Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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SS2 – Valentines [B]

Yururu’s POV

I had a bad habit of getting angry when things did not go my way. That was why I couldn’t stop myself and approached him with a piece of chocolate in my mouth.



“…gh! Pleahe eah ih.” 1


I was so embarrassed as he stared at me blankly and silently. What the heck was I trying to do to my own disciple? 

Seriously, what was I doing to my disciple?! 

Ah, no good, this is so embarrassing. But it was definitely a little too late to call it quits now. I should be a little bolder. 

I brought the chocolate to his mouth… 




It was sweet… so it tastes like this. I did try it out when I made it, but it seems to taste completely different compared to back then. I felt somewhat refreshed as I kissed Fay-kun. 

However, my face was so hot it felt like it would burst at any moment. 


“L-let’s do it again, one more time!” 

“No, no more.”

“I-I see.”

“…I do acknowledge your feelings but this is not the time to answer it.”


“My strength hasn’t reached its peak yet. My story has not yet reached its end. However, when the time comes where I’ve reached the summit, I will give you my answer. That’s why, you don’t have to rush. Even if you did, I still wouldn’t give you an answer.”


…S-so cool… 




I could easily tell that I was making a sloppy face right now. 





“Maria, huh.”

“Here… chocolate.”

“…There’s something different about the taste.”

“Yes! That’s right! I put two different flavors in it!”

“I see.”


Maria(Lilia) gave Fay chocolates. Fay ate it as usual. 


“…Not bad.” 

“I want you to say it’s delicious.”

“…It’s delicious.”

“Thank you, it makes me want to make more for you.”


“I’ll make another batch next time, so please eat it then as well.”





Fay’s POV 

I received chocolates from Yururu-shishou and Maria. I expected it since they were the heroines.

Come to think of it, Arthur also gave me something. It was actually quite tasty, though it was a ham lettuce sandwich instead of chocolate. 




Ah, it was Mordred. I haven’t met her in a while. 

“Fay-sama, Fay-sama! I heard today is the day to give chocolates to a person of the opposite sex you love, so I came all the way to the Britannia Kingdom despite being on the wanted list! Here, please accept this chocolate infused with a love potion!” 



She actually declared that her chocolate was mixed with foreign substances… It made me not want to eat it. It likely tastes bad after all. 


“…Well, I don’t mind.” 


On the other hand, I honestly couldn’t imagine that my will as the protagonist would be defeated by a mere love potion. So I guess I will eat it. 


“Excitement! Excitement!” 


A mere love potion couldn’t make me fall in love after all. I guess I will try it. Yep, it tastes normal. It’s just chocolate that tastes like chocolate. 

H-huh, about Mordred… I――


――Don’t particularly like her.


“Nothing happened.” 

“I knew it! I didn’t think a mere love potion would be effective to begin with anyway…”

“It’s not enough to shake my soul.”

“Yes, rather, my feelings will fade if it actually shakes your soul. However, seeing Fay-sama still try to punch me without changing at all feels wonderful~♪”


Ah, she realized I was trying to punch her? Mordred always beats me down, so I thought hitting her once would be good enough.


“In that case, perhaps sparring with you would be better than chocolate?”


“Yes, won’t you come at me, then? Let me feel you more!”




I was beaten and defeated. Mordred looked quite satisfied, kissed my cheek, and then left. It sure pissed me off. 


[“She’s quite something.”] 


It seems that Mordred’s strength was enough to interest Baragi. 


[“I knew it from the first time I saw her in Free City, but she is quite a powerful person.”] 


Is she stronger compared to you in your heyday? 


[“…Fumu… I can’t know for sure until we actually fight… but I’d guess I’m still stronger.”] 






It made me think you are strong, you see. It fills me with excitement. I am the protagonist, so I would eventually surpass everyone else. 

Anyway, it made me excited to see how strong I could become. I also want to fight against you. 


[“I’ll eventually take over your body and show off, so don’t worry…”] 


Come to think of it, won’t you give me something? It’s still Valentine’s Day.  


[“No, how am I supposed to give you anything? I’m just a soul now.”] 2


Ah, I see. I guess being just a soul makes it tough for Valentine’s Day!! 


[“I’ll eventually take over your body and make you something, so just look forward to that day…”] 


Ou, I’ll look forward to it. 


Author’s Note:

I also have an official Line page now! Please take a look at the activity report. I will use it to inform you about future updates, so it will be quite convenient to have!

About 500 people have already registered!!

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Tsukii’s Note:

Okay, at least Heimi, Mei, Aliceia, and Bouran aren’t depicted giving anything to Fay. Since author didn’t elaborate why, I thought of possible excuse instead:

Heimi: Away due to paladin mission, since low level paladin do not exactly have luxury in mission choice.

Mei: Collaborate with Yururu’s chocolate making, thus Yururu’s chocolate is considered hers as well.

Aliceia: Attempts blocked by Maria’s tyranny(?) or like Heimi, away due to paladin mission.

Bouran: timeline before she fell for Fay(since no exact date) or feel too awkward since she never cooked(maybe, since the impression she ate out is stronger) as well as taking a step back for Arthur.

Well, that’s about it. There’s also Barbara, but she is head of organization so unlike Mordred who could just come whenever she felt like it, she had no luxury of time, so she can’t make time off to visit.

Okay then, did I miss anyone who might give chocolate out there? Tell me about it in the comments, thanks.

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1 month ago

Lol nice. A demon inside thst wants to make chocolate for you huh. Rip mordred though, i see her easily as the most popular amongst the peanut gallery.

1 month ago

How about noir?