantage. The strange feeling within her was strengthened. She could just increase the output of her Art strengthening to defeat him, but that would reduce the battle into pure violence, which lacked any sense of beauty. 

If she strengthened the output further, she felt as if she couldn’t find the true worth of the man in front of her. 


“Are you able to see the future?” 



The answer she got was a flowing swing of a sword. She parried it and countered using seven consecutive slashes. She aimed at his head, shoulders, calves, chest, and abdomen at high speed.

She expected this would be enough to fatally injure her opponent. But she also wished for him to avoid it somehow. 

It was the expectation for the unknown (Fay). 


And as if to answer her, Fay opened his eyes wide, and Mordred saw it at that moment. His eyes caught all the sword’s movement. 

His shoulders and calves blurred, blood flowed from his cheek as well as the region near his heart, and his abdomen was stabbed slightly. However, he still didn’t fall. 


“—I’ve seen that sword before. That’s not it, so let’s continue.” 2 


He was an overwhelmingly vulnerable person, yet despite being the type of person that would normally not draw her interest, at this moment he was. It was her first. 




The woman revealed a vulgar smile. His actions which went beyond her expectation made her more interested in him. 



“May I ask once again? Are you able to see the future?” 3

“…I can’t see such a thing. I just do my all to fight.”

“…Fumu… in that case… I see… so that’s how it is. You should have someone who uses a similar sword as me near you, right?”


“I’ll take your silence as affirmation. I’ll have to crush that person eventually. But for now—“


The distance between them became zero in an instant. They crossed their swords. Fay managed to respond by his use of physical reinforcement, but he was pushed by her sword coming from above. The sword came so quick that Fay was slightly late in responding. His own blade gradually pushed at him and bit into his shoulder. 


“There’s only you in my eyes ~♪” 


She forgot both time and goal, filling herself with the person in front of her who satisfied her desire for a struggle. 


“Hey hey, you’ll  be cut down by your own sword at this rate~♪” 


“There’s neither fear nor impatience in your expression. A person’s true nature tends to appear during the struggle between life and death. I see that you are a tough person~♪ Aah, splendid~♪”


The next moment, Fay released his hand from the sword and twisted his body. He avoided Mordred’s sword and swung his fist toward Mordred. 


“Fufuh, I don’t hate such a rough melee. However, it’s not good enough♪” 


Fay’s fist hit empty air. Mordred smiled and stabbed Fay’s abdomen with her sword. 

A dull sound of stab was heard. His clothes soaked red all at once. The sword penetrated Fay’s abdomen to the wall behind and the vibration reverberated in her hand. Then she noticed. She had no intention of stabbing him. She didn’t have the intention to kill him, but Fay would die if left alone. 


“Ah…I stabbed you without meaning to…You just showed me something amazing so I just couldn’t help it~♪” 


“What should I do? It really is a waste to kill you he—“


The next moment, her head was grabbed by Fay’s arms. 




As it was, Fay slammed his head against hers. She didn’t reinforce her head at the moment. She thought the fight ended the moment she stabbed his abdomen. 




For the first time, a cute girlish voice was heard. She took her hand off the sword and stepped back several steps. And she also leaned on the wall behind her. She felt dizzy and her vision was a bit blurry. 


Meanwhile, Fay pulled out the sword from his abdomen. Then put both of his hands on his knee. It was probably his first time bleeding this heavily. 


Fay’s state was way worse than hers. However, he still stood once again. She also stood again despite her light concussion. 


“You, you’re laughing… you are… aah, the best. This is, this is the very struggle I’ve sought for!” 


Fay was laughing in front of her. Even though death was approaching and he was in a state where the scythe of the Death was already stuck to his neck. 

“But it really is regrettable, I really want to keep fighting you… but you’re already at your limit. It’ll be very regrettable if you end up dying here. It’ll better for you to grow more—“

“—Not yet. I’m not finished yet!”


His eyes seemed to shine. For her, who could only recognize red outside the gray, they shone like jewels. 4 

“Aah, that’s great~♪ I want to gobble you up~♪” 


Then she understood something as she saw Fay’s current appearance. The figure of the boy she exchanged blows with before appeared in her mind. 


“I was wondering who that person was poorly imitating… so it is you.” 

“…I don’t care. Rather than that,”

“No, this is the end. It really is regrettable to kill you here… your legs are already shivering since your body lacks blood, you know? It’s truly amazing that you can even managed to stand.”


His blood flowed without stopping. Fay still stood with shaky legs with a pond of blood below him. The battle was already decided. Mordred approached him with a smile. She avoided his powerless fist with an ecstatic smile and sprayed a recovery potion on Fay’s abdomen. 



“That won’t heal everything, it’ll merely closes the wounds. Let’s meet again. Aah, now that I think about it, I didn’t ask your name.”


“You don’t need to be so angry. It’s not that I let you go out of pity. It’s my investment filled with my expectation~♪ but for now, it’s my win, so please tell me your name as a reward to the victor.”

“…It’s Fay.”


Without caring about the wound that just closed, Fay looked at her with a beast-like gaze that might bite her at any moment, which made her smile. 


“Fay, Fay… I’ve carved it in my memories now, Fay-sama~♪ let’s meet again someday… Ah, one more thing. I see that Fay-sama was laughing during our battle, why is that?” 

“…Laughing, I did…?”

“Oh my, so you aren’t even aware of that.”

“…I see, so I…”


Fay’s expression which was filled with confusion soon changed into an expression of being convinced of something. He answered her question as a reward of her victory. At that moment, the sound of footsteps were heard, and the silver hair appeared as the wind swayed.

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