Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 042 – Siblings Killing for Love – Alternate Timeline [C]

Kay woke up. Even though he thought he would be dead, he realized he was sleeping in the wilderness. When he sat up and looked, there stood Fay and Arthur behind him, hiding.


“You’re awake.” 

“…Why didn’t you kill me?”

“She seems to have things to ask you.”

“…Please answer my questions.”

“…Didn’t you think that I would resist?”

“If you did, then Fay and I will beat you down together. If we’re together, we’ll definitely win.”

“…I guess I was underestimated.”


Kay was shocked to find he survived despite believing he wouldn’t. Moreover, the fact his life was spared made him miserable. 


“What’s happening to the facility now?” 

“I dunno. However, there seemed to be people who were crushing the remnants everywhere.”

“I see… Who are you?”

“I… wonder who I am. I guess I’m just a half-assed person. I didn’t manage to achieve anything. I couldn’t become the hero. I’m just a failure.”

“…Are you going to attack me again?”

“…What will you do if I say I will?”

“…I don’t know. I really hate you… but somehow, I have a weird nostalgic feeling when I see you.”

“…I see. However, I will keep trying to kill you. No matter how many times I need to try. I need to become a hero no matter what. You, who are ahead of me, are nothing but a hindrance.”

“…A hindrance.”


The two talked while Fay crossed his arms and looked at the empty sky, disinterested in their conversation. Kay then looked at Fay’s face. 


“You are also a hindrance. What are you? You go and obstruct my path to become a hero… You are the greatest hindrance.” 

“…Fuh, path to become a hero, huh.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“I have no interest in being a hero, but… I don’t think following someone else’s path would make one a hero. It’s up to you to have such a longing, but it would be meaningless if you couldn’t find your true worth from such a longing. All you will become is the inferior version of those who carved the path. It’s up to you if you want to call that a hero, but I won’t call it one.”





Kay’s heart throbbed as he heard those words. Although it was just slightly, he was convinced by it. 1 


“But I also can’t say the path you took wouldn’t make you a hero.”  

“…Is that so?”

“Aah, however… If I were aiming to be a hero, I wouldn’t choose that method even if I die otherwise.”


“Say that you managed to kick everyone else away on that path and managed to become a hero that way… who will you show that figure to? I would be too ashamed to even see myself in the mirror. There’s no depth or aesthetics in that appearance.”



I’ve promised Sen… but if I were to show such an appearance by killing my little sister… what would happen to me…? But I… 


“…I guess I’ve talked too much. Do whatever you want after that.” 

“I like seeing you talk, Fay.”

“…I see.”


That being said, Fay went silent once again. Arthur whispered to Fay’s ear from behind him but his expression stayed unperturbed. Kay noticed as he looked at how happy Arthur was when she was sticking to Fay. 


…So the reason Arthur didn’t break… is because he is here… 


“…Uhm, Fay.” 


“I want to let this person go just like this. We could bring him to prison as is… but I want this person to see the world much more, and I think he would change for the better.”

“…Do what you like. I don’t give a damn.”

“Are you serious, Arthur?”

“…Yes. I hate you to the point I don’t want to breathe the same air as you are… but I somehow understand how you feel a little. And I also mentioned earlier you are somewhat nostalgic to me. I will let you go this one time… so don’t do that kind of thing anymore…”



When Kay looked at Arthur’s somber expression, he recalled his promise with Arthur this time. He nodded without saying anything. 

They didn’t seem to know what else to talk about, staying silent. Fay sensed their conversation was over and stood. 


“I’ll be going, then.” 

“I’m going as well.”

“…Is that so? You’re really going to let me go just like this? You can drag me to prison just like this, you know?”

“I’ve decided to let you go. So dispel your suggestion on the nation.”

“…And if I say no?”

“…I’ll go on a journey with Fay as it is.”


When Arthur said so, Fay glanced  at her with a questioning look. 


“Please come with me. Fay is the only one who can stay with me. I don’t think I could be alone right now. If Fay is with me, I’m sure I’ll be just fine.” 


“If you come with me, you can train with me all you like every day. I will do my best in cooking and laundry as well. I will also handle money management… But if you still don’t want to… I don’t mind.”

“…I see……… If the suggestion is really not dispelled, I’ll think about it.”


“…Ah, I’ve sworn to defeat you after all.”



Kay stared at Fay and opened his mouth.


“Why did you help Arthur?” 

“I swore to beat this girl.”

“So it’s the same as me.”

“That’s wrong. I choose to walk my own path, defeat Arthur along the way, and then continue to pave that path myself. You are chasing after Arthur’s shadow, trying to disperse that and claim someone else’s path as your own.”



Fay’s inorganic eyes were filled with a little fighting spirit. When Kay saw that, goosebumps rose all over his body. Fay was exuding his pressure. 


“You… what kind of path are you trying to walk on…?” 

“I don’t know. I’m not going to the royal path that someone already pioneered, but trying to pave the path of supremacy nobody has ever walked before. I have no idea where that path would lead me. Regardless how twisted and rough the path might be, I choose to keep walking on it. That… is how I am.”


I see… so this is, this dignity is… what makes one a hero. 


After saying that, Fay turned around and walked away. Arthur followed Fay. Little by little, the distance between Kay and the two became wider. 


“…I have no other path left for me. If I never pave my own path, there would be no path for me at all, huh…” 

“Sen… If all I did was chase after someone’s back… It seems I could never become a hero. I’m sorry.” 

“—It seems it will take longer for me to become a hero. But please wait a bit longer. I’ll definitely…” 




“What should Mei do… Mei totally missed the timing to appear…”


When Mei followed Fay after settling the situation in Britannia, Kay was already launched up in  the air. 2 


“Should Mei show Mei’s appearance as it is? Fay-sama is sitting on the ground while Arthur-sama hugs him from behind… and the person that got launched into the air also collapsed as well.” 

“What is the situation here? Mei doesn’t want to appear and do anything wrong… As the protagonist of the romance fiction, Mei has to tolerate the events of sub-heroines like what happened to Arthur-sama, after all.” 


Mei was at a loss, and after a while, Fay and Arthur started walking toward the royal capital. As if seeing that as her cue, she proceeded to approach the two. 


“Thank you for your hard work, Fay-sama.” 

“…Uhm, Fay, this person…”

“Please rest assured, Arthur-sama. Mei is not affected by the suggestion at all.”

“…Is that so? Mei, is it? Do you also have a magic eye?”

“No, Mei possesses no such thing. Mei doesn’t understand why, but it seems the suggestion is ineffective on Mei.”

“…I see.”

“Fay-sama is also not in possession of a magic eye, right?”


“…Since only Mei and Fay-sama managed to stay unaffected, perhaps there is some sort of special connection between Fay-sama and Mei.”


It’s the thing that refers to the main couple of the story. That’s the thing that connects Fay-sama and Mei. 


“…I doubt that’s the case. Rather, Fay and I… nevermind. Rather than that, let’s return to Britannia.” 

“Yes. Let us go.”


When they arrived, the giant eye in the sky was no longer there. The capital returned to how it was. At that sight, Arthur cried. 

Fay proceeded to do his usual training until late at night, took a bath, and then returned to the orphanage. Maria welcomed Fay there. 


“Oh my, you’re back Fay… err, how to say this… there’s a visitor coming for you, Fay.” 

“…Who is it?”


Fay walked to the dining room, and he saw Arthur wearing pajamas while holding a pillow outside of his bedroom door. 


“Fay… let’s sleep together.” 

“…I refuse.”

“Please, I feel lonely tonight.”

“…You can just sleep with Bouran then.”


Fay coldly said and entered his room. However, Arthur ignored the cold atmosphere, opened the door of his room, and entered without permission. 



“Please… I’m lonely.”

“…Do what you like.”

“Hooray, I’ll do what I like then.”


Fay layed down on his bed, facing the ceiling and covering his eyes with an eye mask. He put his left arm on his belly. He was thinking of sleeping immediately, but Arthur poked him. 



“Just for today, please hug me.”


“Please, just for today… I feel lonely and hurt.”


As he removed his eye mask with his right arm, he saw Arthur looking at him with teary eyes. It was enough to see that Arthur was emotionally unsettled at that moment. 

He sighed helplessly and proceeded to sit up. As expected, Fay wouldn’t do things like spread his arms wide to welcome Arthur to jump into his arms, but he still put his arms on his lap instead of folding it like he usually did. 


“Is it okay?” 

“…Just for tonight. No more than that.”


“—Thank you.”


Arthur buried her face into Fay’s chest and embraced him with all her might. 


“Please pat my head…” 


“Wrap your left arm over my waist and hug me.”



Although he wore an annoyed expression, Fay did as Arthur told. He wouldn’t do this kind of thing normally, but he just thought it couldn’t be helped and chose to endure it. 


“Can I… kiss you?” 

“I refuse.”



Arthur closed her eyes to sleep, using Fay’s right arm as her pillow. She thought she could sleep easily with a sense of security surrounding her, but she still couldn’t sleep. 4 

She sat up and looked at Fay’s face, illuminated in the moonlight. 


“Thank you. I… like you. I really like you, Fay.” 5 


She lightly kissed his cheek. Immediately after doing that, she felt wretched for what she just did. 


“…I wonder if my onii-chan is a person like Fay…? Fay onii-chan. It had nice rings to it… But Fay seems to prefer the “onee-chan” type of person though… Even so, it should be okay to spoil myself like a little sister sometimes, right?” 

“—Fay onii-chan, I love you.” 


With flushed cheeks, she laid her head on his arm and slept, cherishing this little moment of happiness.

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