Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

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Chapter 062 – Holy Grail Sect – End [C]

Eu had a rotten expression when he saw Fay licking his own lips. The newly arrived Arthur saw it as well.

Fay rarely changed his expressions. There were times he laughed in combat, but he never had a “fulfilled” expression. 

He was very fulfilled at the moment. 

Fay had absolute confidence in his physical ability. It was something that both himself and people around him agreed on. Despite his overall ability being inferior against his opponents, what came out wasn’t a dry laugh. 

It was happiness. 

The world was being hard on him at the moment — showing him that he could still go further and that the limit is still far away. 


“The absurdity of this world feels pleasant… Because it means that there are still things beyond.” 


Lately, Fay hadn’t been able to fight against an opponent who was superior to him in terms of ability. That kind of battle was growing rarer for him. But now, he realized.

There was still room to grow. There was still more. 

And more and more and more and more and more and moreandmoreandmore— 


“The wind of absurdity feels good. As I thought, I am the core of the world.” 

“…What are you…?”

“Don’t ask what you already know.”


Fay rushed in and just enjoyed the fight. He indeed felt angry about the vile research, and he wanted to punish those who repeatedly didn’t treat humans as humans. 


He also just wanted to grow stronger. The most arrogant man in the world just enjoyed fighting and climbing even higher. 


“Disgusting. Disgusting, disgusting, it really is disgusting. It’s so disgusting that I want to throw up…!!” 


To think that I, who has surpassed humans, actually felt glad that I didn’t become a terrifying existence like the monster in front of me!! What a youkai…! 

First of all, I have to break that katana!! 

That’s the only thing he has that is able to wound me. 


Fay threw his holy sword first. Eu never thought that Fay would actually use the holy sword as a throwing weapon. The king dodged it immediately, but Fay merely switched to his demonic sword and swung from above. 1

Eu caught the katana between his hands and then twisted it as hard as he could to break it. 

The shards of the katana scattered, however, Fay didn’t stop even after the blade shattered. The shard that was still attached to the hilt was slicing away.  

Eu’s arms were cut off, so he immediately focused on regeneration, but the speed of Fay’s sword didn’t allow him to. He forcefully strengthened his body with art and cut off the remaining stumps. 

By the time Eu’s arms were completely gone, Eu kicked at Fay’s arm, blowing the demonic katana away. 


I-I have to use this chance to recover…! W-what the-?! This man resorted to his fists after his katana was blown away?! There’s no way his fist could pierce my body!! He should know that it means nothing if it doesn’t pierce my core! 


Fay swung his fist. However, he couldn’t have inflicted fatal damage unless he used the demonic katana. 

Fay should have known that. 


There’s no need to defend… but my instincts are telling me to block! 


Eu immediately tried to block Fay’s fist with a leg. However, Fay’s fist didn’t stop in its trajectory. 

Eu’s leg was pierced by Fay’s fist all the way to his chest. 


“What, have you, done…?! How, could you, pierce my core, with just your human abilities!!” 

“…Cough, cough.”


Fay exposed his fist while coughing out blood. His hand was holding onto a shard of the demonic katana. 

The demonic katana was broken into a hilt piece and a blade piece. Fay had picked up the latter and held it tight. 

With that in hand, he swung his fist toward Eu. But the other end of the shard penetrated Fay’s palm to his wrist, causing it to bleed profusely. 

Seeing that, Eu realized everything. 


“You, bastard! Are, you, really, human? You did something, against human nature. What are you, thinking, by pulling off such an insane act? You should have feared, and been afraid, yet how come, you managed to accurately pierce my core??!!” 

“It was just my intuition.”

“Don’t joke with me!!! Something, something like that! You said at the very end, you resorted to gambling! You said you just played a huge gamble and happened to win!!!”

“…You fail to understand. Your own words and actions have sharpened my intuition.”

“W-what do you mean?”

“At the beginning, you said that you are a half-demonic human. Every human has a heart, and that’s where art flows from. That’s something natural. Even if you have surpassed human limits, the habits and thoughts you learned as a human can’t be changed.”


“When you were explaining about the Holy Grail, I understood that you made use of humans’ unconscious feelings and cultures to apply suggestions. It’s like you are the one who gave me the answer. Things that you have lived through all this time aren’t something you can abandon easily.”

“…N-no way.”

“Half-demonic human, huh. You certainly have surpassed humans. However, you couldn’t abandon the movements from when you were still a human. In fact, the martial art you unleashed is certainly powerful, but it lacked novelty. I guess you can say it’s human-like, though.”

“So your attacks were based on such considerations… are you, actually wise, or a madman, which are you actually??!!”

“I am me. Half-demonic human, such a fitting name, half-assed till the end.”


Fay’s face was already cold as if he had lost interest. He already returned to being expressionless. 


“Screw you. Do you know how many believers’ hearts were experimented on to reach this point! The things you say are half-assed were made from hundreds of pieces of flesh, yet a child like you actually broke it. Ah, my body, is breaking, down, the regeneration-“ 


The king scattered like ashes. 

Seeing that, Fay pulled out the tip of the blade from his wrist. It was bleeding moreso than he ever had. 

The effects of the demonic katana not only affected enemies, but Fay as well. His wrist was cut cleanly without a sound, and Fay himself was bleeding like he was about to die. 

The blood didn’t seem to want to stop. 


Fay bled profusely and collapsed. However, Arthur rushed there and healed his wrist with magic. Even though he was healed, the blood had already flowed out so he remained dizzy. 


“Are you okay, Fay?” 

“…N-o, pro-blem.”


Fay fainted. 

With the king defeated, the investigations progressed at once. First of all, all illegal experimentations came to light and the brainwashing was also dispelled from the believers. 

In the game version, Emilia would have died, but she instead survived without playing an active part. 

Emilia should have lost her humanity to defeat one of the Seven Sages, continuing on a rampage and even eating the believers. Tlue would have had no choice but to kill her to stop it. 

After that, the Religious King was supposed to be faced by Tlue and Arthur. However, that was only about a game that didn’t exist in this world. 

In the end, the damage was controlled and the paladins finished their missions. 




I won. 

I managed to barely win for the first time after a long time. 

Well, I was the protagonist, so victory was obvious. It seems that most of the believers have been released. It was said that Arthur played an active part by using her light art to release their brainwashing. 

It also seemed like Heimi also played an active role.

According to Arthur— 


[“I don’t like that girl, but I acknowledge her strength. She is indeed talented.”] 


Hoh, it’s rare for Arthur, someone with communication problems and a troublesome personality, to actually compliment another person. 


[“That girl’s art is transparent. She’s still inferior compared to my heyday, but she is certainly talented.”] 

[“I couldn’t help but think it’s regrettable that she didn’t have light art.”]


Baragi and Arthur (Holy Sword) also praised Heimi. Was she actually that strong? I heard she was affiliated with the special unit… 

Well, she was still inferior to me anyway, so I guess I didn’t have to bother. She was just a mob-character anyway. 

By the way, the right hand that was nicked by the demonic katana seemed to have lingering paralysis. Well, I was the protagonist after all, so something like a paralyzed right hand was normal. 

Besides, it wasn’t like it would be completely unusable. The biggest problem was that the demonic katana was broken. I was a little sad that such a useful weapon was gone. 



[“You don’t have to apologize, but… I think you should care about your own right hand more.”]


Baragi didn’t seem to mind the fact that the katana broke. I didn’t have a problem. Paralysis could be healed with some rehab anyway. 

Even if it didn’t recover, it could still punch. 

But it didn’t change the fact that the enemy I faced was strong. I have to gain some new powers. 

Maybe, just maybe, I think the protagonist’s awakening event should be happening soon. There was no doubt about it. 

I continued to train as usual. It was hard training. 

It might just be my imagination, but I think my physical ability has improved. It wasn’t that useful against what I faced last time, but there was no problem.

The important thing was to believe and continue doing it, not focusing on the results. 

I have been paying more attention to my diet lately. I ate a lot of breast meat and vegetables. 

I heard protein powder would make muscle building even more amazing, but such a thing didn’t exist in this world. 




Yururu-shishou came. It made me glad to see her as energetic as usual. 


“Are you okay, Fay-kun? I heard you’re injured.” 


Her face suddenly darkened. 


“No problem at all. Rather than that, was there something you needed?” 

“Yes, I brought you lunch! It’s okay to train, but you should rest sometime!”


I munched on the lunch she brought me since people wouldn’t grow if they didn’t eat. As we enjoyed the food… a sheet of newspaper flew by with the wind. 




Yururu-shishou was at a loss for words when she read the cover. Gawain Garethia had killed the overlord of Overlord City. 

Such was written in the newspaper. It was one of Yururu-shishou’s three brothers. I have defeated two of them, so I guess that one was the last one. 

I guess for Yururu-shishou that would be the worst brother. Even though she wasn’t at fault, the sins of her brothers were carried by her after all. 

Well then, I guess I will be going to defeat him. 

It seems he should be at Overlord City. After I defeat him, it means that I will have defeated all three. 

I had said I would recover her reputation after all. So I started running laps while munching on the sandwich. 

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