Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 49 – VS Exorcist Family [C]

I was on my way to the training spot to train with Mordred when I got surrounded by strangers. Three people, huh… interesting. I’ll face them. 


In a weird formation was a girl in the sky, a swordsman, and a fighter. The girl exuded a weird mist and it enveloped me. I felt my body getting heavier… but it was probably just my imagination.  

I spent the day wearing weights today. Well then, the first attacker was the fighter… but honestly, he wasn’t that strong. Well, he was quite decent at least. However, he still felt lacking.  

Perhaps this guy, no, this group has gone through many hardships to reach where they are now. However, I have always lived my life as if I was in hell’s kiln. I didn’t feel like losing against people who were merely decent. 


I launched a punch at the fighter then confronted the swordsman. Yep, he certainly wasn’t bad. But as someone who was completely charred by a dragon just the other day, it wasn’t an opponent that excited my soul. 

Even though I wanted a more soul-stirring battle… we still clashed swords for some time, but I soon got bored of it. My fight with Mordred, who could be considered a major boss character, was waiting after this, so I would need to settle this quickly. 

Fighting while wearing weights was a good warm-up. After defeating the swordsman, I talked to the girl who was flying in the sky, but it seemed there was a ringleader for this. 

I thought the ringleader might be super strong. So I went in with high expectations… but they turned out to be a timid child. It wasn’t what I expected. I guess I should go to Mordred instead. 




[Baragi POV]

I was astonished. I couldn’t help but feel so upon seeing the physical prowess of the man who carried the sword that contained my soul. It was unbelievable. This man, was his name Fay? Anyway, Fay’s physical ability was exceptionally bizarre. 

Rather than saying it was absurdly strong, it was more correct to say it was absurdly bizarre. And I found out the reason soon after. 

It was because Fay used physical reinforcement beyond its limit. Anyone could use physical reinforcement with art, but nobody would reinforce their body beyond their limits. However, this man always reinforced it that way, and continued doing so. 

That was why his body was used to being broken down. It broke and got sublimated into something with greater strength. It was something unbelievable. Even back in my time, no one attempted something this ridiculous. 

Humans have their reason, calculation, resignation, anger, hatred, and fear. Various emotions would force a limit on their actions and body. Yet this man forcefully kept moving it using the sheer strength of his soul, and his body began to adapt to his will… 


In terms of physical strength alone, he could be considered the pinnacle of mankind, and he wouldn’t lose against anyone in combat without using art. It was a wonderful body. I really want it.

In order to take over this man’s body, I tried to reach out to him many times through his mind. However, this man didn’t listen at all. It felt like his soul repelled my negative emotions. 

Well, that much was still fine. It wasn’t good… but I could just slowly learn about this man’s soul and body… Yet there was another thing that irritated me. 


“Fu-chan. The exorcist’s brand on the back of your hand has extended to your arm… I’m sorry.” 

“I don’t need an apology. Besides, my body is fine.”


It was this exorcist woman (Barbara). She had almost the same appearance I had in my lifetime. Be it her fleshy body, slightly longer than normal tongue, her hair color, or sexy face. Everything was similar to mine. 

That was why it made me angry to see it. 


“Hey, do you have a girlfriend?” 

“Why do you ask that?”

“Eh, I’m just a little curious.”


Don’t ask such things using that face, body, and voice. It irritated me, as if I was the one in love with this man. 


“I like people who work hard.” 

“You already said that.”

“Ah, you remember? I’m glad.”


I really wanted to beat this girl up and silence her, but I couldn’t manipulate this man’s body. I thought of reaching out to his soul first, but my voice couldn’t reach him, and I couldn’t take control of his body either. I tried to engrave the brand of exorcism into the inside of his body to forcefully move it along using his art, but that was also impossible. 

There was too little art to engrave the brand. 

The amount of art in this man was abnormally low. There was nobody else out there with this low an amount. It felt like there was a gaping hole in his body where his art leaked out and only a miniscule amount of art remained. 

The fact that he could fight fiercely despite that was bizarre. This man was really bizarre. 

I did my best to slightly expand the brand, but… 


“…Did you feel your power increase?” 

“…Fumu, now that you mention it, I think so.”

“I see… Could you always visit me regularly? It makes me really worried.”


GUGIGIGIGIGIGI!!!! Alright, right arm, move according to my wiiiiiiillllllllllllll!! 


But it was meaningless. Even when I tried to forcefully move it, the muscles were so strong that it wouldn’t move. Even when I tried to use his art to forcefully move it… all this man said was nonsense that he felt his power was increasing. 

Even though I tried to move his arm against his will, it would be normal to say his arm became harder to move, yet he said he felt his power was increasing instead. 


“T-that’s no good. As expected, I don’t want you to overdo it.” 


And then, upon hearing the man saying his power was increasing, she mistook it as my power being active and looked at the man with a worried look. That also made me irritated. 

I’ve never had such a maiden-like expression back in my lifetime. 

I couldn’t help but feel angry at how she subtly touched Fay’s body to make him more conscious of her. How long will this hell continue? 1 




1 Anonymous Hero

Tragic news. Our junior has awakened a new power.


2 Anonymous Hero

I saw.


3 Anonymous Hero

    Could it even be considered as awakening a new power?


    4 Anonymous Hero 

    Fay : “I feel like I’m gaining power!!”

    Baragi : “Eh? What’s with that, I have no idea.”


    5 Anonymous Hero

    It’s the so-called placebo effect.


    6 Anonymous Hero

    He gained power because he thought he was?


    7 Anonymous Hero 

    That’s scary.


    8 Anonymous Hero 

    When I saw the livestream, I couldn’t help but say uwaaahh.


    9 Anonymous Hero 

    Don’t get any stronger, you shouldn’t get any stronger, Fay!!

    Next episode, he is getting stronger due to the placebo effect.


    10 Anonymous Hero 

    Well, since it is still just a thought, it could be said his flesh is not actually getting reinforced. He only thinks he is getting stronger and feeling happy on his own.


    11 Anonymous Hero 

    In his case, rather than physical reinforcement, getting his mental aspect strengthened is more dangerous.


    12 Anonymous Hero 

    That’s right.


    13 Anonymous Hero 

    Fay-kun is crazy after all.


    14 Anonymous Hero 

    By the way, how was Fay in the original timeline? His current character has so much depth that I have no idea how he was.


    15 Anonymous Hero 

    The original version was just cannon fodder.


    16 Anonymous Hero 

    That’s right. He kept trying to mess with Tlue, only to be beaten in response.


    17 Anonymous Hero 

    By the end of it, he was swallowed by dark art, went berserk, and died.


    18 Anonymous Hero 

    I really can’t imagine that happening to current Fay though.


    19 Anonymous Hero 

    The current Fay is way too absurd after all.


    20 Anonymous Hero 

    I had a thought upon seeing the last livestream. Didn’t Fay manage to score a victory against Mordred? 


    21 Anonymous Hero 

    He won in battle without use of art, and Mordred said that she could no longer win against him in a battle without art, while having a fascinated expression.


    22 Anonymous Hero 

    I really think Mordred-chan is suited well with Fay-kun though.


    23 Anonymous Hero 

    Mordred is just too aggressive.


    24 Anonymous Hero 

    A girl like that tends to steal the good scenes.


    25 Anonymous Hero 

    Is that so?


    26 Anonymous Hero 

    Yururu-chan has also been showing off recently.


    27 Anonymous Hero 

    I’m shipping Yururu.


    28 Anonymous Hero 

    Mine Arthur.


    29 Anonymous Hero 

    It is Mordred for me after all.


    30 Anonymous Hero 

    I guess it’s Baragi for me.


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    A certain Anonymous
    A certain Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Bruv, the last hero is just pure trolling

    11 months ago

    He’s…he’s a fucking body cultivator..m everyone’s using it as qi..he’s just using it to implode his body for burst of strength but he’s breaking it so often and recovering it so often that it just keeps getting tempered.

    Now it’s literally beyond the zenith and he IS the zenith.

    He’s walked a completely different path and has no need for arts beyond what it currently offers him.

    This is our MC. This is Fay. I’m so glad to see and follow the journey of an absolute gigachad.

    11 months ago

    Wait. Original fay
    By the end of it, he was swallowed by dark art, went berserk, and died.
    With world correction scenario, wouldn’t fay swallowed the dark art and getting powered up instead?

    7 months ago
    Reply to  tsukiisite

    Good question

    11 months ago