Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Intermission – Inquiry [B]

1 Anonymous God 

Fay has arrived in the Free City!


2 Anonymous God 

Fay suddenly teaches Tlue’s little sister to know her place!


3 Anonymous God 

Fay is good at teaching that kind of thing.


4 Anonymous God 

Ah, so she is Tlue’s little sister after all.


5 Anonymous God 

Guessed it. She feels like that.


6 Anonymous God 

Well, let’s review Fay’s actions so far.


7 Anonymous God 


Before that, I would like to make an inquiry about Fay.


8 Anonymous God 



9 Anonymous God 


Fay’s status

・Absolute resistance against pain, fear, and all other suggestions due to self-suggestion. 

・Fay Punch, Snake Attack.1

・Namikaze Seishinryuu


Nothing seems weird so far.


10 Anonymous God 

The boost he gained due to self-suggestion is absurd. Well, I’m already accepting it though.


11 Anonymous God 

What is weird is… due to his self-suggestion, he could draw forth the slightest possibility into reality even if the possibility is one in ten thousands. Basically→ He’s frigging bending causality. I can’t understand how this happens.


12 Anonymous God 

Is that really true? I still can’t believe it though.


13 Anonymous God 

I personally think Fay has a condition attached to make that happen. Arthur mentioned it before. His unconscious intimidation is way more amazing than when he consciously does it.


14 Anonymous God 

Perhaps for Fay, it would be the moment he is in the climax moment as the protagonist. Maybe the condition is when he fought against superior adversity and the situation reached near its end?


15 Anonymous God 

Why could he make that happen?


16 Anonymous God 

Perhaps such a miracle happens rarely if one possesses an abnormal mentality?


17 Anonymous God 

…I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but what is Fay? Did someone tweak him?


18 Anonymous God 

Nobody did. It wouldn’t be as interesting otherwise. After all, we’ve already seen how tons of people become unmatched after we tweak them in some way. Although that is interesting in their respective way, we don’t seek such a thing here. Isn’t that right?


19 Anonymous God 

That’s right.


20 Anonymous God 

Fay is seriously incomprehensible even to gods. Making an inquiry like this meaningless. He is to be felt instead.


21 Anonymous God 

That’s right. It’s amazing that Fay managed to survive despite the dangers he faced all this time. To be honest, I thought he’d die in no time then tell him that he is going to reincarnate into a protagonist just like his life now. I think that would be interesting.


22 Anonymous God 

That’s interesting. Let’s reincarnate him again if he either finishes his tale or dies on the way.


23 Anonymous God 

Hey, of course Fay is going to love me instead! It’s Freya’s marriage route!


24 Anonymous God 

No, Freya, nobody called you here.


25 Anonymous God 

Where would we reincarnate Fay next? To a fluffy slice-of-life type of anime?


26 Anonymous God 

No, Fay shines exactly because it is the utsu world. Actually, there’s a novel game where people like mahou shoujo met their death. The stage is modern life japan.


27 Anonymous God 

Fay won’t die. He’ll definitely run his story to completion. I believe in him.


28 Anonymous God 

Rather than that, when would Fay have a bed scene? I want to hurry and see the reverse yobai!!


29 Anonymous God 

You say it all the time, Zeus. Are you more interested in scenes of wisdom with his heroines rather than Fay as a person?


30 Anonymous God 


No no, I’m also interested in Fay. I’m more interested in the heroines’ three sizes, though.


31 Anonymous God 

Drop dead.


32 Anonymous God 

The inquiry might end up useless, but what is the figure of the protagonist for Fay? I had no idea for a while now.


33 Anonymous God 

To think you are trying to understand Fay’s thought, I see… how arrogant you are.


34 Anonymous God 

Zeus, what do you think about that? How about you say things like a chief god for once…?


35 Anonymous God 

It’s just my conjecture, but I think Fay lacks a clear figure for the protagonist. In the first place, if asked what a protagonist is, the answer would be something conceptual instead. There are wide varieties of answers. I think all of you can tell that while Fay has some standards for it, he lacks the absolute standard about it.

In that case, how can he fight against a greater adversary without hesitation? It is because he forcefully concludes that the wall in front of him is the foreshadowing or events for the protagonist of his image. Well, we understand such a thing is nonsense, but he forcefully makes it happen anyway. And exactly because of that, the standards within Fay keeps evolving, which makes me think that Fay himself doesn’t know what exactly the figure of the protagonist within him is. Moreover, the fact he managed to withstand the trials that came from such a forcefully created image showes how deviant his soul is.

A deviant soul could bring a deviant result. 

In the first place, think how we, the gods, could be addicted to Fay. We have seen the lives of millions, billions of people over our long lives. However, Fay is just a different type of person than what we witnessed so far. It’s exactly because Fay has the value, belief, and things we didn’t know before that we see how interesting he is. 

We want to watch over him. We look forward to how he treads though his life, showing the new, unknown possibility of a human. After all, not even we, the gods, know what he would do. 

The expression we use that Fay is not to be understood but to be felt instead is not particularly wrong too. It is because not even Fay could grasp the golden brilliance of his soul. 

—by Zeus. 


36 Anonymous God 

…Hey, he says such great stuff upstairs, but who the heck is that?


37 Anonymous God 

There’s no way Zeus would say such serious things. Which god is pretending to be Zeus up there?


38 Anonymous God 

No, I’m Zeus here.


39 Anonymous God 

That’s a lie. There’s no way Zeus would say that.


40 Anonymous God 

I don’t care even if you don’t believe me though… Rather than that, I already said some serious stuff above so please tell me Yururu-chan’s height.


41 Anonymous God 

I know about that. It’s 151 cm. I said it before, but her three sizes are B93/W57/H84.



42 Anonymous God 

It’s just right, Yururu-chan being busty loli is just right. She’s the best…


43 Anonymous God 

Despite things that happen, Yururu-chan is still the pinnacle of heroine.


44 Anonymous God 

To be honest, I don’t like Yururu that much. Although I have things for a virgin, I still hate Yururu.


45 Anonymous God 

Ah? Oi, you’re Hestia, right? Don’t get arrogant will you? The reason you could still be Hestia is thanks to Yururu-chan, okay?


46 Anonymous God 

Hah? What do you mean by that?


47 Anonymous God 

If Yururu-chan were to be born in your time, she would become Hestia instead of you. That’s what I mean. Aren’t you glad Yururu-chan was born late?


48 Anonymous God 

Indeed. Hestia is quite messed up as a goddess. She even invited herself to a birthday party she wasn’t invited to, eating and drinking all she wanted too then complained that they didn’t taste good. She even says she is too high-class to be understood by-low class gods.


49 Anonymous God 

Hestia, you can quit being Hestia now.


50 Anonymous God 

The new Hestia would be Yururu-chan.


51 Anonymous God 

That’s right. Goodbye, former Hestia. Welcome, Yururu-chan, the second generation of Hestia.


52 Anonymous God 

Don’t screw with me, you gods!! I’m more beautiful than her!! Say something about it, other gods!!


53 Anonymous God 

Ah, you are that former Hestia person, right?


54 Anonymous God 

Hello, first generation Hestia-sama.


55 Anonymous God 

Hestia’s era is over.


56 Anonymous God 

That’s right.


57 Anonymous God 

U-ueeeeeehhhhnnn!! What’s with that!! I’m just jealous of Yururu because I also love Fayyyyy!!


58 Anonymous God 

Eh? Hestia, you actually love Fay?


59 Anonymous God 

That’s riiiiight!! I fell for him when I watch him fight dark Yururu!! That’s why, I’m irritated of seeing Fay treat her so well despite her also being a virgin so I ended up saying bad things!!


60 Anonymous God 

Heeh, but isn’t that impossible for you?


61 Anonymous God 

Yea yea.


62 Anonymous God 

…Now that really pisses me off… I’ve decided. I will steal Fay once he comes to heaven realm.


63 Anonymous God 



64 Anonymous God 

Seriously?! You’re a virgin, right?! You have no technique in that!! Calm down!! What will remain of you if you are no longer a virgin?!


65 Anonymous God 

Shut up!! I will make do with my instinct!!2

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6 months ago

The gods are funny.
Zeus being wise while also being Zeus.
Hestia is being replaced by Yururu.
Hestia wants to nyan-nyan Fey after the fight with her dark replacement.

1 year ago

God sure have funny moment

And is Zeus always Like that in every anime?

Thx for update this chapter!!

(Long time I am not in first comment)

1 year ago
Reply to  Carrion

I think it’s quite similar to danmichi version of Zeus

1 year ago

Funny gods are in the chat again

1 year ago

Noooooo Hestia