Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Intermission – Arthur [B]

42 Anonymous God 

Fay-kun sure is popular… What happened to that tall little sister? You know, one in Pond City.

43 Anonymous God 

That girl was quite cute after all.

44 Anonymous God 

A tall beauty is also a nice thing.

45 Anonymous God 

Her sharp eyes are also good. I want to be glanced from above with such eyes.

46 Anonymous God 

Hey, you guys stop there. That’s sexual harassment, you know, so avoid using such expressions. By the way, when would this little sister-san have a moment of wisdom with Fay?

47 Anonymous God 

That was one straight expression you got there LOL.

48 Anonymous God 

Rather, we got too many little sister characters here. There’s Arthur, the tall little sister, Beta, Gamma, Yururu-chan. 1

49 Anonymous God 

Ah, Yururu is originally the youngest child of her family, isn’t she?

50 Anonymous God 

You’re right. All three elder brothers ended up as criminals though.

51 Anonymous God 

Yururu-chan’s mental fortitude might be quite strong then.

52 Anonymous God 

I’m getting curious about the ranking now… I just made up a random number, but I think Yururu-chan’s mental fortitude would be around 59 points.

53 Anonymous God 

Arthur’s mental fortitude seems weak, so she would be 13.

54 Anonymous God 

Bouran is 27.

55 Anonymous God 

Then Tlue is 43.

56 Anonymous God 

Mei-chan would be something around 5 billion, maybe? She managed to resist the world’s greatest magic eye after all.

57 Anonymous God 

I think Mordred-chan’s is also a big number, since she could easily work around any type of suggestion… something around 8 billion?

58 Anonymous God 

Fay’s is about 17 trillion I guess.

59 Anonymous God 

I guess so.

60 Anonymous God 

How about Kay?

61 Anonymous God 

As for Kay… well, around 76?

62 Anonymous God 

The difference between the big and the low are inflated too much.

63 Anonymous God 

Well, Kay-kun’s magic eye being ineffective just can’t be helped. He is facing 17 trillion and 5 billion after all.

64 Anonymous God 

By the way, is Kay-kun actually Arthur’s elder brother?

65 Anonymous God 

Explanatory god.

66 Anonymous God 

That’s right, he is also a sub-protagonist. His plot began after he killed Arthur.

67 Anonymous God 

Alpha-chan is also a sub-protagonist, right? They have their own plot that began whenever the main protagonists, Tlue and Arthur, reached their special Bad END. Such is the setting of Round Table Heroes. But the world over there is real despite being based on the game, so regardless of whether the main characters survived or not, the plot for the sub-protagonist will still proceed.

68 Anonymous God 

I see. It’s great that Alpha-tan got rescued then.

69 Anonymous God 

By the way, please explain, Explanatory god. What will happen to Alpha-chan in the game? 

79 Anonymous God 

It’s about time for the new generation of paladins to come, right? Around the period after that, Alpha-chan would die. Sugaru, who traveled with her, also died with her. That’s the end of the plot.

71 Anonymous God 


72 Anonymous God 

Rather, Alpha-chan had no choice but to die to begin with. It is a miracle she managed to live on in the first place.

73 Anonymous God 

Ah, could you spare me from more spoilers please?

74 Anonymous God 

Okay then.

75 Anonymous God 

I see, so it’s about time for a new generation of paladins to come.

76 Anonymous God 

Explanatory god, who are the major members there?

77 Anonymous God 

I know about that. Two of Tlue’s heroines will come. The special unit would consist of only two of them. Also, there was also a heroine candidate named Merlin that came after that period. Well, it’s around the time where Tlue is in an event where he is about to fall to darkness though.

78 Anonymous God 


79 Anonymous God 

So heroines finally appeared. 2

80 Anonymous God 

They didn’t appear at all this time after all, the heroine candidates for the novel game.

81 Anonymous God 

Rather, it would be quite troublesome ahead. Considering the time axis… New generation of paladins -> Alpha-chan’s death -> Tlue-kun falling to darkness.

82 Anonymous God 

It would be filled with events then.

83 Anonymous God 

Fay-kun : “Hey man. It seems there will be nice events coming up.”

Utsu event : “Enjoy it as you like!!”

Fay-kun : “Can I really eat it all?!”

84 Anonymous God 

Don’t make jokes with them.

85 Anonymous God 

Well, Fay-kun gives a great sense of security after all.

86 Anonymous God 

You’re right. Fay will do something about it.

87 Anonymous God 

I personally wanted to see Fay in action… but I also want to see Mordred-chan. Also Aliceia-chan.

88 Anonymous God 

Looking at the event lists, I think they won’t appear for some time.

89 Anonymous God 

Uwaah, I suffer from Mordred-chan and Aliciea-chan deficiency.

90 Anonymous God 

By the way, Mordred-chan seems to be a major character though…

91 Anonymous God 

Is she the candidate for holy sword owner?

92 Anonymous God 

I wonder if Fay will draw the Excalibur?

93 Anonymous God 

It is only for the closest person to the origin hero, which refers to body and compatibility to the cell, so it would be impossible for Fay.

94 Anonymous God 

If it’s Fay, he might use the makeshift method to work around it. Perhaps he might dig all around the sword and slowly shave the soil to take the sword.

95 Anonymous God 

Nah, he wouldn’t do such a thing.

96 Anonymous God 

Rather, a cursed katana would fit better for Fay.

97 Anonymous God 

Is there something like that out there?

98 Anonymous God 

Explanatory god, is there?

99 Anonymous God 

There is, if I have to say. It’s just that it is in the Free City… It is a katana belonging to Barbara-chan’s ancestor, who is an exorcist.

100 Anonymous God 


101 Anonymous God 

It makes me curious.

102 Anonymous God 

Well, it would take some time until then.

103 Anonymous God 

Anyway, there would be new paladins coming soon. We can discuss more after that.

104 Anonymous God 

I personally really look forward to it.

105 Anonymous God 

What’s the thing that the explanatory god looks forward to…?

106 Anonymous God 

Among the heroines, there is one who is shy and always wears a mask. Even in game, that mask is never taken off, so I really want to see her unmasked and simp for her.

107 Anonymous God 

Heeh. So there’s that kind of heroine. I hope she isn’t ugly.

108 Anonymous God 

I doubt that. She is the daughter of Paladin Leader Lancelot after all. It is said she is supposed to be a beauty too. Well, she’ll eventually die though. 3 

109 Anonymous God 


110 Anonymous God 

Will that girl come?

111 Anonymous God 


112 Anonymous God 


113 Anonymous God 

Ah… I think she will be coming…

114 Anonymous God 

Heimi-chan, she’s got the right curves in all the right places so I really like her. How to say this, it’s like a beauty with spot on proportion. You know, the one where one would feel aroused to see sometimes.

115 Anonymous God 

What the heck are you talking about?

116 Anonymous God 

Go home.

117 Anonymous God 

We, Heimi’s god guard, won’t permit such remarks.

118 Anonymous God 

Well well, it’s better to get along.

119 Anonymous God 

It’s about time to put this to a close, so let’s end it here.

120 Anonymous God 

See you again on the next stream!

Author Note:

Next one would be the character introduction chapter, since there are quite a lot already. 4

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1 year ago

This is is goofy lmao, its like leaening Tlue having sister idk her name anymore being mentioned in Fay’s(not) dungeon city arc from the ‘gods’ comments. THANK YOU FOR THE CHAPTER

1 year ago

i love how they spell the next plot for us

1 year ago

Spoiler? Curse Katana and Barbara event?

1 year ago

Even till this day, i can’t stop thinking, what psychopath would write a story like Round Table Heroes ??? i mean i read a fair amount of Utsu Visual Novel before, some good, some bad, a lot of tragedy happen in these kind of visual novel, but a tragedy like RTH is something i have never seen before, how can this visual novel become popular with that kind of setting where protagonist and sub-protagonist always end up dead or half dead no matter what kind of ending they reach ??? That just too much for general audience you know, maybe Utsu Fan would like this but is still absurd for some Utsu Fan out there. Thank for translation as always~

Last edited 1 year ago by Robinx211
1 year ago

since the novel itself is giving out wholesale spoilers it doesn’t sound like a spoiler anymore 😉