Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 61 – Holy Grail Sect – Prologue [A]

There was a beautiful flower garden, the embodiment of an ideal that seemed to only appear in a dream, with flowers blooming everywhere.

There was a woman named Arthur standing there, who not only had the same name as Fay’s acquaintance, but also had a similar appearance. 


“I’ll explain it one more time. This holy sword isn’t something you should have.” 


Arthur said to Fay in a calm and indifferent manner. Baragi was also standing next to Fay, but she merely looked at Arthur while grinning. 


“Hoh? What are you talking about?” 

“Um, let me explain. You should know about the Holy Sword Excalibur, right? It’s the famous sword used by the Origin Hero Arthur, I am that Arthur.”

“I see.”

“That holy sword is order-made (dedicated legend) for me, so it takes someone like me to use the most of its power. It was made in a way that only those who possess light art can use it.  I was the only one who had light art in my erabut the times have changed. Originally, it was something that was supposed to be used by my descendants.”

“Ah, so you have a descendant.”

“…No, I wasn’t popular during my lifetime, so I don’t have any descendants.”

“So you’re not popular. You certainly have good looks, but the content is disappointing after all.”

“Oi, don’t say that. I’m still concerned about it even though I’m already dead.”

“Then I’ll use the holy sword.”

“No, it was made to be used by a natural born light art user, but this era seems to have changed.”


Arthur continued to explain indifferently. Fay listened while yawning, but Baragi narrowed her eyes as she listened. 


“Holy sword, you did say it’s supposed to be wielded by Aliceia, right?” 

“Yes, it’s not to be wielded by him. Aliceia is also not a natural born light art user, but she has amazing potential. In addition, you are the reason I don’t want him to wield the holy sword.”

“You mean me?”

“It is not dark art, but you are mixed with something foul. You’re not a human, are you?”

“I am an oni after all.”

“There’s someone like you inside of him, so I can’t afford to entrust the holy sword to such a person. He isn’t compatible with the holy sword to begin with anyway.”

“Hah, don’t make me laugh.”

“Don’t laugh, you oni. Should I dispose of a ferocious existence like you?”

“You wouldn’t be able to.”


Arthur and Baragi glared at each other. 


Fall Meteor (Stardust Rockfall).” 

Zangetsu Taimaken (Moon Cutter Exorcism Sword).”


A giant meteorite that began to fall from the sky was quickly turned into sand with a single swing from a black sword. 


“I guess you ought to be called a monster.” 



Boom, Don, Boom. Explosions occurred one after another like it did in the Great Monster War.


“Although you’re not as strong as Oumagadogi, I didn’t know you were capable of this much.” 

“It’s only this much, I was capable of much more back in my heyday.”


Fay sat in the flower garden and relaxed as he watched the two fight each other. As he was getting bored, he threw a pebble at Arthur. 


“Ouch! What’d you do that for?!” 

“I just want it to end soon. In the first place, this is my spiritual world, right? Even the magic used here is nothing but a figment of my imagination, so there’s not much meaning in fighting here.”

“That’s certainly a strange thing to say, but in the spiritual world the damage would instead be dealt directly to the enemy’s mind, so there is an advantage.”

“Ah, so that’s how it is.”

“Yes, that’s right. But we certainly don’t have time to fight. I want you to let go of the holy sword.”

“You said I’m not the wielder, but that’s just what you claim one-sidedly, so no way.”

“Um, I am the holy sword here.”

“How arrogant of a holy sword to make the choice. I am the one who chooses.”


“He is that kind of guy. It’s better to give up.”


Baragi looked at Arthur while grinning. Arthur held her aching head. 


“Listen here! The holy sword is something for the chosen to save the world with, that’s what the holy sword is for!!! Give it to that girl named Aliceia.” 

“…Are you really the holy sword? I can only think you’re bad at judging people since you chose Aliceia over me.”

“I really am the holy sword! I can judge people well!”

“Nope, you missed me after all. As I thought, maybe you’re not the holy sword after all~?”

“I am the holy sword! If my original power was unleashed, I could level a mountain!!”

“Ooh~! That sounds like what a holy sword is capable of, amazing!”

“O-of course it’s amazing!! Moreover, I can shoot beams by accumulating art!”

“Ooh~! That certainly sounds like what a holy sword can do!! That’s so cool. I also want to do that.”

“R-right!! But you are not my supposed wielder, so you can do none of that.”

“I guess you’re not a holy sword after all.”


“If it doesn’t allow me to do that, it’s not a holy sword. Is it a scam?”

“I’m not a scam! The holy sword has a blessing and can improve its wielder’s physical ability!”

“Heeh, that sounds like what a holy sword can do, I guess?”

“Besides, there is an infinite recovery function attached! It only lasts until its user runs out of art, though.”

“Ooh~ that sounds amazing. I’m often wounded, so that’s convenient.”

“Isn’t it? But you’re not the supposed wielder, so you can’t use it.”

“Then I guess you’re not a holy sword after all.”

“I told you already! Why does it end up like that!!”


Arthur wrinkled her face angrily, but she soon shook her head thinking she shouldn’t get caught in the man’s pace. 


“Let’s calm down. I am certainly a fake of the holy sword, but it doesn’t change the fact that I am still a holy sword. After all, there’s no way that I, the origin, could make a mistake in sensing light.” 

“Let’s leave it aside for the time being. Let’s talk again after I give you your prescription eye drops. You must be tired since you have been sleeping for a long time. We’ll talk again after you’ve refreshed your eyes.”



Fay disappeared after saying that. 


“See? He’s a man who doesn’t listen at all, right?” 

“…I see you’re having a hard time as well.”


It was at that moment Arthur understood the feelings of the oni a little bit better. 

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It feels like I’m watching a hololive gag.

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Oh hell yeah. Lesbian fight inside one’s mind is definitely what i hope i had