Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Ink

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Chapter 050 – Truth about Villain [A]

A few days have passed since Fay repelled the exorcist. After the exorcist departed, Free City was enveloped in peace.

There were no major incidents and the days passed peacefully. But it was only peaceful from Fay’s standard. 

He was always practicing. In order to build a stronger body, he continued his insane training even in times of peace. 

In the morning, he practiced swinging his weapon.




Mordred rushed into him with both arms wide open. Fay avoided her and made an annoyed expression. 



“Please don’t say that!”


The scene of Mordred trying to draw closer while her face was being pushed away by Fay continued for a while.


“Oi, rather than that, let’s spar.” 

“Of course, Fay-sama!”


Fay thought Mordred’s greatest charm was her high combat ability and the fact she was the greatest opponent to gain experience through combat training. Because Mordred wouldn’t hesitate to use violence against Fay, she could give him the hardest training. 


“――Let’s go.”


――Fay started running toward her… and the result of the spar was…




Aliceia was walking alone in Free City. The reason was that Fay collapsed while training. It could be said something that happens every day, but whenever he was done with his training with Mordred, Fay would end up with a serious injury or faint so he was put to sleep.

Aliceia wandered around the Free City to buy fruits and other things to take care of Fay. 


“Even though you promised to go buy clothes together with me… you never actually did it…” 


Aliceia mumbled her complaints to Fay. She walked around with puffed cheeks as she bought things from the fruit shop and put them in her own bag. 


“Things that are left are…” 


As Aliceia was looking around the shop, she caught the sight of a clothing store. It seemed to be a woman-specialty store that sold things like women’s underwear, skirts, and cute clothes. 


“Heeh… Uwah, they actually sell underwear that could barely function as one…” 

“Customer, this item is extremely popular among women.”

“You must be kidding…”

The black bikini-like underwear only covered a small area so it felt like it was almost completely exposing everything it was supposed to cover. 

“I heard that even a quiet man would become a beast with this.” 

“…Would a man who is usually cool and uninterested become a beast?”

“They will.”

“Then I’ll buy it…”


Aliceia bought some racy underwear. Then as she walked down the street to where Fay was sleeping, she saw a tall man surrounded by women in front of her. 

The tall man(?) seemed to be handsome, clean, and strong. So the scene was women couldn’t help but to call out to such a person.


“No, I’m sorry. I’m busy here.” 

“Isn’t it okay, onii-san. Why don’t you drink with us?”

“Cool onii-san, you don’t have to act so cold. We’re just asking you to drink with us a little.”

“It’s still morning, and I don’t like liquor that much.”


The tall man(?) was surrounded. However, the man pushed aside the surrounding women and began to distance himself. But his attitude made women call out for him more. As he looked troubled, he caught sight of Aliceia. 

Aliceia was about to leave with a disinterested look, but she stood out because she was about to leave with a slightly sympathetic look. 


“Ah~, you’re here! Long time no see!” 


The tall man(?) pushed through the women and ran toward Aliceia. As expected, seeing the man seemingly had a woman with him already, the other women gave up and left. 


“Phew~ I’m finally saved.” 

“Who are you? Rather, can you not speak to me? It’ll be worse if someone ends up misunderstanding.”

“Ah, so you have someone you like.”

“That’s right… huh? You are…”


Aliceia noticed something strange when she saw the tall man. She felt that the way the man walked and the vibe he exuded didn’t match his appearance. 


“You are… a woman, aren’t you?” 

“Oh, you got it right! That’s right, I’m a fresh and pure woman.”

“…Besides, your eyes look awful…”

“I’m actually bothered by that, so please don’t mention it. Everyone in my family seems to have an awful look in our eyes and it seems to be genetic.”


This girl’s awful eyes that reminds one of a murderer feels somewhat similar to oniichan (Fay)… but it should be just my imagination. His is much scarier after all.  


“I see… Well, I don’t care. Can you go away soon?” 

“How cold! Let’s talk more~. I don’t have many friends after all~”

“Fu~hn, well, I don’t care because I have people I could talk to.”

“No, please talk with me! I also want a friend! I’ve been traveling all the time, so I don’t have anyone close to me!”

“…How troublesome. You can just go to the guild and they will introduce you to some comrades.”

“No, I want to get along with you! Somehow, I feel like we can get along.”

“Oh really?”

“Eh~ aren’t you being too cold? Well, this is the first time we met after all… ah, that’s right, I am actually looking for someone.”

“I see, the guild is over there, so you can just ask about it there.”

“P-please expand the conversation more. Actually, I’ve been looking for my elder brother.”

“…It’s the same as me.”

“Eh? You too?”

“I guess you could say that…”


As Aliceia heard the woman was looking for his elder brother just like she was, Aliceia felt a slight kinship with the woman. 


So she is looking for her elder brother just like me… Fay has been here lately, so I felt like I don’t really care about it anymore… 


Aliciea didn’t feel like searching anymore, but she used to look for her elder brother. Seeing the woman was doing the same, Aliceia opened her heart to the woman a little bit. However, Aliceia felt slightly familiar towards the woman because in Aliceia’s conscious mind, the woman had a slight resemblance to Fay in their awful eyes. 


“I’m not searching for my brother that much nowadays. I did desperately search for him before… but I already have a home to return to now.” 

“I see.”

“So? What does your elder brother look like?”

“Eh? You’re willing to help me?”

“I’m not helping you. It’s just, I’m thinking of telling you if I’ve seen someone who matches your description.”

“Hooray! You see, my elder brother is gentle, cool, and seems to be proficient with magic? Maybe something like that? I think he is… also, he is handsome, kind, and would seem to help anyone in need. Also…” 1

“I don’t know anyone like that.”


For a moment, I thought her brother might be Fay, but Fay doesn’t seem gentle at all. He could be considered kind, but I think it doesn’t match the kindness in this woman’s description.


Aliceia concluded that she had no idea who was the elder brother the woman was searching for. 

“Ah, I have an acquaintance who is a person who traveled over various places and the other is a paladin. Why don’t you ask them?” 

“Eh?! Is it okay?!”

“It’s okay. Just go home after you’re done. The owner of the house we’re living in… is an elderly woman who was the former leader of Romeo, but it seems she doesn’t like noise that much .”

“Ah, so you’re freeloading. But Romeo is supposed to be a super famous legion, that’s amazing of you.”

“Well yeah. I also became acquainted with the current leader of Romeo named Barbara, but because she owed favors to my future boyfriend, we ended up allowed to stay for free.”

“What’s with that, that’s really amazing and makes me envious.”


The two entered Felmi’s house. There they saw Fay with a bandage wrapped around his head. He ate bread and meat to nourish himself. 


“Fay, you’re awake.” 

“…(Munching time).”

“Hey, why don’t you at least apologize for making me worry? You’re fainted after all.”

“…it’s rarer for me to not faint.”

“Well, that might be true.”


Aliceia let out a sigh as she entered the kitchen, but the tall cross-dressing woman Aliceia brought with her looked at Fay and raised her voice as she pointed finger at Fay. 


“AH! You are from back then!” 

“…Who are you?”

“We met in Pond City back then, right?! It’s me!”



She actually met Fay back in Pond City. She remembered Fay, but Fay didn’t seem to remember much about her.


“I don’t remember you.” 


It seemed Fay didn’t remember her at all. 


“No no, see, look at my face properly! We definitely met back then! There’s no way you can forget this kind of pretty woman’s face!” 


She brought her face closer to Fay but Fay was still looking at her as if staring at the void. Even if they only met for a short time, the fact he didn’t remember her at all made her frustrated for some reason. That was why she got closer to him to try to make him remember her. 

However, this made Aliceia angry. Aliceia pulled the woman by the neck and spoke coldly in a low voice. 


“Hey, can you please stop messing around with my future husband…?” 

“Ah, sorry. I have no such intention at all…”

“It’s fine as long as you understand. But next time, if you mess up with my oniichan… I will be very angry, okay.”

“No, you’re being scary… but I’ll be careful… huh? Oniichan? But didn’t you say you’re looking for your onii-chan?”

“I was searching for my onii-chan, but my oniichan is Fay.”

“…I see.”


Is this the so-called complicated family circumstances…? 


“Speaking of which, what’s your name?” 

“Ah, my name is… Morgol.” 2

“Fu~hn, Morgol, huh. I’ll remember it. My name is Alicieia, and that one with awful eyes is Fay.”

“Nice to meet you.”


The girl called Morgol held out her hand to Fay, but he ignored it and continued to eat.


“Also, there’s a girl called Mordred here.” 


“You know about her?”

“Yes. Because my mother and father mentioned it before…”


Just as Morgol was about to say something about Mordred, the door of the house slammed open. Mordred had just returned from a trip.


“Fay-sama~! I’m glad you woke up~!” 


“Ara ara, Fay-sama who sulked because he lost against me is cute~!”


So this person is Mordred… 


Morgol looked at Mordred and recalled what her father and mother told her. Just as Morgol was about to say that, Mordred turned to Aliceia. 

“Come to think of it, the guild staff seems to have business with you so they’re looking for you?” 

“Eh? Me? I wonder what it is?”


Aliceia was told that the guild staff are looking for her and she became anxious if she might have caused some trouble. 


“I’m not going, so why don’t you go?” 

“E-eeh… going there alone is a bit…Say, why don’t you go with me, Fay?”

“I don’t mind.”

“Really! W-well, not that I’m happy about it, but let’s get together, shall we?”


What’s with this clash between her mysterious affection and pride that made her unable to be honest… even though she claimed that he is her future husband… she sure is weird. 


Even though Aliceia was snarky to Fay, she kept Morgol in check so she wouldn’t lay her hand on Fay, so Morgol judged her to be a strange person. 


I wonder if I should go as well… I came here because Aliceia invited me, though. It’s hard for me to stay if she isn’t here after all… 


“Can I come along?” 

“……Eh? Well, I didn’t think about how good it is being together with Fay just the two of us… eh? You’re coming as well?”


Did I step on a landmine? Doesn’t this girl have too many of them? 


“Oh, well. Just come along if you want to.” 

“Ah, yes. I’ll do just that.”


Morgol decided to come along with Aliceia. And so, the group of three including Fay went to the guild. 

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Morgouse works, but if we are talking about o.g. mythos – morgen, moronoe, mazoe

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Fay sibling right?

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I wonder what story gonna cover about this time, Fay past ? Aliceia new arc ? or just a normal free arc city ?

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Maybe fay past in my opinion,because his sibling here.