Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 57 – The Identity of the Elder Brother [A]

The girl named Aliceia was the protagonist of the Round Table Heroes gaiden game. That was an inevitable fact that was carved in the world.

Therefore, seeds of conflict would come to her. 

She once again set foot into Free City with Fay beside her. 


“Thank you for coming with me.” 

“I already expected I would be returning here.”

“The city is noisy.”

“So it seems.”

“Also, that mask suits you.”


Fay and Aliceia were the center of a commotion in Free City the other day, and since their faces were known, they came in disguise. Fay wore a mask, while Aliceia covered her face with a veil. 

The two went straight to Felmi’s house. 


“It’s been a while, go ahead and come in.” 

“We’re coming in.”


After being guided by Felmi, they entered her house for the first time in a while. They took off their disguises and drank the coffee Felmi prepared for them. 


“You’ve heard the thing that happened in the city, right?” 


“Once again, a murder incident occurred in this city… moreover, there are already quite a number of victims of it.”


“Why are you coming at this dangerous time?”

“I’m thinking of solving the incident.”


“…It’s not like I came to help someone in trouble. There’s someone I want to walk next to. I want to be a person he wouldn’t be ashamed of, so I sought for growth from the bottom of my heart.”

“So you’re thinking to solve the problem and grow with that.”

“That’s about it.”

“What an idiot.”


Even though Felmi called her an idiot, Aliceia didn’t seem to have any intention to change her mind. Felmi didn’t say anything to Fay since she knew he was someone who liked to rush into trouble. 

Thus, the two set out to solve the murder incident once again. 


“Huh? You people are-” 

“Ah, Morgol, it’s been a while.”

“It’s been a while, why are you here?”

“It’s to solve the murder incident.”

“I see. I’m also thinking of doing the same.”

“Eh? Why?”

“U~hn, it’s because the situation is somewhat familiar to when my elder brother died.”

“I see.”

“There are many corpses whose hearts have been gouged out, and the fact they were killed with unnecessarily flashy methods.”

“I see. Then let’s investigate together.”

“Okay. The culprit seems to be more likely to move at night.”

“In that case, let’s move at night.”


They decided to move out at night. 




They spent their time at Felmi’s house until the night came. Fay’s group of three put on their disguises and started moving. 

Although many murders occurred, this place was the city of adventurers. They predicted the culprit was quite powerful based on the fact the culprit managed to kill so many without being caught. 


“Fay, leave the support to me.” 

“I can handle this alone.”

“I’m also here.”


In the game version, this was a downer scenario for Aliceia and Morgol. They would end up dead there. 

However, Fay was with them right now. 


“As long as I could get a clue about my elder brother――”

“――I feel a nostalgic art.


A man in a black robe descended from above Morgol. He spun as he descended and looked at Morgol. 


“That art you have there is really nostalgic. I remembered my mother and father used to have similar wavelengths in the past. What’s your name?” 


“I see… so it’s Morgol… I did hear that if I got a little sister, they would name it like that. No wonder you look alike.”

“…Don’t tell me… you are”

“Fumu, I guess I could be considered your elder brother.”

“…Tell me your name.”




The moment Molgan said his name, Morgol conjured wind magic. The compressed wind became a spear and flew sharply toward him. 


“Oi oi, what a thing to do to your elder brother.” 


The spear melted into his arm. It disappeared quickly as if a large dragon swallowed an ant. 


“Hey Morgol, calm down.” 

“That person is the one who killed my elder brother.”


“My mom and dad told me about it. It’s their foster son, Molgan. After stealing art, he ruined my family and then disappeared.”

“It can’t be helped since that’s how my ability works. I can steal art, and the more I steal, the stronger I become.”

“You even took father’s arm… because of you, father ended up with only a single arm.”

“He defied me, so I took his arm. It’s just that simple.”


“No way.”


Once again, wind condensed on her hands. The squeaky wind converged and spread so that the space around her was distorted and it was launched. 


“Neo Nebula Storm.” 

“You could actually use advanced magic… What an amazing little sister!!”

“Shut up, I’m not your little sister.”


Multiple blades of wind extended like chains. However, the magic disappeared once again as it was sucked into Molgan’s hand. 


“Calm down, Morgol. It seems magic is ineffective against him.” 

“I know…”

“I wonder if he absorbs magic?”

“He seems to be able to steal art after all. Maybe he made the magic ineffective with that.”

“You should have noticed it earlier. You did useless things, only wasting your art.



Aliciea reprimanded Morgol. Aliceia also noticed Molgan had strange abilities and stopped Morgol. 

Even if they cast magic uselessly, they would only consume their physical strength, which led to creating a superior situation for their opponent. 

That was why Aliceia calmly stopped Morgol. Then Aliceia also moved into a stance like Morgol’s. The man named Molgan chuckled as he looked at Aliceia. 


“I see, that golden blond hair and that face, you must be Aliceia.” 

“No way, did he kill your brother as well?!”

“No, I don’t think my brother has anything to do with him. I didn’t know about that guy. In the first place, I already found my brother.”

“Eh?! You didn’t tell me about that.”

“I just didn’t say anything since I no longer cared about it. My brother is in the royal capital Britannia, but I didn’t speak with him anyway.”

“E-eeh, aren’t you treating your brother too differently compared to mine? Here I was thinking of asking you to search for our brothers together…”


Morgol was surprised at how differently Aliceia treated her brother than she did and calmed down a little because of that. The man in front of her was the person who was responsible for taking away her father’s arm and killing her brother. 


“Is your brother really dead?” 

“That seems to be the most likely possibility. But that’s not certain, so I’m looking for him.”

“He should be dead 99 out 100 percent. After all, I have stolen his art since he was a baby. I have no idea what happened to him afterward… but his corpse likely ended up becoming a meal of demons out there. He has no power to combat nature after all.”

“…Calm down. He’s trying to provoke you.”

“I-I know.”

“It’s not like I’m trying to provoke you. I’m just answering what I heard and providing a supplementary explanation.”


Molgan just stood still without pulling out the sword he was carrying while showing his composure. However, his overflowing art represented his intentions instead. 

It was showing off he was a strong person, showing no need for him to even put a stance. 


“Since he said he was stealing art, it seems he has accumulated quite an amount so far.” 

“That’s right, Aliceia. I was also told to steal your art as well.”

“Oh, is that so? It feels disgusting having my name being called by someone like you.”

“Aah. So… who are you?


Molgan suddenly raised a question. He looked at the man with an inorganic expression who didn’t join or interrupt the conversation so far.  


“Why should I introduce myself? Are you trying to invite me to a tea party?” 

“Hou, it seems you are a good talker at least!”


Molgan strengthened his gaze toward Fay, who spoke as if underestimating him. The surrounding air naturally became heavier. Art overflowed from Molgan’s body. 


“I see that you’re underestimating my power. Let me show you, my strength that has been strengthened to the limit of my vessel by continuously stealing art.” 


It overflowed like a fighting spirit and seemed to pressure the field with his strength. Molgan then slowly spread his arms out. 


“Isn’t it wonderful? Is there anyone else with this much art?” 


It exuded in an overflowing manner. Molgan’s body was filled with a seven-colored art. As the art leaked, clouds of dust danced like a gust of wind. 


“On the other hand, your art is nonexistent. Not that you don’t have any at all, though.” 

“You don’t understand the essence, so yours seems like excess fat to my eyes.”

“Kuhahah, you said I don’t understand the essence! You sure talk big. But in my eyes, it’s you who don’t understand the essence.”

“You would understand as we fought. Which of us has the essence of strength, that is.”

“You’re right. But let me tell you first. You will lose to me and die without even having the time to speak.”


The pressure Molgan exuded grew even stronger. The momentum of art became so strong that wind blew violently. Fay’s bang shook violently. However, his expression was very calm. 


“Remember, art is justice, art is strength. My strength completely filled my vessel. There’s not even a miniscule chance for me to lose.” 

“I will crush that pride of yours.”


The fight between the man named Molgan and Fay was about to begin. 


“We’re going to get in the way here.” 

“But he’s my enemy…”

“If we stay here, it’ll only make things even more troublesome. Let’s leave it to Fay.”

“Eh, but.”

“Just do it. Don’t you understand we’re only pulling Fay’s leg by being here? The enemy is strong. He might not be as good as Fay, but you can understand from his anomalous amount of art, right?”

“But Fay has no art.”

“It’s okay.”

“Why do you think so?”

“It’s okay, because he is Fay.”

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