Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 61 – Holy Grail Sect – Prologue [B]

“There’s a problem, Fay. There’s a lot of commotion outside.” 

“So it seems.”

“They say the holy sword was unsheathed. But they seem to have no idea who the wielder is.”


Aliceia returned to her room at the inn. She had gone shopping for breakfast earlier. She put ham and vegetables between two slices of bread and handed it to Fay. 

Fay turned his keen eyes out of the window while munching on the sandwich. 


“The holy sword is released!” 

“Even though it’s a fake, is it a premonition of something?”

“What happened to the real one in the elf’s nation?”


Swordsmanship City was in an uproar. There was a busy atmosphere all around. Then a great earthquake struck along with it. 





As Aliceia and Morgol nearly fell over from the earthquake’s tremor, Fay quickly supported them both. 



“As expected of Fay!”


Morgol blushed in embarrassment and averted her eyes, while Aliceia rubbed her cheek against Fay’s arm but he rejected it since it was getting annoying. 


“For the time being, you should wrap the holy sword in a cloth to conceal it. There, lend it to me for a bit.” 


Morgol wrapped the holy sword in cloth and gave it back to Fay. The holy sword could no longer be seen from its hilt to the blade. He took it and put it on his waist. 


While they enjoyed breakfast, an owl came to Fay. A letter was attached to the owl’s leg. 


“What’s wrong, Fay?” 

“It’s a mission. I was told to go back.”

“You are a paladin after all.”

“I’ll be leaving right away.”

“I see, then let’s prepare right away.”


Fay and others left the noisy Swordsmanship City. Then they realized that someone was rushing toward them from far, far away. It was at such a speed that the dust danced behind, then there was a blond ponytail and red eyes. 

It was someone familiar. 




It was Mordred. She slammed into Fay and clung to him so strongly almost to the point of strangling him. 


“Let go.” 

“No way! I can’t believe I can meet you in a place like this!”

“You’re in the way.”

“Ara, to think you could use force to push me away. It seems you got stronger yet again! As expected of my future husband!”

“I don’t want you.”

“Ara ara, it’s so sad! But I can see through that it’s a tsundere behavior!!”

“Annoying… So what are you coming here for?”

“Aah, if that’s what you mean, I heard that the holy sword was pulled out. Don’t you know about it, Fay-sama?”

“If it’s that, then I-”

“It should be in the Swordsmanship City at the moment!”

“Ara, Aliceia. I didn’t notice that you were here.”


Just as Fay was about to say it was Fay who pulled it out, Aliceia forcefully interrupted and said the sword was still in the city. 


“There’s a lot of ruckus inside, so we’re leaving in a hurry. Maybe it’s still in the city at the moment?” 

“Fumu, then Fay-sama. Let’s meet again somewhere… See you later!!”


With an explosive sound, she started running at high speed again. As the group was left behind, Fay glanced at Aliceia at the moment but immediately continued walking. 


“Hey, why did you lie?” 


Morgol asked Aliceia. Even though the drawn holy sword was in front of her, she was curious why Aliceia lied to Mordred. 


“Because she said she would destroy light art. That’s a replica of the holy sword wielded by Arthur who had light art, right? If she knew Fay has it, she would kill him.” 

“I see.”

“I love Fay, but I’m also grateful for Mordred, so I don’t want the two of them to fight. Besides, Fay might lose if they fight now.”

“I won’t lose.”


Fay suddenly turned around and glared at Aliceia like a child. However, he quickly turned around and moved on. 


“You’re right. I think Fay won’t lose. I just don’t want to see the two of you end up fighting.” 

“Of course I will win.”

“I know. Geez, you suddenly pouted like a child, how cute!”

“…Indeed, onii-chan is cute.”

“I told you he isn’t your brother!”


Aliceia suddenly snapped and while Morgol asked whether Fay would greet her parents, the three ran toward the Royal Capital. 



I thought there would be an event to fight Mordred, but it seemed that wasn’t the case this time. Well, I didn’t mind fighting, but I had no time to argue. 

Well then, we reached the Royal Capital after running. I was still a paladin after all, so I needed to return for a mission if summoned. 


[“That woman called Mordred from earlier could also become the bearer of the holy sword. If you don’t want to pass it to Aliceia, I don’t mind you passing the sword to Mordred instead. No, if it’s her, perhaps she would even be compatible with the real holy sword.”] 


She was still saying something like that. It sure was troubling. I went through trouble picking it up, but maybe I should just throw it in the toilet? She had no eyes to judge after all. 


[“Throw it away, abandon her. I’d like to be spared from sharing space with someone like her.”] 

[“I’m still the legendary holy sword, so don’t throw me away! I’m a legend you know! If you want to throw something away, abandon that cursed katana instead!!”]

[“I might be cursed, but we’re already contracted okay? Even if he abandons the katana, I will still able to enter this place, you know?”]

[“How annoying! Should I erase you?!”]


They were being noisy. Well whatever. I left Aliceia and Morgol in my room at the orphanage for the time being. 

They weren’t paladins, so there was no use even if they came with me anyway. 

I went to the Castle of the Round Table and asked about the mission. 


“This mission is quite special so it can’t be explained here. It’ll be explained at the specified place, so please go there first.” 


Since I was told that, I waited at the usual spot with three trees where I normally trained. Then that fellow came. 



“Arthur, huh.”

“Long time no see. You must be lonely since you haven’t met me recently, right?”

“Not really.”

“You’re lying. Fay must have missed me.”


It was Arthur. She often talked to me even though she had trouble communicating. She had a calm expression despite her grinning. 

She was completely different to the self-proclaimed holy sword Arthur. 


“What’s on your back?” 

“It’s booty.”

“What’s booty?”

“It’s booty I’m compatible with.”

“I don’t quite understand.”



[“Fay! That girl conceals tremendous light art!!! Moreover, there’s that appearance! That’s the real one! The real compatible one!!”] 


Wouldn’t it be better for Arthur to make friends soon? 


[“Fay, hurry and pass me to her!! I want to test her potential myself! No, if it’s her, she’s definitely compatible with the holy sword on the elf nation as well! Who is she?! Please introduce her to me!!”] 


I never saw Arthur speaking with a friend. I knew she had trouble communicating, but was it really okay for her to meet loner END? 

It was too pitiful if she ended up a loner by the last episode. 


[“He didn’t hear you. He blocked off the spiritual sensation.”] 

[“He blocked off the spiritual sensation?! He’s actually capable of something like that?!”]

[“You should stop using common sense on this guy.”]


Arthur talked to me for a while, but I just replied perfunctorily. 


“Ooh~ there you are. It seems all of you are gathered.” 


Ah, Sajinto-san appeared after a long time. He was a third-rank paladin, and Tlue was beside him. 


“Another person will be coming soon. For the time being, let’s talk about this classified… special mission.” 


Uooohhh!! That sounds cool!!! I’ll brag about it to Maria later!!! She’ll definitely say it’s cool.


 [“He said it’s classified though… is it really okay to brag it to other?”] 

[“Classified things are not a big deal to him, the person himself is the most dangerous secret after all. He wields both the fake holy sword and cursed katana after all.”]

[“Now that you mention it, it really sounds like not a big deal.”]


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1 month ago

Dang, this is goofy but funny at the same time. Will the real holy sword to also fall Fay’s hand to make the spiritual convo more chaotic? Can’t wait for that lmao

2 months ago

For other, is the legendary sword, for Fay, is just another normal sword, sasuga Fay-sama. Thank you for translation as always~

2 months ago

Even the legendary sword just become background noise for Fay

Jeremiah M.
Jeremiah M.
2 months ago

Man… Fay is so much fun to read about, he really pushes the placebo effect to limit and even surpasses it