Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 043 – The Next Generation [C]

Y-yet another woman… Fay-kun… I thought things were going well since we danced together. I guess it’s just a superstition in the end… 


Far from being tied together by dancing, Yururu felt angry at the ineffective superstition that made her feel like he was farther away instead. It wasn’t just Yururu; Maria & Lilia also felt the same. They hid to eavesdrop in order to observe the girl who hugged Fay. 


“Senpai, senpai! Do you remember me?!” 

“…You are that woman back in the Start Village.”

“Yes, that’s right! You actually remembered me… I’m so happy!”

“…I see… anyway, get off me, it’s annoying.”

“I’m sorry! I’m just so moved to meet with senpai again!”

“…I see.”

“Ever since senpai saved me, I wanted to become a great paladin like senpai is!”

“…I see.”

“Ah, can I even call you senpai in the first place? Or do you prefer to be called Fay-san instead?”

“Just do whatever you like…”

“Yes! I will do what I like then!”


Hey, that girl talks too much! 


Yururu hid in the shadows, astonished by the mysterious girl (Heimi) beside Fay. Despite Yururu being the one who starts the conversation, Fay only replies perfunctorily. The conversation never lasted long, which often led to silence for a while. 

That girl kept talking toward Fay like a machine gun. Yururu couldn’t hide her astonishment about that. 


Rather… isn’t that girl a little too cunning…? Doing things like upturning her eyes for every little action, revealing a bit of her chest or something… I-is it just my imagination? 


Yururu was at a loss for words at the moment. 


I! Hate that girl! 

Y-you shouldn’t think that way to others…

Didn’t you also think ‘how dare she seduce my Fay or something like that, Maria?



Maria and Lilia also didn’t think they liked Heimi that much. Her cunning way didn’t suit their nature. 

However, it seemed that Mei felt like she could come to like Heimi.


Okay, okay, yet another woman who got attracted to Fay-sama. Well, Mei would still be number one though. 


“Senpai, if you don’t mind, could you guide me to the examination site? It’s my first time here so I don’t know what is where.” 

“…If it’s the exam, it would be held in that big castle, the headquarters of the knight brigade, so I doubt you could get lost. Go there on your own.” 

“…Okay, I understand! Also, would you have lunch together with me later?! I want to thank you for that time.”

“There’s no need to do that.”

“No, no, I would be happy to do so!”

“…If I feel like it later.”

“Okay! Then, I’ll see you later!”


Fay turned around and left Heimi. After Fay left, Heimi muttered in a whisper. 


“I guess I acted too cunningly… no, well, I should leave that much impact at least.” 


A figure approached her. 


“Nice to meet you.” 

“…You are?”

“Mei’s name is Mei. Actually, Mei had heard your conversation with Fay-sama earlier, so if you don’t mind, should I guide you to the examination site?”

“…Are you acquainted with senpai?”



Mei felt a little interested and tried to tease the girl a little bit. Besides, Mei really intended to guide the girl in case she truly was lost. 


“No, it’s okay. I heard about the place from senpai. Thank you very much.” 


However, the girl simply refused and left. Heimi was thinking about Fay as she walked away. 


Sure enough, I guess senpai is popular… That person in maid uniform also looks beautiful… And she had good proportions… 

Although my face could be considered beautiful according to fellow villagers and my parents… It also could be considered plain… 

My body proportions also were on the normal side too… I think there were many such people around senpai… 

Then, I should just give up seeing the competition for senpai… Like hell I will! If I’m inferior in one aspect, I could just cover it with another!!!! 

Fufufu, during our first meeting, senpai even saw me piss myself, so there’s nothing for me to be ashamed of anymore!! 

Senpai is also not a person with low tolerance to begin with! I should be more aggressive! Yes, more aggressive than the others! I’ve been late for the competition for a year compared to others after all!! 

I’ve been studying for a year for the sake of becoming a paladin. I also trained a lot. To be honest, the reason I want to be a paladin is to chase aggressively after senpai. 

When I tried magic, it was actually easier than I expected… The same could be said with swordsmanship. I learned from the training manual, so I guess I should be considered decent at least… 

I wonder if there’s something I could learn at all for the year? Since it’s a hassle, can I just skip the temporary enrollment period…? Honestly, I only became a paladin just to meet senpai again. Although I told my parents I would be helpful to others… well, I would do it if I could help… but the root of my desire is to flirt with senpai…

The people of the village actually supported me fully, so I feel a little guilty. Well, I won’t give up anything related to senpai though. My parents are the most supportive, so I feel sorry to deceive them. But mom and dad, there shouldn’t be any problem if I brought back my destined person!! People said that a child’s happiness is their parent’s happiness after all!! Yep, there’s no problem at all! 

For the time being, I need to pass the paladin examination… I don’t feel like I’ll fail at all though. 


Heimi headed to the paladin’s examination site. 

Heimi successfully passed the paladin examination and joined the special unit like Fay. 

Although the new special unit supposedly only consisted of two of Tlue’s potential heroines in the game version, the members became three with addition of Heimi. 




A deep red spread all over as far as he could see in a certain small house. Someone’s blood was collecting like a pool on the floor, dripping down the walls and doors. He couldn’t say anything. 

He felt astonished within. That was all he felt, without any trace of sadness or sympathy. He even felt comfortable with the smell of blood. His stomach tingled. 

He continued to walk around the village. He thought that there were no survivors, but if there was anyone who escaped from the person who attacked the village, he felt he had to protect them. When he opened the door outside, he found corpses littered on the ground. 

All of them were drenched in blood. 

He mourned for those who were gone. He also mourned the corpse of his mother and little sister. 




A girl named Rei called out to him. They were the only survivors of this village. Both were soaked with blood as they put in great effort when they buried the dead. 


“…Who did this…?” 

“I saw a little of that person… someone who appeared to be pure white… killed them. It was someone whose hair and skin were as white as clay…”

“…I see.”


The scenery of the dream disappeared. However, it wasn’t like Tlue had woken  up yet. Someone stood beside him this time. It was a humanoid figure in pure unsettling white. 

Both its skin and hair were so white that one could hardly think of it as human. 


[“…Kuku, it’s about time. Finally, the blood disappears.”] 

“Who…are you?”


Tlue asked the humanoid figure. 


[“Who, you ask? Oi, oi, you’re not supposed to say that, considering we’ve been together all this time… but well, I guess it’s obvious of you not to know about it…”] 

“Who the heck… are you?”

[“You’ll know it eventually, because your younger sister’s blood finally disappears.”]


It laughed. The human figure who had a face similar to Tlue disappeared after saying that. 


“…!!!! W-what the… that dream just now…?” 


He woke up. Freed from his long nightmare, his body was covered in sticky sweat, making it the worst feeling of being woken up. 


“It’s a dream… it should be just a dream…” 


He muttered as if to remind himself. All he saw earlier was just a dream, just a little nightmare that disturbed his sleep. 


“Let’s go back to sleep… It’s not like me to wake up at this hour. It should be okay, since it was just a dream, I should be able to return to sleep.” 


He tried to sleep as usual, but he couldn’t fall asleep. For Tlue, who tried to live a life with proper control, he would normally be able to sleep when he wanted to, but he couldn’t do it that day. He got up from the bed and left the room. 

He went outside in his bedclothes and walked alone in the royal capital, feeling the night breeze. Since it was midnight, there were very few people outside. He would just encounter paladins patrolling around the capital sometimes. 

Tlue kept walking around the royal capital. He thought he would feel sleepy if he walked a bit, but he didn’t feel sleepy at all. He walked toward a certain location. It was the place where three trees grew. 

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10 months ago

Tlue finding mental stability from the sheer dedication of the gigachad eh

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after seeing character introduction and this chapter, i can see the author really build a harem around Fay right now, and he properly focus on each Heroine, not just one or two heroine only, so we may have Harem end after all ? (still can’t imagine how Author gonna make a Harem End fit for Fay character, kind of want to see The Wisdom scene of Fay already lol) Thank for translation as always~

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Thank you for the chapter, it arc is Tlue arc right
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