Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 047 – Shishou [D]

1 Anonymous God 

Fay-kun finally reached his limit.


2 Anonymous God 

Wha, what…?


3 Anonymous God 

But hey, there’s an item that enhances his strength, right? Like the Sword of Exorcism in the Free City.


4 Anonymous God 

Explanatory god, pls.


5 Anonymous God 

I know about it. That issue is that the sword is supposed to be used by Barbara-chan who belongs to the clan of exorcists.


6 Anonymous God 

Ah— you mean that cute girl. Her little brother is Rhine, right?


7 Anonymous God 

He didn’t appear at all though, wasn’t Rhine supposed to be Aliceia’s potential male lead in the game version?


8 Anonymous God 

Since Mordred is there, there is no need for Aliceia to seek Rhine’shelp. I personally think Mordred is one of the most powerful characters in that universe.


9 Anonymous God 

Because of her involvement with Fay, she became a cheerful type.


10 Anonymous God 

So? What’s the deal with the Sword of Exorcism? Rather, what is an exorcist?


11 Anonymous God 

The Exorcists are part of the clan that was prominent for subjugating demons before paladin and adventurers existed. That Sword of Exorcism had the soul of the ancestor exorcist sealed in it.


12 Anonymous God 

Hehー It is said that sword devour souls, though? How will it take part in the story in the first place?


13 Anonymous God 

You all know that Arthur, Kay, Mordred, and Merlin were injected with the cells of the Origin hero on “Cage of Hundred Children” in the original scenario, right?

There was also an “evil child” there. Aliceia and Rhine would fight them together. If they won, the scenario would proceed to the Rhine route. 

Then, they will fight against the fellow who killed Barbara and Rhine’s father (This is also the fellow who tainted Yururu’s brothers with dark art, and the enemy that was supposed to kill Heimi in the initial story.)  

He did a lot of bad things in the dungeon of the Free City, and there would be a revelation on why the dungeon existed to begin with. Then both Aliceia and Rhine would be killed by him… so Barbara would take the Sword of Exorcism to kill the mighty enemy. 

She managed to defeat him, but her mind was taken over by the sword and it ended just like that. 


14 Anonymous God 

Even though Barbara-chan was that cute…


15 Anonymous God 

So she ended up being taken over and died.


16 Anonymous God 

Ah, no good, it’s over…


17 Anonymous God 

Well, Fay would do something about it.


18 Anonymous God 

You’re right.


19 Anonymous God 

If it’s Fay-kun, he’ll happily wield the sword.


20 Anonymous God 

Items with mental drawbacks are pure buffs for Fay.


21 Anonymous God 

Rather, aren’t there too many opponents using mental attacks?


22 Anonymous God 

I also personally thought there are a lot of them… but in the first place, should I say the world’s perspective … a holy grail exists there, which also serves to bring subconscious potential through spiritual and religious ways. And if we spoke in META terms, Arthur-chan and Tlue-kun are too strong for straight combat, so there was no choice but line up enemies who deal damage to their mental states instead.


23 Anonymous God 

Since the characters were too strong, the scenario writer wanted to make harder scenarios so they made things that deal with the mental department instead.


24 Anonymous God 

Who wrote this thing! They pushed all the characters into depression!


25 Anonymous God 

This is not related, but Yururu-chan was finally recognized as a heroine!!


26 Anonymous God 

It’s to be celebrated!


27 Anonymous God 

But there are many who still didn’t get their recognition out there.


28 Anonymous God 

I don’t care about those fellows, Yururu-chan is the only one that is important to me.


29 Anonymous God 

This is also not related, but I saw Hestia cosplayed as Yururu last time.


30 Anonymous God 

How shameless.


31 Anonymous God 

I guess she thought if she had Yururu’s appearance when Fay died, he would treat her gently by the time he reached the heavenly realm.


32 Anonymous God

The shamelessness has reached its peak.


33 Anonymous God 

Hestia did that, but the heroes aren’t losing in that regard as well.


34 Anonymous God 

Those people are jealous of their junior Fay-kun after all.


35 Anonymous God 

How lame.


36 Anonymous God 

You know about Romeo and Juliet, right?


37 Anonymous God 

What’s about them?


38 Anonymous God 

It seems Juliet got too interested in Fay that they broke up.


39 Anonymous God 

That’s the best (LOL).


40 Anonymous God 



41 Anonymous God 

That cute Juliet actually got hooked by Fay?


42 Anonymous God 

You know how Athena made a social game with that? Everyone seemed to pay money for it.


43 Anonymous God 

That’s just an illustration, are they idiots?


44 Anonymous God 

Freya seems to boost Fay-kun’s char to the max.


45 Anonymous God 

I heard the gacha is filled with bitterness.


46 Anonymous God 

Athena did all she wanted (LOL).


47 Anonymous God 

It seems the gacha draw rate is just 2%, SSR type.


48 Anonymous God 

Uwah, that’s really a low move.


49 Anonymous God 

Even if Fay-kun got implemented there, it just takes a cropped version of the livestream and applies the effect there.


50 Anonymous God 

That one was really a shoddy game.


51 Anonymous God 

That sucks, Athena




[“Regarding our junior who reached his limit recently!!”] 


1 Anonymous Hero

I’m happy.


2 Anonymous Hero 

I finally can feel close to him.


3 Anonymous Hero 

It’s about time. I’m getting tired of him playing an active part.


4 Anonymous Hero 

Thank you!!


5 Anonymous Hero 

Stop it alreaaaaaadddddyyyy!!! Our dignity as seniors would be!! Unable to hold on! Even though all of us lived our lives to our best!! WHY!!

He’s being so active that it makes me say that. 


6 Anonymous Hero 

Well, it almost made me want to beg to invite him for a drink.


7 Anonymous Hero  

That’s so humble.


8 Anonymous Hero  

But I actually wanted to see how strong he could possibly grow.

By Cu Chulainn


9 Anonymous Hero  

Okay, it appears, the old people who claim the extremity.


10 Anonymous Hero 

You are quite well known heroes, so you still could hold on to your dignity, right? We are nameless heroes here, okay?


11 Anonymous Hero  

Don’t be that angry. Isn’t it great that a strong fellow actually appears?

By Cu Chulainn


12 Anonymous Hero  

Don’t misunderstand, Cu Chulainn. You are already inferior to Fay, you know?


13 Anonymous Hero  



14 Anonymous Hero  

The spear is already out of fashion.


15 Anonymous Hero  

It’s okay, Cu Chulainn. You don’t have to claim superiority that much.


16 Anonymous Hero  

No no, I’m still on active duty, okay. Someone sent a new year card asking me to teach them about the spear the other day, you know!


17 Anonymous Hero  


That new year card must have come from a beauty salon, right?


18 Anonymous Hero  

That’s right (LOL).


19 Anonymous Hero  

You wouldn’t make such a request through a new year card normally (LOL).


20 Anonymous Hero  

Hah? No, it’s really happening!


21 Anonymous Hero  

It’s enough already, you don’t have to show off.


22 Anonymous Hero  

You people are doing things like that, that’s why you are anonymous!!


23 Anonymous Hero  

He argued with a flushed face (LOL).


24 Anonymous Hero  

That’s enough, calm down.


25 Anonymous Hero  

Okay okay, Cu Chulainn’s spear is amazing.


26 Anonymous Hero  

You’re trying to side with Fay even though you are an old hero.


27 Anonymous Hero  

Come to think of it, it seems Jeanne d’Arc also liked him.


28 Anonymous Hero  

She seemed to have played the social game too.


29 Anonymous Hero  



30 Anonymous Hero  

When I asked the other day, she said people around are more important than praying to the god.


31 Anonymous Hero  

It is said that she wrote letters to Fay.


32 Anonymous Hero  

Hey, those letters wouldn’t reach him.


33 Anonymous Hero  

Athena made the pact of absolute non-interference after all.


34 Anonymous Hero  

Well, I understand that. Things would never end if it’s allowed, and it won’t be as amusing.


35 Anonymous Hero  

But it is said she wrote a lot and someday could claim to be a senior fan.


36 Anonymous Hero  

What a troublesome otaku.


37 Anonymous Hero  

Isn’t it fine?


38 Anonymous Hero  

But I didn’t like old heroes liking newcomers.


39 Anonymous Hero  

Should we just ignore him during the year-end hero party when he comes?


40 Anonymous Hero  

No no, I won’t go that far… I would just make a witch hunting trial at most.


41 Anonymous Hero  


That’s the harshest!!!


42 Anonymous Hero  

But it’s okay already. He has reached his limit after all.


43 Anonymous Hero  

That’s right. I don’t think he could get reinforced further.


44 Anonymous Hero  

He’s already strong as he is. There’s nothing to be reinforced anymore.


45 Anonymous Hero  

Please don’t let reinforcement occur to him. Well, I doubt it would happen.


46 Anonymous Hero  

For the time being, let’s keep an eye on him, not that I think it will happen. 

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11 months ago

Lmfao Cu huh. I mean Cu would absolutely demolish every single entity in that world though, albeit his mentality while insane ain’t got shit on Fay.
If we’re trying to make him stronger, bring em out.
Lu Bu. Li Shuwen. Cu Chulainn. The original Lancelot. Arash. If for katanas, take out okita Shoji, musashi, etc.
Absolute no cheats and no interference but these heroes would be great sparring partners. He’s strong in the world, but let’s see how much further he could go.

1 year ago

As much as I love the general story, I think the obsession of the gods on Fay is a bit much.

1 year ago

Somehow this was more detail than these pass few arc where it should be more detail (LOL)

1 year ago

The heroes are feeling competitive against Fay because the heroines adore him

1 year ago
Reply to  SaMu

Yeah i have that feeling too when in college like:

“What the hell is going on!? The job i work for 1 week is end just 1 day in my junior case!?”


“What the heck!? Why she/he so competent!? Where my dignity as senior!?”

1 year ago

Hestia using cosplay yururu?(LOL)

Thx for update