Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 054 – First Grade Paladin, the Strongest Appeared [A]

Yururu Garethia was doing some research in the knight brigade’s library. She sat down and opened an old book.


“What are you reading?” 

“Arthur-san, it’s been a while.”

“Hm, it’s been a while.”


Arthur walked to Yururu’s side and peeked into the old book that Yururu brought. 


“What book is that about?” 

“It’s a book depicting the female exorcist named Baragi.”


“She seemed to have been the ally of justice, fighting demons and the abyss during the era before paladins and adventurers existed? Something like that, maybe? It was the era before Oumagadogi, so the histories about that era are tattered.”

“You mean the people who fought for people before paladins, right?”

“That’s right. As their name suggests, exorcists are those who repel demons. Their power must be considerably powerful. And among those exorcists, it is said that Exorcist Baragi was exceptionally strong.”

“I heard a little bit about it in the fairy tales. It was said she took all the jealousy, envy, and hatred along with her as she died.”

“I thought she was just an imaginary existence from fairy tales, but it seems she actually existed and resides within the katana Fay-kun had with him… I couldn’t help but worry, so I’m investigating her.”


As she flipped through the book, they saw an ominous picture with oni-like horns. 


“That picture looks scary.” 

“You’re right. She looks very ominous… and it was said she was someone who would crush her wielder’s mind and take over their body.”

“I think it’ll be fine since it’s Fay, but I’m also worried. I’ll tell him about it.”

“Ah, go ahead.”


Arthur walked out the library. Yururu was also worried and read the book for a while, astonished by the terror of Baragi depicted there, and left the room while becoming even more worried about Fay. 

Then Fay entered the room not long after they left. 




I was the protagonist, so I would spare no effort. I desperately moved my body to train, but I was also devoted to reading books and learning any miscellaneous knowledge. I didn’t visit often, but I went to the knight brigade’s library today.

When I skimmed the books, I found a book about swordsmanship. I often read swordsmanship books. I saw that my master Yururu’s Namikaze Seishinryuu was also described there. 

But I’ve already read a lot of swordsmanship books. Occasionally, I wanted to read books of other genres, so I looked for them. 

As I looked for them, I found a book depicting exorcists. 


“…This is.” 


Speaking about exorcists, Rhine and Barbara immediately came to mind. Also, the Baragi-san inside my body mustn’t be forgotten either.  

When I was flipping through pages, Baragi-san’s bad deeds were listed there. Let’s see? Fumu fumu, she seriously was a bad fellow. It seemed there was a terrible incident known as “the tragedy of the exorcist princess” back then. 

Wow~, she really seems like a bad fellow here. 


[“Aren’t I?”] 


Ah, she talked to me. 


[“I am a bad fellow after all. I don’t do things like getting along. You seem to be trying to get along with me, but it’s impossible.”] 


Well, I know there are some reasons why you did that “tragedy of the exorcist princess.” After all, the strange existence dwelling inside the protagonist’s body tends to have an unmentioned reason for what they did in history.

I knew well that Baragi wasn’t a bad fellow. 




Ah, she went silent. Anyway, the picture of Baragi depicted in this book sure looked menacing. The face there was of a real oni, not cute at all. Perhaps this uncute face was her actual face. 


[“I am a beautiful person. I’ve lost count of how many times suitors courted me in the past! The picture there is definitely not my face! It’s just a made-up picture drawn without permission!”] 


Apparently, the uncute picture wasn’t real. It was like a caricature drawn without permission, so I guess she minded it. 

Well, I guess the person in question minded it because the painting style was quite different. She was a quirky woman who insisted she was beautiful after all. 


[“Oi, I can hear you. I’m not a quirky woman. I just can’t help but protest since the picture and my actual self is way too different.”] 


Such was what she said… but she got too irritated over a mere picture. Despite being known as an exorcist of calamity, she seemed to be a person who cared about her picture. 

I guess she couldn’t help but feel so since the picture depicted her as ugly. Women were unexpectedly delicate in that regard after all. 


[“Oi! I told you I can hear you!! I don’t mind it at all! It doesn’t make me concerned at all!”] 


Ah, she was really concerned about it. 


[“I told you I‘m not!”] 


Yet she talked a lot about it. 




Ah, she went silent again. 

Well then, I guess I should read about other books… There were things about Oumagadogi, vampires, the legendary holy sword, many things that were depicted in history but I have heard about before. 

For a while, when I was learning about miscellaneous knowledge, someone spoke to me from the side. 


“Are you Fay-kun?” 


When I turned around, I saw a handsome red-haired man standing there. I wonder who this guy was… 


“Can I ask for a little of your time?” 

“I refuse.”


When I said that, the surroundings began to get noisy. What? Everyone seemed to be looking at this guy?  


“Huh? It sure feels fresh for me to receive that response.”


Who the heck was he? He was clearly an arrogant man with a conspicuous attitude. 


“My name is Tristan. For the time being, I’m the man who is known as the strongest paladin within the Knights of the Round. Can I talk to you for a bit?” 


Oh my, it seemed an interesting event was coming up. 




Tlue’s POV 

The paladin named Tristan, the strongest paladin of the Knight of the Round, appeared before Tlue. 


“Hey, you’re Tlue-kun, right?” 


The man raised his hand lightly and greeted in a light-hearted manner. 


Tristan… isn’t he the person who is said to be the strongest Knight of the Round…? 


The Knight of the Round had a standard of strength, known as grades, from 1 to 12, the lower the number, the stronger the person. The first grade paladins were known as the peak. 

And even among that peak, there was a top. It was the pinnacle of the peak, the highest and the strongest. That was the paladin named Tristan. 


Even though he was known as the strongest, he was quite casual… he looks sloppy as well. 


The man talked frankly and had both a messy hairstyle and general appearance, showing no dignity of a person in a higher position. Tlue couldn’t help but in doubt whether the person in front of him was really Tristan. 


“Aah, you’re skeptical whether I’m Tristan, aren’t you?” 

“Eh, no.”

“Most people think that, so you don’t have to be polite. Acting haughtily just feels too stuffy to me after all.”

“I-I see. So what do you want from me?”

“Ah, yes, I am supposed to tell you about that. Tlue-kun is an excellent paladin, so I’m going to teach you personally.”

“Eh…? You mean me?”

“Yes, it also doubles as surveillance, though.”

“Y-yes? Surveillance?”

“It seems sensing-specialist paladins noticed your art has been strangely disturbed recently, so it seems I was asked to investigate it.”

“Is it okay to tell me that?”

“Isn’t it fine? I’m the one who’s doing it after all.”


Is surveillance something to be done blatantly like that…? 


“Well, you are someone who is already under surveillance by other paladins to begin with, so there’s not much difference even if the ones who do so are increased by one, right?” 



Certainly, I had felt that someone was watching me from before… but is it okay to tell me about it? 


There were paladins who put him under surveillance like Sajinto. Seeing a person who blatantly told him while laughing that there was someone who was monitoring him at the moment made Tlue can’t help but retort inwardly. 


“Well, maybe you’re being monitored from the shadows by the knight brigade, but the doubt now spreads even to the surface. But well, it should be okay. I can just handle it if anything happens after all? Well, that’s how it is.” 

“That doesn’t sound okay at all…”


He told Tlue everything while laughing. Tristan ended the topic for a moment and gave Tlue a signal. 


“Come on, I want to see your strength. I’m curious about what kind of paladin you are.” 

“…Well then, just a little bit.”


There’s no loss in fighting him if he’s really strong… I guess. 


Tlue kicked the ground hard. He swung his legs as hard as he could and kicked toward Tristan’s face. 

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Damn thats one heck of a cliff. What happened to fay and is tlue before and after? Cant wait.

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True pov, something rare

Thanks for the update this chapter

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