Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 048 – Strengthening [A]

He led a life where he couldn’t see all this time. He was scared since everything was dark and scary. Other children around him were kind. However, that kindness felt like pity as it showed off how inferior he was to others.

However, that was changed by Fay. Fay made him feel he was neither special nor inferior. He could change himself. 

Lele decided to work harder from that point on. Several months have passed since then. One day, when Lele was swinging his wooden sword, Maria suddenly called out to him. 



“What is it?”

“Fay told us to go to Free City, though…”

“Wah! I wanna go! I want to go! I really want to go there!”

“I see… Fay says he will pick us up… so let’s go together.”

“Yah! It’s the adventurer city! I really look forward to it!”


Fay’s letter said he was at Free City at the moment and told them to prepare to go to the Free City once he picked them up. That was all written on his letter. It was addressed to Lele and Maria, but she had no idea why he suddenly called them there. However, she knew he wouldn’t make a meaningless invitation, so they quickly put themselves in order and waited for Fay in front of the gate of the city.  


“Ah, Fay is here.” 



Maria noticed Fay was getting off from the carriage. However, Maria hesitated to call Fay over. After all, Yururu and Mei were also getting off the carriage together with Fay. 


“Fay-kun… um, you can give your reply anytime… but I would be happy if you allowed me to be with you…” 


Yururu whispered to Fay so Maria couldn’t hear what she said. However, seeing Yururu looked embarrassed, Maria felt Yururu made some progress. 


“Fay-sama, Mei’s brain feels like it is about to be destroyed because of ojou-sama. Please choose who to flirt with carefully. Also, be careful of that fellow named Aliceia.” 


Mei, who thought she was a romance novel protagonist, felt like her brain was about to explode seeing Yururu and Fay flirt in secret. She intended to flirt with Fay initially after all. 

Also, upon seeing the real romance novel protagonist named Aliceia, Mei unconsciously felt anger and hatred of the same kind impulsively, making her have a hard time in the Free City. Fay didn’t take notice of Mei and ignored her with a straight face. 


“Fay… it’s been a while…” 

“Okay, I see that you are prepared. Let’s go.”


“Well, um… yes.”


Maria wanted to ask what he was talking about with the two earlier, but she couldn’t because of her shy personality. The three stepped into the carriage and departed to Free City. 




Fay’s group arrived in Free City and proceeded to Felmi’s mansion. Fay and Maria walked together with Lele holding their hands between them. 


“Let me hold Fay’s hand too!” 

“…Do what you like.”


Even as Fay said that, he still extended his hand. Lele took his hand and walked happily. 


“It feels like walking together with papa and mama!” 

“O-oh my! Hearing you say that… s-sounds embarrassing, doesn’t it?”


Looking at Maria’s reaction to Lele’s words, Fay thought Maria might be the heroine after all as they walked together. 


“Oh, I see you’ve arrived.” 


Maria tilted her head upon seeing the old lady inside the mansion. It was because she couldn’t understand why Fay brought them to her. Fay wasn’t a person who preferred to connect his fellow acquaintances after all. 

That made Maria confused. But that doubt was cleared soon after. 


“Hohoho, it seems he didn’t explain to you. My name is Felmi, just an old lady dealing with prosthetic eyes.” 

“Prosthetic eyes…?!”

“That’s right, he asked me to make a pair of prosthetic eyes for that kid Lele over there.”

“…S-so that’s how it is. Fay… you,”


Maria looked at Fay’s direction, but he silently looked away. He kept his arms crossed while leaning his back against the wall. He seemed to imply he would leave the decision to them. 


“Lele…? You see, Fay introduced us to a person that might make you able to use eyes to see.” 

“…Eh, really?”



“That’s right.”

“Hooray! If it’s really true, I’ll be happy!”

“…But surgery is necessary for that.”

“That would be fine! I don’t even need time to gather up my resolve for that!”

“I see… I guess you’re similar to Fay in that part.”


Seeing the little boy willingly tolerating surgery that normal children would be afraid of reminded Maria of Fay. Felmi seemed to feel Lele’s strong resolve, so she immediately brought him to the operating room. 

After telling them the operation would be over in an hour… Fay and Maria were left in another room. 


“Fay is a kind person after all.” 

“Not really… I don’t think so.”

“Geez, are you trying to hide your embarrassment?”


“I feel that you are kind though… is that wrong?”

“That’s right. I didn’t do that out of kindness. It’s also not out of mercy or charity.”

“I see. But because you are such a person…I…”


Ah, I couldn’t say more than this, thought Maria. her face flushed and her body heated up. She fanned her face, trying to cool down. 


“You seemed like you were talking about something serious with Yururu-san and that maid person… What was it about?” 

“It’s nothing.”

“I see…”


The two spent the rest of time in silence. Before long, the door of the operating room opened with a bang. 




“Wooowww!! So Maria looks like this! I think you look beautiful! Not that I know the standard of beauty though!”


Lele’s eyes were open, firmly directed at Maria, and properly saw how she looked. It was something he could never do until now. By transplanting prosthetic eyes, he could now see like a normal person.  


“Ol… Felmi onee-san, thank you!” 1 

“This kid knows his stuff… You’re welcome, young boy.”


Maria also thanked Felmi and felt that Lele might attract women without meaning to like Fay did. 


“Oh! Fay… you look quite good! Somewhat cool? Or something like that, not that I know what cool looks like, but anyway, you’re cool!” 

“Fufu, Lele is correct.”

“I can understand Maria liking him.”

“…Ahaha, that’s correct too.”

“He seems popular with women… is it hard?”

“It really is.”


Lele was very perceptive. 


“Fay looks a bit scary, but I think he is kind, so it’s somewhat unexpected! Is it called a gap or something?” 

“I dunno.”

“But you are a kind person after all!”

“I see, it doesn’t matter to me… but all is good now that you can see. I won’t change my attitude just like before. Just act how you like.”


His words seemed to coldly push him aside as Fay walked out into the hallway and left the mansion. 


“By the way, how much is the payment…” 

“He already paid for it, just go ahead and go with him.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

“Thank you, Felmi onee-san!”


The two also started to go after Fay. 

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Hoho,like we need, MARIA best heroine.

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Yeah we need that,but i need is him and Maria
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Maybe i know their daily life…or so in my opinion,Fay give vibe of goblin slayer if we not mention his inner

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