Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 062 – Holy Grail Sect – End [B]

The wooden door burst and its pieces exploded all over the place. When Mach of the Seven Sages turned his eyes to the direction of the noise, there was an abyss-like man there. 1 


“Paladins, huh. Well well, they sprung up like maggots.” 

“You are?”

“I am Mach of the Seven Sages. Well, you don’t have to remember my name, as you will be dead in an instant. Believers, make sure he doesn’t return alive.”

“It seems you are under the illusion that you are strong because you lead the weak… Whether they are humans or dragons, they won’t be able to kill me even if they swarm together.”



The believers attacked Fay all at once. Emilia was about to exert her dark art, but Fay signaled her to stop with his gaze, so she did nothing and walked away from the believers. 

If someone with a high level of physical ability like Fay unleashed his power against ordinary people, even a barehanded attack could cause them heavy injuries. Fay naturally understood that and lightly slammed his fist to the man’s stomach. The breath was punched out from his body and the man fainted. 

It was a non-lethal violence. 


“Hou, it seems you’re not all talk.” 

“If your religious policy is to turn your believers into shields, the content of the scripture seems inferior compared to children’s drawings.”

“Ridiculous. There’s no way it’s inferior to a brat’s fantasy. But if you crush too many believers, the money will disappear as well. I guess I need to defeat you here.”

“Seven Sages, that title seems too much for people like you. I don’t see that much strength in you.”

“You won’t be able to perceive my speed.”


Mach ran. His speed wasn’t that fast, but his words became reality. However, a hand faster than him caught his neck and Mach was slammed to the ground. 


“W-what the…?!” 

“Where is the king…?”

“K-king, you say?”

“The others also said that the king is the strongest. Where is the king?”

“T-there’s no way you can win against the king. He is the true king that even I, the strongest among the Seven Sages, was unable to hurt him at all…”

“All of you said the same things.”

“W-what do you… wha?!”


In the midst of his fading consciousness, Mach saw that. Beyond the room where Fay appeared from, there were figures of several Seven Sages lying down. 

Which meant the man in front of him was nothing but a threat that already defeated the other Seven Sages. The moment Mach realized that, he lost consciousness. 

Fay then looked around, ignoring Emilia and Tlue nearby. Emilia and Tlue stared at him. 


‘(He’s strong… he has climbed higher than before.)’ 


“Where’s the fellow called the king? He seems to be quite strong.” 

“I think the king should be underground. The royal chapel should be there too.”

“I see…”


After looking at the ground below, Fay slowly started walking. Emilia then called him. 


“I’m going with you.” 

“You guys should release the others.”


“All of the prisoners, young and old, men and women, should be the targets to be released in this mission. There should be strange creatures around, so I’ll leave them to you.”


After saying that, Fay started running as if he had made up his mind. He kicked through the door and found a way underground. He descended downward while destroying Abyss-like mysterious creatures. 

Then he found a large door. Before he could break the door with his fist, the door opened on its own. 


“My my, it is an unexpected guest. Perhaps I should express it that way?” 


“In our scripture, such a thing was written. The Holy Grail created the world. It also gave birth to humans and turned the truth of the world into law that humans could perceive. Those who followed order and brought prosperity would be able to obtain the Holy Grail, to which they would be granted power to bring a new order and prosperity.”


“What do you think after hearing that? Do you think it was a wonderful legend? Do you fantasize about a dreamy romance? Or are you filled with desire to obtain a new world…? As for me, I think how silly they are.”


The person known as King wore an outfit that wasn’t suitable for such a title. He wore jet black clothes and his shoes were slightly muddy and dirty. His pants were black as well. 

His hair was pure white. It was unbelievably beautiful hair. 


“Aah, you must be the rumored Fay-kun.” 

“That is indeed my name.”

“I have heard a bit about you. It seems you have defeated a few people in our organization. Well, well, their performance was really deplorable. To think they lose to such half a man who seems to be between an adult and a child. Such was what I used to think. But it seems that’s not the case. You managed to defeat four of the Seven Sages on your own after all.”

“I won’t consider that a fight.”

“I agree with that sentiment, but let’s put that aside for a moment. They might be amateur warriors who depend on suggestions, but even then, the fact you defeated them alone hasn’t changed. So I’d like to make a request. Would you like to join our foundation? We don’t care what you seek, be it eternity, power, or pleasure. People should live for freedom. The order constrains the current world too much. Humans ought to live freely. They ought to enjoy what they enjoy, and live for pleasure’s sake. The world ought to be a place where the strong can swing their fists as much as they like. That is the correct world for the living.”

“All of you are just clinging to the past, the past known as the Origin Hero, eternity, and Holy Grail. You people have neither vision nor resolve to seize the future. It’s not even worth considering.”

“I see. That’s certainly true. Now that you mention it, it’s certainly weird. And it seems I should persuade you with force rather than words.”


The cathedral trembled and before Fay knew it, a jet-black aura swirled around him. A strong wind was blowing that might drag him if he let his guard down.


“You won’t be able to move as if time stopped.” 

“I won’t stop.”



Fay closed the gap in an instant, took out the holy sword wrapped in the cloth and swung down. King Eu avoided the tremendous speed of the sword. 

Even though he managed to avoid it, astonishment was clear in his expression. 


“Everyone in this world has heard about the Holy Grail since childhood. Even though it’s just a made-up story, their subconscious and conscious mind must have subconsciously planted the awe and respect for it, unless they are animals or babies… Do you mean you are something similar to them?” 

“I believe in nothing but in myself.”

“…Impossible. It’s as if you are a deviant of this world. Your words and thoughts might be rough, but it’s not like there are disabilities in either of them. Why did it end up like that… I guess it’s useless to think about it. As I thought, we should welcome you as a comrade, as a research subject, that is.”


The air swirled again. Eu’s appearance was sublimated into an existence far from human. His eyes became red and his skin turned white, just like an Abyss. 


“This is the perfected form of the half-demonic human. That is what I am. Let me show you the power of the king.” 



A speed that exceeded the limit of normal living beings and a movement that completely deviated from the framework of human species attacked Fay. A chop struck his side and there was a sound of his ribs crunching. 

The momentum didn’t stop with just that and Fay crashed into the wall of the cathedral. 


“How is it, is it enough for you to understand?” 

“Aah, it’s enough to make me understand that I could beat you.”

“You should have suffered considerable damage with that one attack. I guess I should praise you for not showing any pain.”

“It’s not considered damage at all.”

“I see. Then how about this?”


A punch was launched using his pure physical ability. Fay’s eyes had already adjusted and the fists of both sides clashed. 

The fists of the two continued to clash, causing sounds of tremor that made it hard to believe they were at a temple which should be used to pray to the God. After hundreds of exchanges, both sides took their distance. 


“Perhaps I should be surprised. To think a human’s pure physical ability could damage my body this much… but I will recover in no time, while damage will continue to accumulate in your body. I think the result of the match should be clear with this.” 


“So you’re using your cursed katana now?”


Fay drew the demonic katana from his waist. 




The king was once again astonished that the arm that blocked Fay’s katana was easily cut. 


“So it’s enchanted with absolute cutting ability. You’re a really surprising human.” 



The demonic katana had the ability of absolute sharpness, cutting everything and anything by consuming a nail of its wielder per swing. Since Fay already peeled off his nails, it didn’t affect him at all. But Eu also didn’t take much damage even if he was cut since his regeneration ability was divine. 


“And that one should be the holy sword of the rumor. You shouldn’t be able to use it, but are you going to?” 


Fay took out the holy sword from the cloth he was carrying. The holy sword, which didn’t emit light at all, was wielded in his left hand, while the katana was in his right hand. 2 


“Which one is your dominant hand? I have heard you’ve wielded your sword with your right hand all this time.” 

“Of course I trained so I could wield both. So I could use it in actual combat.” 

“……Such determination is wonderful. But unfortunately, that noble intention is meaningless in the face of overwhelming power.”


Fay first swung down his holy sword. The king blocked it with his right hand. The metallic sound resounded, but both of them continued without a moment to stiffen. 

The two immediately set up their postures and committed their next attack, but Eu’s fist was faster. Fay parried it with his demonic katana and kicked his opponent at the same time. 




While feeling something was off as he was kicked, Eu immediately healed the kicked spot. 


This man is too used to combat. His ribs and his fingers should have been broken due to my chop and the clash of fists earlier. How could he be so calm in such a situation…? 

Also there’s that demonic katana. It is said an exorcist was sealed inside… but it is also said it would devour its user. He had a natural expression despite wielding it. He didn’t appear to be physically restricted either. 

Above all, there’s his physical ability. He is a mere human, yet how come he has grown that strong? It’s not an exaggeration to say he went beyond the limit of humans. 

His swordsmanship is also astounding, and his way of handling his weapon is excellent. If he managed to cut my “core” with that, I won’t be able to regenerate and thus die. My current self is practically the same as an Abyss after all. 


“…I see. It seems… I’ve been underestimating you. I guess it’s a strength that could only be realized after we actually fought. Maybe I should reconsider that this might become a tough battle.” 

“A tough battle?”

“Aah. That’s right.”

“Don’t get carried away. There’s no way fighting me ends with a tough battle. After all, you won’t be able to think of an excuse after losing.”


It’s because I am your opponent. That alone is enough reason for defeat.”


See how I make you taste defeat. Stop thinking nonsense and just come to kill me. That said, I won’t be dying until I reach retirement age.” 

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2 months ago

From got beaten up by everyone in early chapter now he grown up enough to become great man huh!! T T

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Dual Style, Demonic Sword and Holy Sword, Effect: Absolute Sharpness, Look Cool only (lol). Is really weird to see how much Fay has progress since the start, every enemy is so easy to beat now. Thank for you translation as always~

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