Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 59 – In case you forgot, Aliceia was the Protagonist of an Otome Game & Intermission [A]

Aliceia woke up. She found herself wearing plain white clothes like a patient. She sat up.


“Uuh, I…” 


As she held her head, she recalled what happened before. She felt a raging impulse inside her containing the mainstream of power. It took her all just trying not to get dragged into it. 

However, she felt a little something beneath, a warm light. 


“You’re awake.” 


The feeling welling up from inside made her think her heart would physically jump away. Her heartbeat became louder upon hearing that low voice. 




Next to her was Fay sitting on a chair with his arms crossed. After seeing Aliceia’s condition, he got up and left. And as if to replace him, Morgol came right after that. 


“Ah, you’re awake.” 

“Yes. It seems I’ve troubled you a lot.”

“I did help, but the one who worked the hardest is my onii-san.”

“Yes, he’s not your brother though. I can tell that he’s working hard somehow. To think he actually did a lot for my sake… it seems I have to thank him.”

“You’re right, he’s my onii-chan though.”


“Ah, yes, it’s nothing.”


Aliceia’s tone turned dark and intimidating. Hearing this, Morgol shriveled and went silent. 


“I’ll just go and thank him now!” 


Aliceia jumped from her bed and left the room. Morgol shrugged as Aliceia left and took a deep breath. 


“Onii-san, onii-chan, it doesn’t feel right somehow… Onii-sama? Ah~ this feels the most fitting.” 


At that time, Morgol’s hand shook upon seeing Fay’s figure when he fought. Her mouth hung open, yet no voice could come out. 

At that moment, Morgol was filled with admiration from the bottom of her heart. 

It was a show of overwhelming strength, courage, and action. He went beyond everyone she had seen until now. She had come to respect his actions and figures so far. 


He might be my brother. 


From such thought, 


If he was my brother, I’m sure I’d be happy. 


It gradually changed into such a thought. She respected him as a person, as a man, and as a swordsman. He might not be a person fitting of the word “righteous”, but he had the charm that made people fall in love with him. 


“Onii-sama, huh. Fuhehe.” 


Morgol thought of Fay and her cheeks involuntarily lifted as she began to grin. She felt so tense that her hands were sweaty. 


“I guess this is the first time I felt this way.” 


Morgol was nervous about the emotion she felt for the first time, but the excitement that made her look forward to it was stronger. She held her hands and stomped her feet so she could calm down. 

Fay had gone, and Aliceia went after him. Thinking she didn’t want to stay here alone, Morgol also hastily left the room and walked toward them. 




There was a gaiden game of Round Table Heroes, where Aliceia was the protagonist. She would encounter various depressing developments, but at the same time, the game also provided otome game elements. 

There were male characters who liked Aliceia there. One of them was Rhine, Barbara’s little brother. 

One of them was Tork the adventurer (who already went differently from his original path because of Fay).

And finally, a new member who had recently entered the greatest legion Ballrail, Gojack. 


In the game, Gojack was the only character who got personally invited by the legion leader Patrick. Gojack, who had been living a lazy life as a guild employee, had been called out by Patrick and invited to join the legion due to Gojack’s extraordinary talent. 

He would later meet Aliceia, fall in love, and ultimately die, as was his fate in the game. 

However, there was another man that Patrick personally invited to join in this timeline. 

Indeed, it was Fay. 


At the Ballrail’s home base in Free City, there was a young man who overwhelmed the other members of the legion. His hair was naturally curly, and there was movement in it. 

With a hunched back, he held his sword loosely and looked up at the sky lazily. 


“Life is easy. So being an adventurer is just this simple…” 


Around Gojack, the members of Ballrail were lying on the floor as they breathed heavily. These were members of the legion who boasted to be the strongest. However, the young man who overwhelmed them was a young person who wasn’t so different in age from Fay and others. 


“It’s my first time holding a sword, but it’s easy to swing.” 


He was always being a hikikomori at his own house. It was a desolate house in a corner of the Free City. As a NEET, his talent was never found. 

It was Patrick who managed to spot his talent at first glance. 

He was literally a monster. His art was vast like the sea, but he hid his claws by precisely manipulating it like an undisturbed water surface. 

Then Gojack did them all unconsciously. 

Patrick invited him to join. Gojack had no interest in joining a legion at first, but he was intrigued by the existence of Patrick. 

Patrick was a man with overwhelming strength shown by his overflowing powerful aura. Gojack’s denial at first became affirmation because he was attracted by Patrick’s strength. 


“Just try and fight.” 

“I have no combat experience at all, though.”

“I don’t mind. Let me see what you are capable of against the members here.”


Gojack fought with the legion members in front of Patrick. Gojack had no skill, no combat knowledge, and no experience. But all of them- 

-were rendered trivial in face of his overwhelming talent. 

He was born strong. 


“It’s surprisingly easy. This world is the same whether I stay inside the house or go outside.” 

“Because your talent is special. Because of how special it is, the others might seem small or boring in your eyes.”

“Talent seems to be everything in this world. Patrick, is it? Who will win if I fight you?”

“I’ll win. Just set your immediate goal to surpass me in combat.”

“Fu~hn, I think that’s fine. I don’t find anyone but you interesting after all.”

“I wonder about that. There’s a man that you might find interesting.”

“Who is it?”

“He has no talents. However, he has a distorted belief that overwhelms even raw talent. I think you can climb higher if you interact with that man.”

“Fu~hn. I think there’s no use if the man has no talent though.”

“…I’m sure I’ll say the same if it was me from before. Follow me.”


Patrick started walking and Gojack followed his footsteps. 




After a few minutes’ walk from Ballrail’s base, Gojack arrived at an empty lot in Free City. He immediately sensed something strange as soon as he arrived.

A black haired man had one arm on the ground and his feet high in the air. He was so motionless that it made people think that gravity wasn’t affecting his body nor putting strain on his one arm. 1 



“An interesting man.”


Patrick summed it up in a phrase. Fay noticed the two’s presence but stayed silent, until Fay spoke up. 


“Just go away if you don’t need anything.” 

“Fuh, don’t say that. Today… I have a little request.”

“You think I’ll listen?”

“I think you will. I can tell. You’re someone who is hungry to fight strong people.”

“You mean the person beside you is strong?”

“He single handedly defeated all my subordinates.”

“That’s not a good enough indicator.”


His back was still facing them and didn’t move at all. He spoke easily and naturally despite his single hand supporting his whole weight. Gojack felt a faint feeling of anger. 

He didn’t show any interest whatsoever and did not even have him enter his sight. He didn’t even consider his existence to begin with. 

Gojack didn’t have interest in strength and had no intention to reach the peak, but it still made him angry to be ignored this much. 


“Are you quite strong?” 

“At least better than you are.”

“Do you want to try fighting?”

“…If you don’t mind becoming a fool who starts a losing battle, that is.”

“I see. Then I’ll make it so you’ll be losing instead.”


Fay finally went down and stood on his two feet. He snapped his neck lightly and turned to Patrick and Gojack. 

His eyes gave sharp glints and when Gojack met his eyes, he felt a sense of intimidation envelope his whole body. 


T-this person is dangerous. I didn’t even realize it until just now. 

I see, I just didn’t sense anything since he didn’t look at me. I only noticed the difference in strength when he looked at me. 


Gojack felt his mouth dry in an instant. The pores opened all over his body and sweat overflowed. It was the first time he realized his body actually had so many pores. 

Gojack could already tell before fighting. The result of the battle had already been decided. As Gojack realized that and began to falter, Fay looked away. 


“Enough. I’m not that much of a low life to step on a fallen bird.” 


Fay quickly passed by Gojack and went somewhere else. Gojack noticed his ragged breathing and his butt hit the ground. 


“That one is a dangerous fellow.” 


“He barely has any art at all, but his aura is dangerous. It is proof that he has crossed the line of death as a living being and his whole body is overwhelmed with the power of life.”

“The fact you realized that shows your talent. You, who manipulated your art to the extent it couldn’t be felt at all, and him, who barely has any art at all but his ideal to be the strongest, more than enough to compensate for that. That man is ahead of you at the moment, but I’m sure this encounter has a good meaning.”

“…For the time being, I’ll join the legion. I’m curious what the world looks like with that much strength.”


The lethargic boy got a goal to climb higher. 


“Come to think of it, you mentioned that you wanted a girlfriend.” 

“Aah, I did say that, but it doesn’t matter now, because I want to improve my abilities to be able to confront that monster.”


Aliceia’s romance route got overwritten by the aiming for supremacy route. 

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Let just say Fay replace Aliceia role in this otome game lol, Thank for translation as always~

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Looks like I caught up. I took a break from reading this novel for half a year roughly and I caught up with just half a day