Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Rough Character Introduction


169 cm (Will grow taller from now on) – 15 years old – Male

・In his previous life, he had a tremendous admiration for the protagonists who appeared in fiction. However, the stories he enjoyed in his previous life were quite “biased.” He was just a common high school student in his past life, except for the fact that during English class, he would secretly imagine that if there was assassin sniping from outside, he would change the bullet trajectory and return back to the gun’s muzzle to explode it, he was pretty much a normal high school student.


・He was told by the God that he was reincarnated as the “protagonist character” of the novel game Round Table Heroes, but he was actually reincarnated as “Fay,” a haughty cannon fodder character. However, the person in question didn’t notice he was actually cannon fodder and he still believes that he was the protagonist from the bottom of his heart.


・His imperious tone was a characteristic of the character “Fay” and his spoken words were automatically translated that way. He might be able to speak otherwise if he forcefully made use of his absurdly strong mental fortitude, but his way of speaking made him misunderstand that he was actually a cool type of protagonist, so he didn’t bother to fix it.


・Most of his thoughts are filled with meta terminology. However, it often causes misunderstandings to pile up one after another. He personally thought Maria was the heroine. At the same time, he noticed that Maria would act differently sometimes as if her personality changed, or something.


・He only has the talent for swordsmanship. Even though that talent was easily exceeded by many characters, since he thought himself as a hard working protagonist where absurd training was common sense, he proceeded training accordingly. The strength of his allies and enemies gradually grew as the plot continued, but he somehow managed to keep up. 


・He judged people by their names. If he found a person’s name happened to coordinate with their action, he considered that as the game creator’s consideration so players could easily remember even the names of mob characters. Due to his random theory, he would immediately consider any character whose name rhymed as not a heroine.

・He could raise his paladin rank, but since Yururu’s rank couldn’t rise, he chose not to.



Combat style 

・Namikaze Seishinryuu swordsmanship (quite decent)

・Physical Reinforcement (suck).




161 cm – 17 years old – B81/W55/H78 – Female 

・Main protagonist of Round Table Heroes.

・Her face has a doll-like beauty.

・She wants to spoil others and be spoiled by others. She has the desire to flirt with the person she loves whatever the form it might be.

・Has an amazing talent: A woman who learned 100 when taught 1.

・Is awkward in conversation yet she would often go to talk to the people she got along with.

・Her mental fortitude is very weak.

・Actually, she is already a fifth-grade paladin by now.


Combat style 

・Origin Hero Arthur’s swordsmanship.


・Light element art. She can cast wide-area magic, multiple target magic, and single target magic without problem. She can also repel the effect of dark art, which she sometimes used to eliminate their effect.

・Physical Reinforcement. Due to her superb art manipulation, her overall magic ability was outstanding.




171 cm – 15 years old – Male 

・Since he knew the original “Fay” from the period before the reincarnator replaced him, he didn’t feel that good toward Fay. Also, he felt hatred of the same kind toward Fay’s spirituality, and also fear toward how abnormal Fay acted. But, unexpectedly, he actually held some respect toward Fay.

・Main protagonist of the Round Table Heroes.

・Cruel fates await him

・He is quite popular with women. There were actually more women than what was depicted in the story.

・He is actually already a fifth-grade paladin. 

Combat style 

・Using orthodox swordsmanship.

・Magic. He has an affinity for fire, water, wind, earth, and non-elemental affinity. His art manipulation is comparable to Arthur, so he has a lot of things he could do. In the special unit, he is the second strongest after Arthur. 




154 cm – B70/W52/H64 – Female 

・Her bullish attitude stands out, hating the weak and loving the strong. Her nature of liking the strong might have come from the characteristic of the beast, but the strength she sought included physical strength, mental strength, and noble attitude.

・Her attitude turns amazingly soft toward people she approves of. She does her best to fix Arthur’s communication problem and talks to her a lot, so the two unexpectedly got along well and were often seen shopping together.

・She would eventually die in the game version. She was depicted to be quite considerate to the mentally exhausted Arthur in the game version.

・She is a glutton and loves to eat. She is very ignorant toward romance. She isn’t the type who would care about her rough hair grooming and her looks.

・She was stronger than Fay when she was first introduced, but now the gap reversed to the point she would lose regardless of how she fought him (Fay had grown that strong).

・She is now a seventh-rank paladin.


Combat Style 


Elemental affinity: fire, water, earth, non-elemental (talented)

Swordsmanship (talented)



Yururu Garethia 

151 cm – 23 years old – B93/W57/H84 – Female

・Silver hair and blue eyes. She has a soft demeanor and elegant way of speaking due to her origin as a former aristocrat. She is the youngest child of her family and has three elder brothers who were all criminals. Her parents were murdered: she got to witness the moment of her father’s murder while her mother’s corpse was unrecognizable. She turned into a paladin once her house had fallen, but suffered from the evaluation of people around.

・She was once dominated by resentment due to dark art and attacked her students. She was supposed to be banished because of that, but Fay-kun decided that he wouldn’t let go of a shishou-character that easily and she managed to stay in the kingdom due to his guarantee. She is also a twelfth-grade paladin.

・She loves Fay, but he doesn’t see her as a heroine.


Combat Style 

Namikaze Seishinryuu swordsmanship

Physical reinforcement




181 cm – late forties – Male

・His forehead stands out, a white haired oji-san character.

・He has a daughter who will become a paladin soon (Fay’s junior).

・He is the Chief Paladin, the greatest of the paladins. He has the track record of subduing a highest rank Abyss!!

・Super strong. But he has no magic eye.


Combat style 


・Has elemental affinity of all basic elements




19 years old – Female

・Speaks in a mechanical manner, has long blonde hair, with bandages wrapped all over her body.

・Has gray eyes

・She was picked up by Lancelot when she had nowhere to go. Due to her great ability, she was immediately promoted to vice chief paladin, the exception among exceptions.


Combat style 

Swordsmanship and magic. Had orthodox fighting style.



Bruno – Noir 

29 years old – Female  

181 cm tall when she crossdressed as a man, otherwise 155 cm. flat-chested

・A first-grade paladin. She is actually a woman, but it was more convenient to have a separate identity. In addition, since she was originally a petite woman, it would likely make people underestimate her, so she instead cross-dressed as a man. She commanded Sajinto to monitor Arthur, doing investigations of various nations, and did dirty work.

・She went by the name of Bruno when she crossdressed as a man, while her name was Noir when she wasn’t. She is very strong.

Combat style 

・She could change her shape and form.

・Her swordsmanship and magic are also quite strong




179 cm – 28 years old – Male 

・Exploited by Noir a lot. He was monitoring Arthur under Noir’s order.

・A third-grade paladin. He was originally a butler of an aristocrat.

Combat style 

Nothing unusual, just sword and magic.




160 cm – 23 years old – Female

・Has navy blue hair and red eyes. She is a fourth-grade paladin who wears a doctor’s coat and is in charge of medical treatment

・Fay often gets injured and visits her, so she unexpectedly talks to him often.



Maria & Lilia 

161 cm – 26 years old – B100/W61/H89 – Female

・The unrewarded heroine in the game version.

・A holy mother-like woman who was originally a paladin. Her resentment and remorse were strong. She loves Fay for noticing them, but thinks it couldn’t be helped if he chooses another person instead. 

・Due to her experience of personality destruction in the past, she developed multiple personalities. She was an avenger, but she is now a sister in charge of an orphanage.

・She secretly wishes for Fay to embrace her from behind



Alpha, Beta, Gamma 

All three has the same body proportions – 159 cm 15 years old – B80/W58/H73 – Females 

・All three were experimental subjects of the Eternal Foundation, and their father was a scum who subjected them to vile experimentations. Beta had part of her brain taken away and made her only have weak emotions, Gamma had her abdomen torn all the way to the crotch, while Alpha had ??? did to her. 1

・They have purple hair and gray eyes. Their features and combat style are practically the same. Beta and Gamma are attracted to Fay but due to their rhyming names, they were judged as mob characters by Fay. Alpha simply sees Fay as a dangerous person.




160 cm – 21 years old – B84/W59/H77 – Female 

・A maid.

・Her line of thought is similar to Fay. Due to his influence, she suffers mental pollution.

・She thinks of herself as the protagonist of a romance fiction. 

・She is Yururu’s former and current maid.

・She has short red hair and yellow eyes.




153 cm – 14 years old – B78/W58/H81 – Female 

・The protagonist of the gaiden story.

・Tlue’s little sister

・Has long blonde hair in a pigtail which extends to her shoulder and blue eyes.

・Full of talent in both magic and swordsmanship

・Has a bullish personality

・Good at cooking

・Being the protagonist and the belief of others made her believe she had an aggro constitution. She is hated by others 




160 cm – B87/W57/H84 – Female

・Has a few screws loose.

・Battle maniac

・Went around and killed members of “Cage of Hundred Children.”

・Has a constitution that made her unable to love anything other than battle and saw everything but red as a gray color. She learned that Fay was a person who was about as insane as she was and came to love him. She feels Fay is the sole person who could understand her.

・She is stronger than Arthur.

・Her love toward Fay is quite amazing.




160㎝ – Female

・The chief of “Romeo,” the biggest legion of Free City.

・Rhine’s elder sister. Has a gentle personality and is popular in the city.

・Descendant of exorcists.

・She would eventually die in the game version.




175㎝ – Male 

・Barbara’s little brother

・Aliceia’s male lead in the game version.

・His desire was to be strong and to protect his elder sister

・Descendant of exorcists


※Exorcist refers to … people who fought demons and Abyss to protect people way before concept of adventurers and paladins existed. There were many clans whose members were strong.




173㎝ – Male 

・Arhur’s elder brother.

・He carries Sen’s wish and magic eye with him. It was the world’s greatest magic eye.

・He intended to kill Arthur, Mordred, and Merlin for the sake of becoming the hero.



Mysterious woman 

・A tall beauty who is searching for her elder brother named Morgan. She has eyes that give a bad impression, which reminds people of a certain someone.

・The reason she crossdressed was due to the words of her mother, which prevented her from being flirted with by the opposite sex during her journey, or something.


・The elder brother that the mysterious woman was looking for. Nobody knows his whereabouts.


Mysterious old man 

・The old man who goaded Kay to kill Arthur.


・The man who was with the mysterious old man. His body was covered with a robe so nobody knows what he looked like.



Mob Characters 

—-Britannia mobs 

Ese – Male – Thin eyed character who speaks in kansai-ben. He often talks to Fay. He is an eleventh-grade paladin.  

Kamase – Male – A small fry who refers to himself as the great me. He is an eleventh-grade paladin.  

Marumaru – Male – A fifth-grade paladin, belongs to the same generation as Maria. He is a senpai character. 

Rei – Female – A childhood friend of Tlue from the orphanage. Her village was destroyed and she was left orphaned. She loves Tlue but…? 

Iris – Female – Formerly a noble, but her family fell and she was orphaned. She loves Tlue. 

Guren – Male – A hot-blooded person with red eyes and red hair. His tone becomes frosty during battle. 

Fubuki – Male – A cool person with blue eyes and blue hair. His tone becomes hot-blooded during battle. 

Lele – Male – A blind orphan. He considers Maria and Fay to be his parent-like existences. 

Tork – Male – He accidentally destroyed Fay’s eye but the man was given high expectations and had rapid growth. 


— Free City Mobs 

Potera – Male – An executive of Romeo, A hammer user whose face reminds Fay of potatoes. 

Triten – Male – An executive of Romeo, a user of twin blades with bird-like face and combed hair. 

Al Dente – Female – An executive of Romeo with rolled hair. 

Felmi – Female – An old woman who was the former chief of Romeo. She was Mordred’s servant during her days as a noble. Barbara respects her, and she makes a living by opening a shop that handles prosthetic eyes. 


—People who Fay-kun had defeated 

Kyle – He robbed his enemies of their five senses … Fay moved using his sixth sense and he died in the end. 

Sugaru – Kotodama user … His eardrums broke due to loud sounds at close proximity and lost just like that. 

Ray – He changed his face and attacked Maria. Fay got stabbed in the stomach, but Fay thought a stomach wound for the protagonist was minor so Fay proceeded to beat him up. 

Kay – His suggestion was ineffective, all his movements were completely seen through, his art was unusable in addition to his exhaustion due successive fights with Arthur, so Kay was defeated. 

Derla – The dude who attacked Heimi, due to reading too deep of the situation against Fay, who showed composure under the deep belief he wouldn’t die easily during early plot, in addition to the fact that suggestion was ineffective against Fay, he chose to retreat. He possessed the magic eye of dragon sake, which he took from Barbara’s father. He was the one who planted dark art in Yururu’s elder brothers. 


Mare – She carried a magic sword that dealt direct damage to one’s psyche, but it was ineffective against Fay. 

…And so on. 

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11 months ago

Uh, it says Torks in Britannia and not Free City.
As for my theory for Alpha.
I don’t really have one so I’ll scrape together what I know.

The purpose of Eternal Foundation is to create an immortal, this requires the perfect body and soul.
Beta had part of her brain removed to be tested.
Gamma was tortured to test how much a human can take.
“It’s a miracle that she’s alive” has been mentioned a couple of times.
I also looked at the comments saying “undead” but I have no proof for that other then the perfect body (which isn’t out of the question but I’m just too dumb to piece them together)
And I’m also guessing what happened to her is around, if not worse then what Beta and Gamma got.
I honestly can’t piece them together, the only thing I can imagine being more painful for her is watching everything happen, watching Beta get her brain taken out, watching Gamma’s endurance session.
Suggestions are a thing that is used a lot, so it’s possible her father enslaved her, stripping her of her freedom, and to break free she had to lose a part of her body that had said enslaving mark (<– assumption) on her like if it was in her own head or on her heart.

1 year ago

BouranIs so short

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alpha’s an


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So no story this week? or 1 more chapter?

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Oh no, no Free City receptionist, sadge