Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 034 – Sixth Sense [E]

I was on my second day in the Free City! Three events have happened so far! 


First, in the morning, I heard a rumor of a murderer in the city, so to relieve the regrets of the people who were killed and eaten up by my own event, I proceeded to explore the dungeon! 


Second, I met Mordred again in the dungeon. I heard information about the culprit that made it seem like he would make his move at night, so Aliceia and I explored the Free City at night! 


And third, because I went to protect Aliceia, I was deprived of my five senses! 


Yes. I’m at the third event right now. Fu-hn, heeh, so this was the sensation of being deprived of my five senses. He-eh. 


Isn’t it normal? Except the fact it made my eyes unable to see, my nose unable to smell, my ears unable to hear, I couldn’t feel anything, and my tongue unable to taste, it was fairly normal. 1 

Even Lele was doing his best despite the fact his eyes couldn’t see. But wasn’t that a normal thing to do? Even if my senses are deprived, it wasn’t others who decided whether that really became a weakness, but myself. There’s no way this kind of thing was enough to deprive my worth as the protagonist, right?  

Anyway, that fellow named Kyle? He kept talking about things I didn’t even ask. So he was that kind of character. I thought he was merely a madman initially, but… 


There were characters like him in shounen manga. 


He was the kind of character who bothered to explain his own ability, which ended up having his weakness exploited and dying. Yes yes, that really showed that I was the protagonist. What a fool, he exposed his ability to deprive his opponent of their five senses. 

Once I knew that, it was easy to overcome it. 


Did you know? Humans had a sixth sense in addition to their five senses? 

I’m currently lacking such a thing, but I believed that I, the protagonist, wouldn’t drop my katana. I was aware that there was an enemy that let his guard down right in front of me right now. 


In that case, all I needed to do was use my soul and my instinct to perform the movement. It was a very simple answer. 


If my five senses were gone, all I needed to do was to move using my sixth sense. 


It should be fine, my soul wasn’t dead, it was right there. It would move my body, and… 


Cut him down.




Aliceia’s face, which was distorted and filled with tears due to fear, was dyed with astonishment due to a completely different reason. 



Such a voice leaked out of Aliceia, who couldn’t understand what just happened. The right arm of the big man named Kyle flew in the air, followed by his left arm, and his abdomen was cut. 


By Fay. 


“Gagaaaahhh!! Id, hurtzzzzz!!! Why, I took away your five senses!!” 


“Haah?! I don’t understand!!! How could this be possible!!” 


It was because Fay closed his eyes and swung his katana once again, so Kyle hurriedly moved back and released the thorn of earth, piercing Fay’s abdomen and causing him to bleed. 


“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! My arms!!” 


He lost both of his arms. He couldn’t deprive one’s senses without touching them with his palm. That also applied to himself. 

“Gaagaaa!! What the heck are you!!!!!” 



No way… does that mean… he moved using his sixth sense…? Unbelievable. 


She thought for a moment that Kyle’s ability might just be his bluff. But she found out that wasn’t the case soon after. 


It was because Fay was still swinging his katana with all his power while dragging himself to the spot in front of him, even though Kyle was no longer there. 


Kyle collapsed to the ground due to the heavy bleeding from both of his arms and abdomen. The pain, fatigue, and the feeling that his blood was pouring out of him, made him no longer have the physical strength to stand. 



“Ah, you are-”

“Ara ara? There’s someone else here?”


Immediately after Aliceia was freed from her fear and she sat down in exhaustion, Mordred appeared with a passionate smile on her face. 


“Yo-you… Why are you here?” 

“Why, you say… it’s to kill that flea. I thought I told you before?”

“…Perhaps you have been watching all this time?”

“No, I just arrived~♪ however, I could guess what just took place~♪”


Mordred seemed to be in a really good mood. She was excited and rubbing her own shoulder with her hand while panting with an ecstatic expression. 

Aliceia was disgusted, there was Mordred that she couldn’t understand in front of her, the asshole known as Kyle who lost his limbs and screamed in pain as he collapsed on the ground, and there was Fay (devil), who dragged his battered leg and kept swinging his katana as if fighting an imaginary enemy. 


One word to express the situation would be chaos. That was it. 


“Well then, it’s time to get rid of this flea.” 

“You!! Mordred!! Kill him! And help me! Aren’t we fellows from synchronization of light!!”

“Long time no see. And you are still only thinking about yourself… I really don’t like it. You even call yourself a good person despite what you do…”

“Oi! Are you going to kill?! Me, out of all people!!”

“Of course I am. The light shall erase all… that’s the promise of blood. Aah, I will explain it in a way that even you can understand. The way that I went through your suggestion barrier is simple. I just applied a suggestion to myself, telling myself such a barrier didn’t exist…”

“Ha-haaaah?! Yo-you passed the barrier like that!!”

“I was quite crazy myself after all. It was done easily. Things after that are simple, I only need to find the weird place affected by the barrier. It was easy to spot how weird the place that is affected by said barrier is. I found it funny. There is only weirdness remaining if no one is in the surrounding area despite being in the middle of the city. Don’t you think you should consider a lot of things before deploying your barrier?”

“Gaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Damn damn damn!! I’m not supposed to be killed like this!! I should be able to kill him if not for you here!!”

“Ara ara? I see that you’ve finally cracked a funny joke just before your death. You are totally defeated. Fay-sama is completely victorious over you~♪ I only saw for a bit, but… you are lower than a second-rate the moment you made use of that little girl then let your guard down, thinking you already won the moment you deprived him of his five senses, resulting in you getting both your arms cut off and abdomen slashed. It’s a defeat, defeat, and defeat. It’s a total defeat. It was a loser’s way of defeat that I couldn’t stand witnessing. That is what you are. So just embrace your despair and enter your eternal slumber.”

“Aaaaaaahhh!! Wait! There’s still another person! Who acted with me here! I will tell you that person’s information, so!”

“If it’s about that, I could just take a peek after you’re dead. You should have already known that too. You’re being unsightly even at your last moment, even though your death is already set in stone the moment Fay-sama cut you down.”



A stab went through Kyle’s heart. Kyle died as a result. He already bled too much, so there shouldn’t be much blood left in him. Mordred took off her glove and used her right hand to touch Kyle’s corpse lightly. 

“…I see. So that evil child also came. Good timing. To think I got the chance to get rid of them altogether… I guess I’ll  stay in this city a bit longer… Fay-sama is also here after all~♪” 

After killing Kyle, Mordred was looking at Fay. Fay was still swinging his katana. He kept doing it as if on high on drugs while he was still bleeding. Just by seeing that, Mordred felt her heart bounce and her lower body heat up. 

…aah. Aah. Aah, Fay-sama is wonderful after all~♪” 2 


“Oh my, it seems your senses have returned.”


“Yes, we sure have met often recently. As expected, Fay-sama is my destined per… oops, that’s dangerous.”


The moment his five senses returned, Fay was knocked unconscious since he bled too much. Mordred hurriedly ran to Fay and supported his body. 


“Oh my, his sleeping face is unexpectedly cute… this is… I saw something good~♪” 


Then she proceeded to touch Fay’s cheek and caress his eyebrows, which wasn’t a proper thing to do to a person who collapsed due to exhaustion and excessive bleeding. A certain panda also proceeded to give Fay a lap pillow and touched him all around while he collapsed due to oxygen deficiency, so perhaps these two were quite similar. 


“Oi, you there!” 

“Oh my? It seems the barrier is already undone.”

“gh! Aliceia… you, and that corpse is…”


The human repellant barrier dispelled with Kyle’s death, allowing Rhine to step into the location. There was Fay, who was smeared with blood, a corpse of an unknown man, and Aliceia who already fainted without anyone noticing due to fear and exhaustion. 


“Aah, this corpse is the murderer that was making noise in this Free City. It would be helpful if you could pick this up with you.” 

“Sorry, but I have things I want to ask you.”

“My deepest apologies, I already have Fay-sama as the man who my heart belonged to, so I can’t accept your invitation. Besides, I want to hurry and treat Fay-sama soon… Well then, goodbye… Ah.”


Mordred, who was about to leave with Fay, noticed Aliceia who fainted. To be honest, Mordred had no interest in that girl whatsoever. However, that girl had been together with Fay all this time. 

Be it when Mordred saw them at the dungeon, and even now. Perhaps this girl was related to Fay somehow? Mordred had a tiny doubt that the girl might be Fay’s girlfriend, but that girl was still Fay’s companion. 

“I’ll borrow this person for a while. Well then, please take care of the rest-“ 

“I won’t let you escape, gh.”


Mordred was trying to escape while carrying Fay and Aliceia, so Rhine drew his sword and showed his intention to stop her. Then he tried to be considerate so his sword wouldn’t hit the two, especially Aliceia, when he swung his sword, but… Mordred was already behind him before he knew it. 


“You’re too slow. You got a good base… and it seems you also have appropriate resolve too… it’s just, it seems lacking since I saw it after witnessing Fay-sama fights.” 

“gh, wait!”


Mordred went farther and farther away. He tried to chase her, but he couldn’t catch up. Even though Mordred was carrying two people as she ran, instead of getting closer, she went farther away. 

And with that, the murderer who was making noise in the Free City was caught, in a sense. 

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1 month ago

Absolute gigachad. Took down both arms and the abdomen while all senses are deprived through pure belief in the self.

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Bro got the power of an Ork

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Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
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Thanks for chap
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He is not, cause he steal all protagonist event after all

Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
10 months ago
Reply to  Jokey

He became a common character from cannon fodder the moment he didn’t pick a fight with tlue.
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