Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 048 – Strengthening [C]

The black dragon that suddenly appeared immediately turned the area into a scorched earth. Its flame was capable of turning a person’s bones to ash in an instant. 

The creation of the dragon could be considered the final goal of the magic stone research. It took Rhine’s group everything they had to keep it in check. 

There on the dragon’s forehead stood a man in black robes, Della, looking down from above like a god. His eyes no longer saw Free City as he wasn’t even interested. He felt nothing towards the destruction of human lives and those that had been cultivated over long years. 

The only thing he felt over the success of the dragon’s creation was happiness. The dragon spewed flame according to his order. 

Ah, I guess I’ll die here, was what everyone thought. They weren’t even worth comparing with the thing that spat out flames over and over. 

However, even though flames were spewed, nobody died this time. The flames died in an instant as if it had never existed, as if the air around it suddenly disappeared. 


“Who is it?” 

“…Kaka, even though it’s artificial, it’s actually a dragon?! Interesting! Let me have some fun!!! Time for a feast.”



Before Rhine’s eyes, there was the figure of his sister flying in the sky while looking down at him just like the dragon. However, her atmosphere was somewhat different. Not only that. On her forehead, arms, back of her hands, and all sorts of places were carved with ominous crests. 


“Those are… the exorcist’s brands?!” 


While Rhine was still surprised, she swung her katana. The next moment, the dragon was cut in two. Its belly sliced, the dragon fell to the ground. 


“Well then, what are you going to do?” 

“I see that you are not Barbara. Whatever, the dragon is just an opening act. I am the real dragon after all.”

“I see, so you are a dragon-man.”


The skin of the young man named Della transformed into dragon-like scales. Furthermore, more than a dozen thin feather-like things appeared from his back as his body grew in size.



“This is the apex of all lifeforms.”

“U-mu? It’s weak.”


Barbara (Baragi) swung her katana. The true name of the Sword of Exorcism that she used and Baragi was sealed in was Tsumehagi (Nail Peeler). Its characteristic was to consume one of its wielder’s nails for every swing. In exchange, it greatly increased its sharpness. 

For Baragi, who took over every part of Barbara’s body and art manipulation, the dragon was no different than a small fry. Even Della, who acquired the power of dragons, was easily cut in two. 



“…Fumu? Aah, so it’s you… R-Rhine?”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“I’m sorry… Rhine. I don’t think I can accompany you any longer.”

“What do you mean…?”

“Make sure to eat properly okay? Definitely, okay? Make sure to earn your happiness… Uh, my head.”


As Barbara’s consciousness returned, she clutched onto her head. She collapsed onto the ground, heaving out sobs of pain. 


“M-my head, it hurts, like it’s about to crack.” 

[“You promised. I’ll take your body.”] 


[“No, I’ll take it. You are mine. You will still hear me even if you cover your ears, you know?”] 

“I-I am still.” 

[“I’m taking directly over your mind after all. It’s no use no matter how you resist.”] 


Rhine rushed toward Barbara as she toppled over. Just as he was about to touch her, she had already stood up and turned her back. 


“Well then, thank you for your cooperation. I finally got a body of my own… So this body’s the descendant of an exorcist, huh, that’s why it’s so suitable for me.” 


“Well then, I’m going to kill every other exorcist out there… but I’ll spare you at least.”


She passed by Rhine. She struck him on the head, knocking him unconscious. 

The two were descendants of exorcists. Exorcists used to have many factions, even warring between themselves but no longer. Exorcists were no longer necessary after all. 

However, for every exorcist clan, only one thing was passed down every generation. Should Baragi be revived, they should subjugate her… 

The Sword of Exorcism that was protected by Barbara’s family for so long was unleashed. That news would soon spread among the remaining exorcist families. 




――Alternate Timeline


Fay was receiving treatment at Felmi’s mansion. After being half-killed by Mordred in their morning spar, he was forced to be treated for his wounds. 


“Ah, really, why are you so unreasonable…” 


Aliceia tapped Fay’s head before wrapping it with bandages. 


“Really, you… and Mordred went too far… Geez, if I wasn’t there, the two of you would have gone on forever.” 


Aliceia puffed her cheeks a bit in anger. She knew Fay wasn’t a person who would listen even if she told him to stop, but seeing him covered in blood every training session made her worry.  


“You see, couldn’t you hold back a little? It’s making me worried.” 

“It’s impossible.”

“Ah, really.”


Fay stood up as if nothing happened once the treatment was over. 


“Where are you going?” 


“Stop that, or rather, you shouldn’t go! You just got treated! Rest for the day at least!”



Aliceia appealed to him despite her anger but Fay didn’t seem to have any intentions listening to her. 


“Hey, wait right there!” 


Fay was about to walk outside alone, so Aliceia tried to follow him. Just as they were about to leave the room, Barbara came. 


“Huh? Felmi-san isn’t here?” 

“She is just out shopping at the moment.”

“I see. I have something to talk with her about… but I guess it could wait for later. Ah, Fu-chan is also here. Long time no see.”


Barbara greeted Fay with a smile. She lightly waved her hand and looked at Fay’s reaction. However, Fay coolly didn’t show any reaction. 


“Oh my, do you hate me?” 

“…I neither like nor dislike you.”

“I see! Well, I might be sad if you said you hate me, but I’m glad you said you didn’t at least!”

“…Now that I think about it, you are an exorcist.”

“That’s right, but…? What about it?”

“I heard this house has the Sword of Exorcism.”

“It’s certainly there…”

“Where is it?”

“Err, it’s in the room over there… should I show you?”

“Well then. I guess I’ll have you do so.”

“Well, I guess just seeing wouldn’t matter.”


Although just a little, Aliceia noticed Fay was smiling. It only lasted for a moment, but his cheek certainly loosened slightly, she was surprised that he could actually smile. 


Even though he never changes his expression usually… why? Such a doubt grew inside her.


“It’s this room, but you shouldn’t enter, okay? The thing called the Sword of Exorcism is actually, wai wai! Wait wait! Fu-chan! It has a seal you know!” 

“So it seems.”

“No, you see. Being sealed means it shouldn’t be released. Yet why did you blatantly try to peel it off?”

“You got a problem with that?”

“I have! A big one! Eh, ah, wait!”


Fay quietly peeled off the suspicious talisman pasted on the door. Then he silently opened the door. The wooden door cracked open with an eerie sound and a disturbing wind blew from the room. 


“You shouldn’t go beyond this! Definitely not!” 


Barbara grabbed Fay’s hand with both hands. She was an exorcist, and the sword resting there was never to be handed over to anyone. Just because Fay was acquainted with her didn’t mean she could give it to him. 

Aliceia knew about that as well. That was why she intended to stop Fay as well, but she stopped for a moment as she saw how Barbara holding Fay’s hand with her hands while pushing her chest at him. 


“Hey! Don’t do it like that! No! Definitely not!” 


Aliceia grabbed Barbara’s hands out of jealousy. At that moment, they heard the footsteps of someone rushing to Felmi’s house. 



“What’s wrong?! Why are you in a rush!”


The one who came was a member of Romeo, whose leader was Barbara. 

“There are hordes of demons outside…!!” 



Both Aliceia and Barbara’s expressions hardened. Aliceia began to panic, thinking the disaster occurred because she was there. Barbara decided she needed to confirm the situation quickly. 


“F-fu-chan, you should definitely not enter this room, okay! I will definitely be angry about it later! Do you understand?!” 


With that said, Barbara left with the member of Romeo. The two were left behind in silence. However, laughter began to leak out. 


“Kukuku, ah, I guess it’s as I expected…” 



I knew this would happen. His face seemed to say that. 


“I knew this was going to happen…” 


His meaningful words eased her heart slightly. This was all within his expectations. It wasn’t anyone’s fault but his. Such was what he said as he always did. 


“Don’t worry. This is my trial.” 


With that said, he entered the room where the sword was sealed and touched it. He held it as if he was ready for combat. 


“H-hey? Are you okay? Isn’t that thing supposed to give off a weird voice?” 

“I don’t hear anything… but oh well.”


He took the sword and ran outside.

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Fay : “I don’t hear anything… but oh well.”

Baragi(maybe) :”what happened? Oiiiii, can’t you hear me!?!?”

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Time for my boy to shine! Seem like barbara gonna fall for Fay soon, but oh well, she gonna become a mob in Fay eye like other again, lol

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Mental erosion rebound. That thing’s gonna die talking to Fay.

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We have same opinion my friend, after mental sword not even make effect

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Time to upgrade for fay

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Anonymous Hero will be sad hahahahahahahahha

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Actually his physical ability does grow, just not because of the sword.