Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 042 – Siblings Killing for Love – Alternate Timeline [D]

When I finished the mission and returned to the royal capital, there was a huge eyeball in the sky… what the hell was that? 

Then people began to accuse Arthur of being a criminal or something… Oi oi, did Arthur finally lose it? Well, I didn’t think that. Arthur might be weird, but she had a solid sense of decency so I doubt she would commit any crimes. 

Besides, did they forget who Arthur was? What… happened to them? 

This wasn’t an April’s Fool joke or something, right? There didn’t seem to be such a thing in this world. Then, was this some sort of event? To think it would involve the whole nation… 


—I began to feel excited, the tension in my body increasing. 

For now, I guessed that I should look for Arthur for the time being. It did seem to be an event related to Arthur after all. Just as I thought of that, Mei the maid appeared… Ah, she didn’t seem to forget about Arthur, unlike the people around. 

Even though she was just a mob character… Perhaps it was the consideration of the game creators to have such a person to play an active part in the plot sometimes. Well then, I guessed I would be off to search for Arthur, I felt like she was in that direction… but I should ask Mei for confirmation just in case. 

Ah, so I was right after all, huh? 


Okay then, let’s go. 

I continued to run. Then, I found Arthur and from a distance, she was about to be killed for some reason, so I panicked and threw my katana to block the sword. After that, I punched the dude. 

That was close. To think he could force Arthur to the point of almost killing her… it seemed this opponent was quite capable.


“Gehoh… Oi oi, what’s happening here? Those clothes, you’re a paladin, aren’t you?” 

“And what of it?”

“Nothing, I just think it’s very honorable of you to come and protect your comrade.” 


But it looked like he was already battered all over… For now, let’s give him another punch. 


“But it’s too bad. You will forget she was your comrade and die together with her!” 


Huh? My punch landed on his face easily. Was this guy motivated to fight or not? Huh? What was going on here? Since Arthur had a hard time fighting him, I thought he was a capable opponent, yet it was like this? 


“…Damn it, screw you. I’ve come this far, you know? For the sake of killing Arthur… I’ve come this far… even though everything had been going well before!!” 


Huh? His movement felt nearly the same as Arthur and Mordred, but it was completely an inferior version. He didn’t use any art either. In my perspective, he was nothing but an easy prey. 

For the time being, I beat him down. I had kept losing against Arthur and was left in a state of half-dead by Mordred in the past so this wouldn’t be a big deal. 


“There’s no way I can give up after coming this far. I will kill Arthur to become the hero, you bastard.” 

“Killing Arthur to become a hero… I don’t understand how the two could be connected.”


I had no idea what he was talking about. There was no way you could be a hero just by killing Arthur. 

The battle continued… I kicked his back with a roundhouse kick to send him upward. Then it felt like the opponent also resolved to go all out. 


“I will end it with this.” 


Nice. I also have thought of a new chant. 


“This body is the Lord. Lord, therefore I know the truth of the Lord.” 

“I can’t measure my vessel myself. No one chases, no one, spin your own way.” 

“The story of the Lord.” 

“One end is shown below. Take a look and carve it into your soul.” 

“—The Truth of the Incomparable Lord.” 


I always wanted to do English chants, but my English wasn’t so good, so it didn’t feel right. I thought I could say it in a more stylish way… If only I worked harder on the English class back in my past life. 

I also didn’t think I had the proper intonation either… I exerted my art all over my body and beat him down. My flesh tore apart, but it happened all the time, so I didn’t care. 

Ah, so I didn’t get carried back to the infirmary… I didn’t bleed much either… The opponent I fought this time… I guess he had exhausted himself fighting Arthur. So, most of my screen time was already taken away by Arthur. 

Too bad. However, I learned that I ought to pay attention to words and intonations for English chants next time, so I guessed it was all good. 


Well then, he fell down, but what should I do with him? Killing him didn’t feel right… He seemed to be a bad guy… at least I thought so, but for some reason, he hesitated for a moment when he was about to cut Arthur down. 

Maybe he really was a bad guy, but I didn’t feel like he was an evil person. Arthur also said she wanted to ask him many things, so I guess I should leave him as it was for now. 

When I sat down and waited for the dude to wake up, Arthur embraced  me from behind, Her chest pressing against my back… but it felt wrong to mention it as a cool character… She didn’t show any sign of moving away.  

Oh well, let’s leave it alone. Even so, since this opponent failed to send me to the medics, I thought this opponent was not so capable… But since he almost managed to kill Arthur, did that mean he was actually strong? 

My current self wouldn’t be able to win against Arthur. I know that well. Arthur was seriously strong after all. There was also the fact Arthur also grew stronger as the time passed too… perhaps it was a matter of compatibility then? 

Like rock-paper-scissors, rock(me), paper(Arthur), and scissor(the mysterious opponent). I didn’t hate this kind of setting. 


After waiting a while, he woke up. G’morning. As Arthur proceeded to interrogate him, it seemed he really was trying to kill Arthur to be a hero. 

Well, I do think it would be amazing to defeat Arthur… but you wouldn’t become a hero just by doing that. One couldn’t become a hero that easily. You can imitate longings, but there’s no meaning even if you continue to do that. 

Since I was the protagonist, I might end up as a hero along the way, but even if I only said it as an example, I definitely wouldn’t use the method he took. It was lame after all. Who would be inspired by such an appearance? You were just moving randomly out of panic. 

There was no aesthetics, dignity, and depth in such a figure.  

You should change your mindset. I would think so at least. I felt this person seemingly falling to darkness. I slammed his solar plexus earlier, but I guess he wouldn’t be cured that easily. 1 


Eh? Arthur asked me to go on a journey together if the suggestion wasn’t dispelled? Journeying with Arthur, huh… If the whole world really rejected Arthur, then there was only me left to protect her.

I was the protagonist after all. I couldn’t leave her like that. Rest assured, Arthur. You wouldn’t be left all alone. I was a cool type of protagonist so I wouldn’t say that though. It appeared as an attitude as I couldn’t help it instead. 

Iit was time to go home. If this dude came around again, I could just defeat him again. To be honest, I didn’t feel like I would lose. Perhaps it was because I regularly fought Arthur and, for a period of time, Mordred as well so I understood their similar swordsmanship well. 

Arthur also seemed to feel mercy and chose to let him go. I thought that was also okay. He didn’t seem to be an evil person. I could understand since I was the protagonist. When I looked properly, he also looked somewhat similar to Arthur. 

Perhaps not only their swordsmanship was similar… Maybe he was her relative? I had no idea, but that was okay. I would neither catch nor kill this person. That was fine. 

When I turned around and was about to go home, he asked me. 


“You… what kind of path are you trying to walk on…?” 

“I don’t know. I’m not going to the royal path that someone already pioneered, but trying to pave the path of supremacy nobody has ever walked before. I have no idea where that path would lead me. Regardless how twisted and rough the path might be, I choose to keep walking on it. That… is how I am.”


That sounded cool. That line sealed the deal. So much so that I wanted to repeat it about three more times. On my way back, we encountered Mei. Arthur was curious why the suggestion was ineffective to Mei. 

Wasn’t that out of convenience for the game creator? I wasn’t sure, but I think I was immune due to my protagonist’s halo. Perhaps the special connection that Mei said might be true in a sense. 

The protagonist’s halo was also there out of convenience for the game creator after all. 


Well then, I returned to the capital. My fist on his solar plexus should be effective. Using the protagonist’s fist to hit a person who was about to fall into the darkness would fix them, just like the jinx of hitting an analog TV to make it work again. My fist on the opponent’s solar plexus had that kind of effect. 

Well, I wouldn’t try that in my original world though. It was only effective in this world since I was the protagonist. 

I trained as usual, then returned to the orphanage and found Arthur at the orphanage. You were lonely huh… just sleep together with Bouran, then. Don’t go out of your way and request a cool character like me… but well, perhaps she really had a hard time this time. According to her, everyone but Mei and I seemed to forget her existence… 

Perhaps she wanted to be spoiled sometimes… So she wanted to be with me, the person who didn’t forget about her, huh. I guess I would let you just for today. 

She selfishly asked one thing after another, but it was just for today. Well, I guess having a pampered little sister felt like this. But I would be considerate just for today. 


—Since it couldn’t be helped, I decided to spend the night with Arthur for the day. 


“Can I… kiss you?” 


Sorry. I was a person who treated the first kiss as important, so I would have to refuse that one. 

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11 months ago

Fay: No. The first kiss is important.
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Dang I caught up. Cant wait for the next intermission.

Thanks for the Translation.

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Let’s fucking goooo!!!!! Arthur taking a big step toward him ! But Fay-sama still dense as ever T.T, please notice her Fay-sama!! Thank you for the translation as always, i love this novel~

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umm, he’s denser than I thought (LOL)
Also, Maria let Panda stay? and even let Panda walk to Fey’s room?

Anyway, thank you see you next week

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