Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 030 – Koala [C]

“There, Fay, let’s go to bed together.” 

“I refuse.”

“You don’t have to be so shy, you know? Onee-chan will hug you and pat you to sleep.”

“I don’t want to.”

“It’ll affect your performance tomorrow if you don’t sleep in a bed.” 

“It’s fine. I don’t need to worry about the cold in this room.”

“Muu… it’s not cute to not obediently be spoiled when it’s the time to be. Moreover, I thought you wanted to be able to train with all your might tomorrow, but it seems you are compromising your recovery.”


“After all, you will recover more if you sleep together on the bed with me, but since you are too embarrassed , it seems that’s the extent of your passion for training, right? Fay… you’re actually making such a compromise?”



Compromise, such was Fay’s most rejected word as a protagonist. Fay began to hesitate as he heard that word. Should he make a compromise about this? To be honest, this kind of event was likely to break his cool-type character, so he didn’t want to do that if he could. 

But that was still a compromise. The existence known as Fay couldn’t tolerate that. 


Fufuh, Fay is hesitating. It is 100 years too early to win against onee-chan~


“Here, come to onee-chan’s side, will you? It’s over here, right here.” 


Arthur patted the bed twice. Fay was hesitating which to choose, whether it was to compromise or his pride as a cool-type protagonist. 

Besides, Fay was also annoyed to do what Arthur told him. Fay hesitated, that Fay, who usually came to decision in an instant, who was still busy thinking about fashion despite his body being drenched with blood, who never gave up regardless of who he had to face…was hesitating. 


“Ah-, I don’t mind after all. Fay… wanted to compromise, I see.” 



The sound of him clicking his tongue echoed in her ears sounded like a bell of victory to her. Fay came towards the bed with his back facing Arthur with an extremely reluctant expression. 


“…I’m telling you, I’m drenched in sweat.” 

“Fay’s sweat doesn’t smell, you know? I don’t mind that much. It’s the proof that Fay worked hard and it’s okay for today at least. Take your rest.”

“…Sorry for the trouble.”

“It’s okay… instead… let me hug you.”


Arthur hugged Fay from behind. Her chest pushed to his robust back. Arthur had good body proportions, so the sensation transmitted to Fay. Fay had no choice but to acknowledge that Arthur was a woman. 


“…This feels quite embarrassing.” 

“Then stop doing it.”

“No way, I don’t want to.”


Arthur started acting like a little sister who wanted to be spoiled. The mental burden training made her little sister’s temperament awaken. Although it was true that she wanted Fay to rest properly, her desire to earn peace of mind with having Fay on her side was stronger. 


She didn’t mind Fay’s sweat. Most men around their age wouldn’t be able to hold on to their sanity if a beauty like Arthur did what she was doing right now. The game version of Tlue was also like that. However, Fay’s steel-like mental fortitude refused to do such a thing. 

Arthur also felt that, which made her a bit sad but she knew Fay was that kind of person. However, in case that Fay lost control and actually assaulted her, Arthur was sure she would accept him. 

As the sense of security enveloped her, Arthur fell to her slumber. 

However, even as she was asleep, she strongly embraced Fay. 




Training, training, and training! It was the time for the expedition training camp!

Well, there was no way I would skip this kind of event. I could tell. This was that kind of thing, right? That event which strengthened the protagonist, right? 

I was beaten miserably by that giant panda recently. So perhaps the world guided me to strengthen myself by providing this kind of event, right? I could tell, this was the correction given by the world after all. 

—Having the protagonist strengthened through a training camp was basic procedure. 

However, there are many ways for the protagonist to get stronger, from the sudden awakening, or learning some sort of new skill. I wonder which it would be this time? Well, considering what happened until now, it should be the latter. 

However, I also loved the former development, so I didn’t mind if that one happened instead, you know? 

Just as I lost in my thoughts alone, Ese and Kamase appeared beside me. I didn’t notice at all. As the people walking beside me changed several times including Arthur, we arrived at the city Really!! 

Eh? Batsubatsu? Heeh, that’s quite a peculiar name. There was Kakukaku who didn’t seem to be motivated and the elderly named Magnum, okay, I remembered it. 

Their name was quite original, so I remembered it quickly. Rather than that, please start the training quickly. 

I wanted to train so much that I couldn’t endure it!! 

When Batsubatsu-san made a strict voice, the people around began to panic. It was stupid, like trying to take an exam without studying beforehand. I was always prepared, so I didn’t panic. 1 

I was at the height of my consciousness. And what was the first training? Eh? Push-ups? That was plain. This was my strengthening event, right? 

I expected … something more amazing, like having to bear 100 kg of extra weight while doing laps around the castle with rabbit jumps. 

Well, rabbit jumping wasn’t really suitable for training, though. I was expecting something more amazing than that. 


Since I finished last, I got the punishment. As expected, my art operation was an issue. I should grasp something in this training camp. 


As I did my push-ups, Batsubatsu-san seemed to reduce the number he counted from time to time. He said 200, but how many did he actually mean… I didn’t mind, though? I was waiting for this kind of training!! 


Be rougher!! I want it rough enough to break me!! 2 

Because this wasn’t enough! Push-ups just weren’t enough!!! 

Whether my arms broke first, or your throat broke first… let’s have a match!! 


Just as I thought of that, that old man Magnum-san said to end it… Hah?! My arms only began to creak with weird sounds, you know!! 

Let me do push-ups to the point my arms gave in!! 

There was no meaning in coming here unless I could train beyond my limit and was just about to pass out!! This was a strengthening event, you know!! 

This was a training camp, but it didn’t feel hard at all!!! 

Well, calm down. It was just beginning, so there was no need to be impatient. Then we were brought to a weird room made of rock, we only needed to stay inside? 


…Ah, there was a spider on the ceiling. Ah-, those stains on the ceiling really stand out. I wish they took care of the room properly. 3 


Well then, what about the training? Or so I thought, there were no people around… Hm? And Tlue was also on his way to leave the room. 


Eh? This was training… Hey, this was way too lax!! Be rougher, will you!! 

Enough of this, seriously! I would just do push-ups here then. This room really wasn’t a big deal. 

I really didn’t understand the purpose of this room. 


Eh? I wasn’t allowed to participate in mock combat? And I had no room to sleep? 

Uh-n, anyway this discrimination gave me feeling of being treated special, so personally, I like it. Great, give me more of that unreasonableness. 

I practiced swings until night. I couldn’t help but feel that my combat training with Yururu-shishou was way more meaningful to spend time with, so Yururu-shishou was a great person after all. 

As I swung my katana, Kakukaku-san appeared. Eh? You said I should give up since I lacked talent and just work at a flower shop? That was quite a poisonous tongue he’s got there. It might irritate me if it was at any other time. 

But this was during the training camp event after all. I welcomed such unreasonable provocation even though I did nothing! 

Well, I wouldn’t give up, though. I was the protagonist after all. 


—giving up was never a choice to begin with. 


When I said something to that effect, he left. Then I continued to swing my katana. I had some expectations for tomorrow’s training, though. Please be more unreasonable. Should I go to sleep for tomorrow? 

It felt a little chilly though… It felt like standing next to a fresh food corner in the supermarket for an extended period of time. 

Just as I thought of going to sleep, there was Arthur!! 

What? You asked me to sleep in your room? No, that’s okay, if a cool-type protagonist slept with a woman… uwah, I got dragged by hand forcefully. Damn it, what’s with her arm’s strength? Rather, don’t use physical reinforcement just for doing this!! 

Damn it, I would just give up this time… no, let’s just consider it was my defeat this time. I would win against you someday. 

I saw Arthur the giant panda give a speech to Alpha on the way to the room. 


We arrived at the room. Well, sitting on the chair with my arm folded and sleeping like that was the style of a cool-type protagonist, right? Just as I thought of that, Arthur said something. She asked me to sleep in bed together. Hm? Compromise…? 


“After all, you will recover more if you sleep together on the bed together with me, but since you are too embarrassed to do that, it seems that’s the extent of your passion for training, right? Fay… you’re actually making such a compromise?”


Compromise… I… you’re telling me I was making a compromise? Don’t screw with me! There was no way I would make a compromise!! 

UWaaaaaaahhhhh!! This really pisses me off, Even though she always says weird things 90% of the time, only during times like this she uses her head properly. That really pisses me off!! 

She even wore the expression that she was proud of her victory!! 

Damn it… It couldn’t be helped. I’ll do it only for this time. 


With that in mind, I lay down on the bed. It was because I wouldn’t compromise. Arthur then embraced me from behind. What’s with that? She suddenly acted like a heroine. 


I felt the sensation of her chest on my back. She’s got… quite a size. 

It wasn’t a big deal, but… now I think about it, Arthur got a pretty face. She also had great body proportions… Perhaps she wasn’t actually a giant panda type of rival? 

She called me to her room since I didn’t have any place to sleep, then asked to sleep in the same bed… just like things that a heroine would do… 


Perhaps I was just thinking too much. Maybe Arthur could be a heroine and had a good impression on me. 4 

I wasn’t sure yet… but I was a cool-type protagonist. Arthur could be annoying at times, but she was unexpectedly quiet now. In that sense, we might actually be a good match… 

I guess I should consider the possibility Arthur might possibly be the heroine. There was still training for tomorrow, so good night… 








What’s with this, it felt hard to sleep… What was this? It was hard to breathe… When I woke up, Arthur was embracing me with all her might.

I was suffocating here… she also did it too strongly! It might break my bones! 

She was a koala! A giant koala panda!! 


That was dangerous. I almost got eaten there. She acted as a heroine to eat me, so she was a giant koala panda type of rival character after all… 5 


Seriously, that was dangerous. I was almost deceived by her cute appearance. That’s right, both pandas and koalas looked cute, but they actually had sharp claws and were violent. That was dangerous. 


“Uh-n… Fay.” 


She called me with a sweet voice, but that wouldn’t deceive me anymore, you giant koala panda. Arthur opened her eyes and looked for something while still looking sleepy. 

“Fay, hug.” 

I refuse. Just as I thought of that, she jumped at me like a koala jumped at a tree. Arthur hugged me and fell asleep once again. 

I-I couldn’t get away… I should sleep now. There was still training for tomorrow, so I should sleep… and I fell into a slumber. 


“Fay, onii-chan.” 


I seemed to hear something just before I fell asleep, but it should be just my imagination. 

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Eternal perspective
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