Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

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Chapter 037 – End of Sightseeing [G]

“Rather than that, Fay-sama. How about a taste of my cooking~♪” 

“What the hell, is this…?”


Aliceia made such a voice as she pulled away. The food that Mordred brought was a bright red lasagna. There was no trace of yellow cheese present there, everything was red. It was obviously a dish that would irritate one’s tongue, stomach, and intestines which certainly was not a dish to be served to a sick person. 


“It’s so red… you call this, a gratin?” 

“I made this with the image of fresh blood that both Fay sama and I love~♪ Just when I was cooking with so many spices, I didn’t expect that a certain pervert was about to pollute Fay-sama… I am really perplexed about that, you pervert.”

“I told you, I’m not a pervert!”

“Well then, Fay-sama, please enjoy the food~♪”

“Don’t ignore me when you’re the one who brought up the topic!”


It was a bright red, spicy gratin. Fay also squinted at that, but he began to eat with the spoon. It was clearly spicy, as the smell alone almost made Aliceia’s tears flow once again. 


“…How is it?” 


Mordred seemed to be anxious for a bit. On the other hand, Fay stayed expressionless and said. 


“It’s edible.” 

“I’m glad then~♪ I thought you would say it tasted bad.”

“I think this has gone beyond “taste bad”… that’s definitely spicy.”

“Oh shut up.”

“That’s definitely not cooking!”


“You’re supposed to make food that is more considerate of his stomach… Aah, now I think about it, you were an aristocrat before. Of course you would make a dish without such consideration. Poor Fay, to think he is served such food despite being sick.” 

“…Very well, Fay-sama, how about a blond girl’s raw meat for the second dish?”

“W-wait, don’t say a scary thing…”


Fay finished the super spicy gratin while ignoring the two. 

“Sorry to trouble you.” 

“No no, you don’t have to mind it.”

“Muu… I’ll also make some. Wait for a bit!”


Aliceia didn’t feel amused by the sight, she was burning with competitive spirit and was about to leave the room. 


“Wait a moment.” 

“What is it?”

“Your hair…”

“My hair?”

“…I think it’s better to cut it short.”


Eh…? Does that mean he prefers me having short hair? So he wanted me to cut it short? My hair is originally not that long, but… if Fay wants it, I could make it into a boyish hairstyle… 


Some sort of faint expectation sprung up. Aliceia had a blond pigtail that went slightly over her shoulder. Her hair was shorter compared to Mordred, but she could change her hairstyle to fit a shorter hair. Aliceia was thinking of changing it immediately. 


“Ah, e-err… do you prefer short hair, Fay?” 

“No, that’s not it. I just think you would be at a disadvantage if your hair was grabbed in battle.”



“…S-shut up! Leave me alone!!! Aren’t things like that up to me!!!” 1


Fay-sama… you can be so thickheaded sometimes… 


Aliceia left the room with a flushed expression. Was it because the answer Fay gave was different than what she expected? Mordred seemed to understand what Aliceia meant, but it seemed that wasn’t the case for Fay. 


However, Aliceia who angrily left quickly returned. 


“Thank you for many things. I’ll cook up something delicious… so wait for it.” 


Aliceia shyly left the room this time. Then Mordred exploited the fact she was left all alone with Fay and proceeded to hug Fay. Fay was still down due to the poison remaining in his body so he couldn’t move properly. 


Then the fact that Aliceia who returned with the dish she cooked became angry was another story. 





Name – Aliceia

There were many things that happened today. A horde of demons appeared in the dungeon, and the sight of them all marching together was scarier than I expected. Fay was trying to stop the demons all alone while I was trying to run away, which ended with Fay suffering heavy injuries, while I was only lightly injured, but the guilt was driving me crazy. 


I panicked and ended up doing something ridiculous to Fay. But Fay forgave me. Not only that, he took my burden away from me. 


I was freed because of what he did. But I was sure Fay would suffer more than I have experienced, because he was trying to carry everyone’s burdens alone, which might break him someday. That is why I would become strong, so Fay could rely on me someday. 


I wish there would be the day I could support you. 


To be honest, I got scared by how Fay laughed in front of those hordes of demons. But I knew that was only one side of Fay. He was kind, warm, and reliable. He was still a scary person though.

He even comforted me when I got depressed. I don’t remember much about my elder brother, but perhaps my elder brother would be a person like this. 


That was why with the friendliness, respect, love, and fear, 


I would refer to Fay as oniichan in my heart. 2 

Fay oniichan. 

Somehow, I think it was a very convincing nickname. I wanted to stay with you forever just like this… Eh? You are leaving tomorrow morning? You got a task as paladin in the Free City? 

Oniichan! Wait for me! 


But there was no way I could ask for that. That was why I would become stronger when we got to meet again next time! 


Thank you, Fay oniichan. 




I slept, and the surgery was over. When I woke up, Aliceia seduced me. No, what’s wrong with you?

Something happened, right? For the time being, I rejected her advances since a cool protagonist wouldn’t get seduced by this kind of thing. 

Well, was this the sensation of a woman’s chest…? It was my first time touching one. I never touched one before after all. It sure felt soft. I did get aroused for a bit, but a cool protagonist would be able to endure. 


So? What happened? As expected, I couldn’t leave things as they were, so I would listen. A cool protagonist would take consultation sometimes. 

EH? You said the events in Free City were because of you? And you wanted to reward me? 

Now that I think about it, Aliceia did mention that. Something like aggro constitution… but as expected, I could only see it as intense paranoia. All that happened were my events after all. 

Perhaps… Aliceia was actually a mob character who thought of herself as the protagonist…? 3 

She might have thought that things that happened to her were all her fault because of her weird obsession… wouldn’t that make her aggro constitution a simple misunderstanding? I think the people around her just couldn’t see things properly. Besides, even if something big happened, it would eventually lead to me. 

I was the protagonist after all!! 

This world revolved with me as its center. That was why you can just consider everything that happened to you as my fault instead. 

I see, because she thought she was the protagonist, she couldn’t endure the burden that came with it. I see, what a poor girl. She misunderstood her identity as the protagonist after all. 

That was why she thought it was her event whenever something happened. She thought she had to do something if someone was injured because of that. That was why she thought of taking responsibility. 

It’s okay, I was the protagonist after all. Since I was the protagonist, you could just throw all your burdens to me instead. Since I was the center of the world, it was technically my fault. 

Even so, I think this showed that Aliceia was actually a mob character with excessive belief. She seemed a bit pitiful. The burden and responsibility of the protagonist was only bearable by me, the actual protagonist, so no other people need to bear such a thing. 


After I persuaded her, Aliceia seemed to feel better. It seemed she finally accepted her role as a mob. But I shouldn’t speak of Meta terms more than this. I shouldn’t persuade her through the fact I was the protagonist. I could think of it in my mind, but I shouldn’t talk of it, since it would break the story’s atmosphere otherwise. 

It was a special treatment, you know? As expected, I couldn’t endure the painful sight of a mob character who misunderstood themselves as the protagonist!! 

Eh? You want to be stronger? That’s good motivation, despite being a mob character. Good luck! 


Just as I thought of that, Mordred, the person who was suspected to be a violent heroine, appeared. I was impressed she actually brought me food. Perhaps she really was a heroine? Ah, but she misunderstood the thing that happened. 


Well, let’s just leave the fact of the mob character Aliceia running wild at that. And I would eat the gratin. 

It was spicy. I guess she wasn’t that good at cooking. Rather, it was really spicy, to the point that spicy was all I could taste. 

But she already went through the trouble of making it, so I shouldn’t say it tastes bad or throw the dish away. Let’s just be thankful that it was still edible. 

But, well, how to say this… it was a cliché. A violent heroine had a high probability of being bad at cooking, which considered some sort of status. I already expected this the moment Mordred entered the room. 

Just work harder from now on. 

Aliceia also wanted to make some? Thank you. Ah, that’s right. I forgot something important. I think it was better for you to cut your hair. 

I got a little worried about Aliceia. Since she was a mob character who thought she was the protagonist, she might walk a dangerous path. It would be better for you to cut your hair. It would put you at disadvantage in battle if it got grabbed. 

Yururu-shishou, Mordred, and Arthur all had long hair, but since they were powerful, I think there was no need for that, but I think it would be better for Aliceia to be more careful about that. 

After all, a mob character could easily die when they were away from the protagonist. So it was better to take measures from now on. 

She got angry when I told her that. Perhaps I got too nosy about that? Perhaps asking women to cut their hair short was a bad idea. I was reflecting about it. But since Aliceia was quite pretty, I think even short hair would suit her well. 


I wouldn’t say it since I was a cool protagonist though. 


Just as I thought she left angrily, she returned to thank me properly. She was a good and polite girl. 


Then Mordred proceeded to hug me… move away. Then Aliceia came back with the dish she cooked. 

Huh? This girl is very good at cooking… it might be comparable to Maria’s… 

Really, it was amazing. It was really tasty. U-hn, I ate well. Well then, I actually should return today, but I guess I couldn’t do so considering my condition, so I guess I would do it tomorrow morning instead. 

In the end, I was only here for five days, so it felt like sightseeing instead. But there were many events here, so I guess it was all good! 

My stomach was filled and I felt happy, so I will sleep for today. Good night… For some reason, Mordred and Aliceia slept in the same bed as me… it made it difficult to sleep… Well, whatever. Good night. 

Tsukii Note:

In case you didn’t notice, Fay didn’t mention the fact he used his earnings to buy the pair of prosthetic eyes and surgery fee for Lele anywhere in his thought. I guess he didn’t think what he did was worth mentioning.

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I think Oni-chan would be better than Oniichan, both because it’s more distinct and easily recognizable and also because it’s more accurate to the meaning behind it.

10 months ago

Fay, stop roasting Alicia too much.

So many life changing things happened, and this guy thought it was just like a vacation!?

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 ‘Aliceia was actually a mob character who thought of herself as the protagonist…’ i wonder what would have happened if it caused him to realize the truth

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Ah, it’s Videl.

10 months ago

But since Aliceia was quite pretty, I think even short hair would suit her well.


THX for this chapter