Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Kiro

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Chapter 047 – Shishou [C]

Apparently, Yururu-shishou found her elder brother. Needless to say, I needed to come along. Yururu-shishou could be naïve so I couldn’t help but worry. Besides, I had to repay you for always taking care of me. 



“It’s dangerous… in Free City… My brother is there. It’ll be safer to just stay here, so I’d like you not to come with me…” 

“You seem to misunderstand. The safest place in the world isn’t this nation.”


It’s right beside me. That’s why I’m going as well. I tell you often not to be reserved. Just shut up and follow me.” 

“Eh, ah, w-wait.”


I wouldn’t die since I was the protagonist, in other words, I was the safest it possibly could be. I was the safest place in the world, which made the place beside me the second safest in the world. In the first place, I wouldn’t die so you didn’t need to feel bothered by that, you know? 

As we went to Free City, I met Mordred and Aliceia. She was being touchy as usual like a violent type heroine. 

Moreover, she embraced me so strongly to the point my bones were making noises. It hurt a little. 


“Fay-sama! I love you!” 


I had heard that bears kill people while they just intend to play around. So if Arthur was a panda, then Mordred was a bear. 

Night came and as we explored Free City, a gray colored vile looking man appeared, then Yururu-shishou fought him, but since she looked like she might be injured, I interrupted mid fight. 

So he was her elder brother… I couldn’t see any similarities at all. He didn’t look gentle after all. Well then, I guess I should avenge my shishou as a protagonist… 

Yururu-shishou would find it hard to accept even if she managed to beat him after all…

And even if he was shishou’s elder brother, I definitely wouldn’t hold back. I beat him down. There was more reason to since he hurt shishou and tainted her beautiful swordsmanship after all. I was the protagonist, so of course violence was allowed. 


“O-oi, is it okay? Since your master called me her elder brother, although I don’t have any memories, if you kill me then she――”

“――And what of it?”


――I wouldn’t hesitate.


I was a person who would mercilessly hit the final boss, even if he turned out to be my relative, ancestor, or father. 


[“N-no way, to think my father is…”] 

[“Fufufu, my son. Can you really defeat me?”]

[“Kuh, why, father…”]


There wouldn’t be such a development. I would beat them down without mercy. 


[“Fufu, my so――”]

[“――Shut up.”]


Of course I would hit them. I was a cool type character, so hesitation didn’t fit my personality. I ignored him, kept beating him down, and sent him to the guild. 

However, was it okay to meet Yururu-shishou like this? I didn’t mind beating her actual brother down and arresting him… but Yururu-shishou might find it awkward. She should have some time to think after all. 

Just as I thought of that, Yururu-shishou entered the room. 


“Can I have a moment?” 

“If you don’t mind.”


As she sat on the bed, she spoke in a crying voice. 


“I’m sorry… I ended up forcing everything onto you…I didn’t even get my own hand stained by blood.” 


She didn’t have to be bothered about that. 


“I don’t feel stained or defiled by that. Rather than that, are you okay with this?” 

“I’m okay…”

“I know you’re terrible at lying… but whatever.”

“…I don’t want to bother Fay-kun about――”

“――You still have two older brothers, right?”


“I’ll beat them, so don’t apologize anymore.”

“……Why are you doing so much for me?”

“It’s not for your sake. It’s just, you keep apologizing no matter what.”

“Ah, I’m sor……no, err.”

“Even though I told you so much to fix your habit of endlessly apologizing, you still didn’t listen. In that case, I just need to make you never need to apologize anymore.”



This person was kind but didn’t listen to others. But considering her circumstances, I guess it was natural.  

So I needed to make sure she didn’t need to apologize anymore. She was my master after all. I wouldn’t forget my gratitude. 


“There’s no need to deny it.” 


“I’ve grown stronger than you are, to the point I no longer need to be taught the sword by you. But you don’t need to be bothered by that. Just shut up, don’t force yourself, and stay by my side.”


That sealed the deal. I was a person who completed the emotional scene no matter what. Having a disciple deal with his master nemeses instead was a basic procedure. 

However, while I was aware I made an emotional scene on purpose… 



I didn’t know what to do after seeing her cry. Since she cried loudly and embraced me, I guess I had no choice but to comfort her… 


“I, I, was lonely… I always feel lonely, and get scared of cutting down my elder brother…” 

“I understand… so calm down.”


She really felt like a child at the moment. There were times she felt childish, but this was the first time she truly felt like a child. 1 


It might take some time to appease her. Well, I didn’t mind doing this once in a while. 


“As expected, I cried too much…” 


After a while, she finally stopped crying. Her eyes were swollen, but her emotion had already subsided. 


“Can I really stay by your side forever?” 


She asked as she peered at me. 


“Because you said so earlier… I want to be with you forever.” 


She held my hand. Yep, I know what she wanted to say.  


“I no longer can stay with you as a master. I know that well. However, my feelings make me want to stay with you despite that.” 


Her hands were shaking. She also seemed like she was nervous about something. I was also getting nervous. 


“That’s why, what I mean to say is… I love you. That’s why, p-p-please marry me!” 



I thought it would lead to her teaching me a skill she failed to master… or something like that… but huh? That wasn’t it? 


“Ah, I had no intention to say that at this time, but I couldn’t help but get impulsive… I no longer have anything I can teach you, which means I have less reason to stay with you. That made me lonely so I said that.” 


I totally didn’t expect that, what should I do…Eh? She loved me, what did she mean by that? She didn’t mean that love as a friend, right? She asked me to marry(kekkon) her after all. Bloodstain(kekkon)? I doubt she meant she wanted to have a bloody battle.  

Marriage, marriage huh… did that mean she actually loves me? 


“What do you mean by love?” 

“I mean it as romantic love…”

“I see… since when?”

“Err, since I started to teach Fay-kun swordsmanship in earnest.”


So it was from the beginning huh. Eh, I didn’t notice at all. I was never able to see through that.

Huh? But there was a time when she knitted a muffler for me, right? 


“There’s a time when you handed a muffler to me, what was your intention with that?” 

“I-I was trying to attract your attention by giving a muffler as a present… did you hate it?”

“I don’t think so…”


I see, so that was her intention… no, there was no way I could notice it at a glance! I thought she was trying to apply some qigong through her many body touches? Like feeling the flow inside my body? 

No, this foreshadowing was hard to spot, scenario writer! You made me think she was a shishou character, yet she turned out to be a heroine. 


Eh- what should I do from now on? Who was the main heroine? 

As for candidates… There was the origin of all, Maria (Lilia), the violent type Mordred, then hidden as shishou character, Yururu, which made things chaotic. 


Well, I guess I could just think about it from now on. 

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We need the 1st to Maria and 2nd to Yururu

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Whoa, never thought the teacher would be the first one to confess and have it affect protag

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F to the other heroines whom he brushed off advances from as side characters lol

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You have point,but that make the story interesting, right?

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But author a bit too much to prank reader, doesn’t translator and editor feel something when work this chapter?

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