Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 055 – The Moment before the Storm [A]

“Yo, Tlue-kun.”



They had an intricate relationship: a teacher-student relationship intertwined with the relationship of a surveillance target and the person monitoring them, but Tlue spent more time with Tristan. 


“Come on, give it your all.” 

“Well… let’s go.”


Tlue strengthened himself using art and swung his sword. The mighty sword that slashed the air was stopped by Tristan’s forefinger. 



“Don’t be surprised, this much is normal.”

“Tch! Damn it.”


Tlue was slightly annoyed by how easily he was stopped, but he deployed wind magic at the same time. Dozens of wind bullets were conjured within a radius of several meters. 


“You’re quite capable.” 


With a snap of Tristan’s finger, Tlue’s magic dissipated in an instant. It was the phenomenon in which art was crushed by even greater art. 


“You see, if you use it well, you can use your art to blow away your opponent’s art. It’s possible to hinder the opponent’s magic like this.” 



As Tristan said that, he slapped Tlue’s cheek with the back of his hand with flowing movement. Although the sound of impact was light, Tlue was blown away, and the momentum didn’t stop even as Tlue crashed into the ground. 


“Cough cough, ouch.” 

“You need to improve your art manipulation.”

“…You’re really strong, Tristan-san.”

“I guess I am. But you’re also quite strong, so you can rest assured. Your magic precision and art are in explosive amounts… but I wish you would make it more interesting.”


“I wonder if Fay-kun is more interesting.”

“I’ll do my best…”

“You really consider him as a rival. Well, not that I can’t understand your feeling, considering how unique he is.”


Tristan giggled. Tlue knew the hard way how strong Tristan was, but he couldn’t help but think that Tristan lacked dignity. 


“You are better at art manipulation than Fay. Even in terms of overall ability, Tlue-kun is superior. If you fought him 100 times, you’d win 99 times.” 


“But in real combat, it’s possible for that possibility of 1 in 100 chance to become reality. There’s no doubt you are among the best, though, like a diamond amongst cobblestones.”


“You can manipulate the output of magic even with elementary magic. If it’s me, I could blow up the whole Britannia Castle with just that. Not that I would actually do it.”

“Certainly, it’s better not to do that.”


Tristan jokingly talked about blowing up the castle they should have protected, to which Tlue responded with a wry smile. 

Tlue couldn’t help but have a slight fear since he knew it was actually possible for Tristan. 


“The exorcist named Baragi seems to be sealed in his sword, right?” 

“So it seems, and I think it’s actually true. I understood when I touched it. There’s a seriously dangerous being lurking inside.”


“But I never thought he could get involved with exorcists. It’s almost as if he forcefully brought the connection.

“It seems he got the sword in Free City.”

“Adventurers of Free City and paladins don’t get along well after all. Even though the relationship between the two are completely blocked, I’m amazed he managed to connect the two.”

“You mean he managed to connect two things that originally had no way of connecting…”


In the game version of Round Table Heroes, Tlue and Arthur were the protagonists. The main stage of the game centered in the royal capital Britannia. 

Aliceia was the protagonist of the gaiden game, which hardly had any connection between the two. However, Fay forcefully connected them. 


That was why Aliceia left Free City and lived in the royal capital Britannia. 


The orphanage where Fay and others lived. It was the place where Maria (Lilia) took care of orphans and lived with them. 

In that orphanage, Aliceia spent her time doing laundry, cooking, and taking care of younger children. She was freeloading, but she also helped with the work so she was able to live there. 

However, Maria called out Aliceia, who was working so diligently. 


“Aliceia-chan, can I have a minute?” 

“What is it?”

“Um… can you please leave this orphanage?”



Aliceia never thought that the gentle and talented Maria who was akin to a holy mother would ask her that. 


“Why?! I helped with work properly!” 

“Yes, I know. You take care of the children and the meals you make are also delicious.”

“That’s right, then why!”

“…What are you doing in Fay’s room at night?”



When Maria glared slightly as she said that to her, Aliceia became silent. She looked away into the void and acted like she didn’t know anything. 


“I could always hear your voice at night coming from Fay’s room. Fay isn’t a person who would invite a person to do something like that… you’re doing lewd things to Fay every night, aren’t you?” 

“I didn’t.”

“I could hear your voice. You did try to suppress your voice… but we could hear it.

“…We…? I don’t quite understand, but I think it’s just your imagination. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I see… then I’ll have you leave this place. I’m in charge here after all.”

“Wha! That’s tyranny!”

“It’s my legitimate right. Besides, I know you’re a powerful person, so much so you manage to join the knight brigade ahead of the recruitment season, so you could just stay in the knight brigade’s dorm.”

“…I’m actually weak.”

“You’re lying, I know your art is comparable to Tlue.”

“…Without Fay, without oniichan around, I can’t sleep properly.”

“Can you please leave this place… we also want to sleep by his side… we’re being quite tolerant all this time, you know!!”

“Wai, what’s wrong with you all of the sudden?! Aren’t your emotions jumping all around?!”

“Shut up! Do you know how much we put up with it! Yet every night, another woman sleeps beside the person we love… anyway, you’re banned here! Banned, I say!”


Aliceia made an astonished expression at Maria, who suddenly whined like a child. Maria began to pull Aliceia out of the orphanage. 


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I’ll apologize, so please let me live here!” 

“…You won’t do something lewd anymore?”

“I won’t! I’ll stop at just sleeping at his side!”

“…I understand. The meals you cook are indeed delicious and you are quite popular with children… so I’ll forgive you this time. But I’ll have you leave here next time.”

“Okay, I’ll be careful~” Well, there’s no problem as long as I don’t get caught next time.


Aliciea concealed her sneer while pretending to cry. Maria(Lilia) was looking at Aliceia with a doubtful gaze. 

However, Maria knew there was no choice to continue doubting, so she lowered her vigilance and returned to her usual warm gaze like a holy mother. 


“Okay, please take care of me from now on.” 

“Yes~ please take care of me from now on as well!”


Maria wondered for a moment whether it was really okay, but she quickly switched her thoughts. 

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what did she do when Fay is sleeping ? Is she doing it alone, or use Fay to help her ?
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Jeremiah M.
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