Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 034 – Sixth Sense [F]


Name: Aliceia


When I woke up, I was laying on a bed in an inn somewhere. Too many things happened yesterday and I had no time to write an entry, not to mention I also fainted, so the next day, I was thinking of writing about what happened yesterday as well. 


First of all, I met Fay and explored the dungeon, and met an abnormal person named Mordred. Because of my desire to be recognized, I decided to catch the murderer and proceeded to explore the Free City at night. 


There, I met an incomprehensible madman, Kyle, who also happened to be a disgusting psychopath. I was so scared that I couldn’t even move. Not even the choice of running away without doing anything passed through my mind. 

Fay was fighting in my stead, I mean, fighting in front of me. However, I was ashamed that I could only see the battle go on. And because Fay tried to protect me, his legs were injured, and he was deprived of his five senses.

At this time, I thought everything was over. And I regretted it. If only I was stronger, if only I was tough like Fay, I might be able to fight together with him, such were the things that ran through my mind. However, it was already too late. That psychopath was laughing disgustingly. It was the first time I witnessed such vile laughter.

I was scared at the thought of what would happen to me afterward. I was so scared that tears flowed from my eyes, even though I already vowed to not show my weakness. 


Everything was over… such a serious and depressing thought was blown away by the next moment. Fay, who had been deprived of his five senses, moved and cut that psychopath’s arms and abdomen… there was tons of blood… I don’t want to recall it… it was scary. 


Rather, he was totally moving there though? What with your remark of depriving his five senses?! Eeh?! Then Mordred appeared once again, and she had an ecstatic breath for some reason?! 


That asshole even screamed! 


Fay was still swinging his sword as he bled even though his eyes lacked clarity…! Fay gave the strongest impression, and it was a really dangerous one. It was scary, very scary. Even after getting over it, it was still very scary. 1 


Err, you know… It was still my second day here, though… Although I did have an aggro constitution… wasn’t the happenings on the last two days were way too thick…? Fay even suffered heavy injuries two days in a row… 

As for Fay, even though he was injured, he didn’t think of it as a big deal… So this was the rookie adventurer. I wonder if there were tons of adventurers like him…? I was getting more scared of this city. 


But maybe it was my fault that Fay ended up seriously injured. Fay didn’t seem to be doing that for my sake, but it was true that he was injured because of me, taking the attack to protect me… I do feel responsible about it. 


I’m really sorry about this… 


Also, I saw that Mordred was naked as she embraced Fay when I woke up this morning … but what was that? I pretended to sleep and not to notice it… but maybe those two had that kind of relationships? 


They seem acquainted after all. Maybe they were former lovers or se… nothing. However, it did seem that Mordred was the one clinging to him and filled with interest in Fay while he didn’t seem to be interested at all… perhaps it was Fay who spoke about breaking up. 2 




I woke up. There was no pain from my wounds when I did, and I slept on a bed while I didn’t know where this place was.

Aliceia was sleeping next to me. It felt somewhat narrow. Moreover, someone seemed to be sleeping on top of me. Said person was covered with a thin futon so I have no idea who it was. 

When I pulled the futon away… there was Mordred, sleeping naked. She opened her eyes when I moved the futon away, and we exchanged gazes. 


“Ara ara, Fay-sama… Good morning~♪” 

“…Are you the one who carried me all the way here?”

“Yes, that’s right~♪ I carried you here and treated your wounds~♪”

“Sorry to trouble you.”

“No no… huh? Fay-sama seems to have a cute spot too~♪ Are you being shy and looking away from me?”

“It’s not something to be looked at on purpose after all.”

“Fufuh, so that’s how it is. I don’t mind if you take a look for a bit, though… Fay-sama, are you used to women? Even though you saw me right now, you merely look away but your eyebrows don’t even twitch.”


Protagonist received an asachun was a basic procedure after all. There was nothing to be surprised about. Scene where protagonist woke up and found out there was a naked woman next to him happened quite often after all. 3

She was a beauty as expected, so my heart was shook by her beauty despite the fact that she was a dolphin… but it was as expected of me to not show it on my face. 4 


“I don’t care about that, get dressed.” 

“Okay, I will wear my clothes now… Actually, I couldn’t fall asleep unless I’m naked. I’m sorry if it makes you uncomfortable.”

“I don’t mind.”


That was quite common to happen. It was some sort of syndrome that rendered them unable to sleep unless they were naked. It happens quite often. These kinds of people were everywhere, so I didn’t particularly mind. 5 


The combo of asachun and syndrome that render them unable to sleep unless naked often came as a set, so I already expected you to have such syndrome when I got an asachun. 


“Fay-sama, what will you do for today?”

“I’ll explore the dungeon.”

“As expected of Fay-sama. To think you still walk the path of shura even though you almost died yesterday… It really excites me.”


What was she talking about…? 


“However, please be careful. It seems there is another person who will bring trouble to this city.” 

“I see.”


Heeh… I was sure that was my event. Just as I thought about that, Morder was touching my abdominal muscle.


“Aah, to think I have to part with this muscle.” 

“Oi, hands off.”

“Okay, I will not touch it… I already used it all night long after all. I will make sure to not forget that warmth.”


Seriously, what the hell was she talking about? As expected, there were tons of weirdos among the people who were related to Arthur. The man from yesterday also used similar swordsmanship as Arthur’s too… 


…Well, Arthur’s swordsmanship was much greater to the point it wasn’t worth comparing to begin with though. 


Well then, Mordred said she had things to do so she went out ahead… so I guess I would explore the dungeon!! I was looking forward to things that might happen on the third day!! 

First day, I got into a death match against a lizardman. 

Second day, I almost died when I fought against a madman who deprived me of my senses. 

I have expectations for the third day too!! 

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1 month ago

Just a minor spoiler. Not that it’s that big of deal but actually a welcomed one I think.
But I think this chapter is when Fay lost his virginity. Yes… Mordred raped Fay. You’ll notice it later on because it’s so subtle.
But it’s all Fay’s fault!!! He won’t touch the goddam heroines!!! Sleep with them will you!!!
Do you know how glad I’m as a reader to finally know one of the heroine finally make a forceful move on fay (Yandare lover)!!!
Let’s goooooo. Aliceia make your move tooooooo (Yandare lover)

5 months ago

Wonder if this was what the RR tag was for? Murdered really out here leaping across the finish line.

6 months ago

i also cannot sleep unless naked lol… Still… DId Mordred said that he used his D all night long lol? SO mc graduated? Guess the gods will be discussing that soon…

3 months ago
Reply to  Treyon

I think she just touch his abs

Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
10 months ago

Thanks for chap
Wow mc really amazing not even flinching at that sight. I wonder how they didn’t ask if he’s into men instead.

Alicia seems to have quite the imaginative mind

11 months ago

This masochist

Thanks for the awesome translation Tsukii!!

11 months ago

Well am easy to understand explanation is 350/200 in data numbers where even after the wrap around to zero the data is still high enough to do what it was supposed to do after the overload instead of just barely being above the threshold such as 210/200

11 months ago
Reply to  tsukiisite

He’s talking about the getting over it thing, but computers to explain it.

Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
10 months ago
Reply to  tsukiisite

Uhh i can explain what they said but idk why they didn’t speak normally (prob an overloaded short circuit of their brain) ;
Well even an entire max data set is used (200 here) out of an overloaded 350 amount, you still have 150 left which is still possible to try another run instead of a case with 210 where only 10 is left.

As for how it’s related here? IDK XD

11 months ago

Hey what are you writing here?

11 months ago

As expected, there were tons of weirdos among the people who were related to Arthur.


Thanks for update this chapter