Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 49 – VS Exorcist Family [B]


“You are to stay here and see how it happens.”


“You have to abandon your feelings. If you think calmly, you’ll realize it’s better to act before his body is taken over. Things would be more troublesome after Baragi adapts to his body and can use his body seamlessly.”

“That might be true, but-”

“According to our investigation, he seems to be a twelfth grade paladin in the Britannia Kingdom.”

“Twelfth grade…”

“It means he is among the lowest. In that case, he would stay weak if it’s not long after being hijacked, and since he has a low amount of art, this is the perfect opportunity.”

“He’s not necessarily being taken over yet.”

“We should move under the assumption he is already taken over. My apologies, but this is the best way to minimize the damage. Well then, they should be ready soon. See, look at this crystal.”


Natsu took out a large crystal from her bag. She put it on the desk so Barbara could also see it. 


“I used my monitoring ability using crystals and used my other ability to issue instructions to others through telepathy.” 

“I know about that…”

“As long as I take control over the battle with accurate analysis and superhuman instruction, it will be over in no time.”



In the image projected from the crystal, Fay and the three exorcists were already facing each other. The swordsman Zaizai stood on Fay’s right side, with Toppo on the left. With Mimia who wore special shoes that allowed her to fly, they surrounded Fay. 


“It’s not an elegant method, but Mimia will debuff him then Zaizai and Toppo finish him and then clean up.” 


As Natsu said that, the three began to act according to her instructions. A black aura like a birdcage unfolded from the sky. When wrapped in it, Fay’s body was covered with a black mist, while Toppo and Zaizai were covered with a red mist. 


“My apologies, but we’ll have to finish you off.” 


There was a thin layer of art around Toppo. Any enemy who invaded there would be greeted with lightning-quick blows, and Mimia’s buffs made them even stronger. 

However, the moment Fay invaded his realm, Toppo’s fist that was launched by reflex hit empty air. Seeing this, Toppo was impressed, even though Fay was their enemy. 


What an amazing body speed and impressive reflex. Even though you are our enemy, you are worthy of praise!! 


“I have no idea who you people are, but it seems I can have some fun… come on.” 

“That’s our intention from the beginning.”


A rain of fists launched and Fay dodged and parried them through narrow gaps. Seeing this, Natsu sighed. 


“He can just finish it quickly, but is he playing around? The opponent is only a twelfth grade paladin, right?” 


Barbara had a feeling that it was Fay who was playing around. She knew well that Fay was a man who enjoyed fighting with his life on the line. She also knew that he was a bit of a crazy weirdo. 


“Hey? Toppo-san, can you finish this quickly? Are you playing around?” 

[“No, my opponent is also quite a warrior… his simple physical ability is outstanding. Among the opponents I have fought, he is――”


――Natsu and Toppo’s telepathy was cut off.


Fay’s corkscrew punch landed on Toppo’s and launched him several meters away. He collapsed to the ground, and due to Natsu’s telepathy being pre-marked, she could only relay her thoughts when the other party was conscious. 


Natsu slightly broke into a cold sweat as she was watching Toppo. 


“W-well, this much is within expectation, isn’t it? I think Toppo-san just let his guard down a bit.” 

“Is it really so?”

“It is. Rather, why did Zaizai-san not slash him from behind? Did he think that the opponent is so inferior that he feels there’s no need to draw his sword?”

“It’s just my speculation, but Fu-chan kept changing his position and deliberately kept his distance close to Toppo, so I think he couldn’t make his move.”

“…Fu-hn, well, the opponent needs to be capable of doing that much I think? Otherwise, it wouldn’t be interesting, so I guess the wielder of the exorcist’s grudge better be strong, isn’t it?”

“…Don’t you sound panicked, Natsu-chan?”

“I-I’m not… Zaizai-san, can you finish him?”

[“――Of course I can, I’m a master of my swordsmanship after all.”]

“I’m relieved to hear those words.”


Zaizai, who was always smiling, drew his sword. There was Ryuei Bokusatsu-ken, which was the swordsmanship passed down to exorcists. He was such a master of that school of swordsmanship that there was nobody who learned said swordsmanship that didn’t know his name. 


“Zaizai-san got married recently and is about to have his first child. That’s why he’s so fired up and he is the master of Ryuei Bokusatsu-ken. You should be aware of how strong he is, aren’t you?” 

“Well, sure. Rhine also used that swordsmanship, but he still isn’t good enough.”

“Yes, yes, that’s right.”


Fay also drew his normal katana in response to Zaizai. Looking down from above, Mimia constantly applied buffs and debuffs to the area.


“Are you also learning swordsmanship?” 

“I dunno.”

“How cold.”


Zaizai swung down his sword. Fay parried it and slammed his counter, but Zaizai easily handled it. 


“I see, you seem to be a decent swordsman. You’re still not a match to me, though.” 


It began to rain. Even so, their clash didn’t stop. 


“Fufu, Zaizai-san started to pressure him. I think the match will be decided soon?” 



Barbara felt a sense of incongruity seeing their clash. Fay’s movement was slightly worse, even though he usually moved sharper. 

Fay was on the defensive, but he stabbed the sword into the ground after clashing several times. 


“Oh my, have you given up?” 

“No, it’s about time.”


“Aah, I have a prior appointment after this.”

“A prior appointment…?”


What does he mean with a prior appointment? Thought Mimia and Zaizai as they tilted their heads in confusion. Obviously, Barbara and Natsu, who were watching through the crystal, also tilted their heads. 


“He has a prior appointment with whom?” 

“I have no idea either.”

“Is that an excuse for being scared of losing?”



Fay stabbed his katana into the ground. leaving it upright. As a result, he held nothing in his hand at the moment. He then put his free hand to his wrist. 

Then he took off the wristband-like accessory he was wearing and threw it on the ground. At that moment, the puddle that had accumulated due to the rain made an incredible splash. 




There was a noise that suggested the wristband wasn’t merely a decorative item along with the reaction of the water. That wristband clearly served as weight. 

Then, he took off the wristband on his other arm, both his legs, and the vest he was wearing. He dropped them to the ground. Every one of them made a tremendous sound as they impacted the ground. 


“A-are you saying you were fighting all this time while wearing those…?” 

“…Honestly, you guys are not a big deal… but at least it serves well as a warm-up.”



In the next moment, the blunt side of the katana slammed into Zaizai’s neck. The force was enough to make his eyes roll into the back of his head and faint. 

The two women who were watching it through the crystal were also shocked. Barbara was only surprised since she already knew Fay’s ability to some extent, but Natsu’s face began to become pale. 




She involuntarily tapped her own cheeks and blinked her eyes three times to make sure it wasn’t a dream. However, it wasn’t a dream. 


“His physical ability is absurd as usual… Fu-chan.”

“Eh, eeeh? Eeeeeehhh? Ehhhhhhh?”

“Isn’t it amazing?”

“Nonono, isn’t that weird? He is definitely weird. Why did he wear extra weights? Besides, he is still under debuffs, you know? Why can he move properly? He is afflicted with two layers of restrictions, you know?’

“Fu-chan told me last time. Debuffs is nothing but imagination.”

“Nonononono, please wait a moment. It’s weird dawa! This is definitely weird dawa.”

“Why is your tone getting weird?”

“T-this is definitely the proof of him being taken over by Baragi. Otherwise, such strength would be impossible.”

“That’s basically how Fu-chan usually is though.”



Natsu thought they could definitely win. However, the problem was not the instruction, but the overwhelming difference in power. The moment she noticed that, she became horrified at the thought of the absurd existence she turned against. 

And Mimia, who was also watching while flying with her flying shoes, turned pale and hurriedly tried to run away into the sky. However, her leg was grabbed by Fay. 


“Hih, I, I-I-I-I, I’m sorry!!! Please don’t hurt me!!!” 


For the time being, Fay dragged her back to the ground. Seeing that, Natsu broke into cold sweat again. 


“If Mimia-san blabbed about me, wouldn’t I be put into danger?” 

“It might be. Natsu-chan is bad at close and long range combat after all. If you are caught, you might end up beaten up by Fu-chan without being able to resist.”

“…I-it’s should be okay. T-there’s no way Mimia-san would, would blab about me. W-we are comrades after all.”

“――We are descendants of exorcists and there’s a law to kill anyone who unsheathes the Sword of Exorcism. The monk-like person is Toppo-san, who is good at close combat. That swordsman is Zaizai, who is a master of Ryuei Bokusatsu-ken. I wear shoes that allow me to fly and am good at buffing and debuffing. Also, there’s a cute girl with reddish white hair named Natsu, and she works behind the scenes. She watches from a distance using a crystal, gives instruction using telepathy, and was the one who was responsible for making the plan to kill Fay-san. I told her it was a bad idea, but she said a twelfth grade paladin is just a small fry so she forcibly dragged us and proceeded with the plan, and she is watching from Romeo’s headquarters at the moment. I told you everything, so please spare me――”

“Mimia-chan blabbed everything right there…”

“T-that traitor!!”


Fay, who had no interest in beating up a woman who showed no resistance, sheathed his katana. 


“You mean the mastermind is at Romeo’s base right now?” 

“S-she is!! She’s slow at moving, so I think you can catch her if you move now.”

“…I’m a little interested in the mastermind now.”


Fay left Mimia behind and left. Mimia felt the man was like a storm. The rain stopped as he left and the sky turned clear. Then she found the weights he left behind. 

When she tried to lift it, she realized the shocking weight they had. 


“That person is definitely not a human.” 




“I-I’m in danger!! H-he found out where I am, and he is coming here!!” 

“Even if you try to escape now, I think he can easily catch you.”

“D-do something about it.”

“Even if you say that, I told you to stop earlier, didn’t I? His mind isn’t taken over, right? He only hurt them a little even in that situation and did not kill them. Baragi has a grudge against exorcists, so I think she would instead cause more pain and kill them after that.” 

“I don’t care about that. That monster will――”

“――Ah, Fu-chan.”


Natsu thought this was how it felt to have one’s spine frozen. When she looked in panic, she saw the man who they watched through crystal earlier was now in front of her. 


“I, I-I-I, I’m sorry.” 

“Fu-chan, sorry about this. But please forgive them… She has no ill intention, or rather, she seems strongly attached to the law… her parents keep telling her to protect the law, so she ended up doing this.”

“…I don’t give a damn about your laws. I thought I would find a strong person with more backbone… but the mastermind turned out to be like this… I’ve lost my interest. I no longer care, so do whatever you want.”

“A-are you going to forgive me?”

“I don’t give a damn.”


Fay seemed to have completely lost interest and left somewhere. As he left, Barbara saw that the exorcist brand on the back of his hand had extended to his arm now… 


“Fu-chan… I’m sorry about a lot of things.” 

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Akatsuki Chan
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