Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 63 – Oppressor of Darkness [A]

In her memories of the distant past, her father was laughing. Her mother was smiling. She was happy everyday with her brothers.

However, everything was destroyed by dark art. 

Her brothers killed her mother, murdered their comrades, and cut down her father. 


[“This is not enough… I will grow stronger and stronger… I will become even stronger.”] 


Yururu had no way to stop her brothers’ obsession for strength. She ended up isolated and her family fell to ruin. 


“Gawain Garethia……”


She muttered her brother’s name. Two of her brothers had already been defeated by Fay. And now, she was visiting Overlord City to stop her last brother. 

It was a place where the strong ruled. 

It was a place similar yet different to Free City. Only savages who sought strength would visit this place. Those people had no interest in money, fame, or anything else. 

People would forget to eat just to fight other people. 


“Fay-kun, this is a very dangerous place, so please be careful.” 

“Just worry about yourself.”


This place was more dangerous to Yururu, who was sticking closely to Fay. The atmosphere was tense. 


“Fay, so you’re here.” 

“Tlue, huh.”


Tlue, who was dispatched on a mission, also visited this place. They exchanged glances and confirmed each other’s intentions. 


“Even from the knight brigade’s perspective, Gawain Garethia is a person of interest.” 

“I’ll defeat him.”

“I knew you would say that. However, he has dark art. I could tell because I also have it. A great darkness is writhing here. Besides, there are many aggressive people. Sensei is worried.” 

“……It seems they came just as we talked about it.”


In front of Fay’s group, there was a duo with sharp swords. The two who clearly looked like bad people were laughing loudly. 


“To think people like you are coming to this place, do you not treasure your life? Isn’t it, brother?” 

“That’s right, brother. This is an area where only the strong can enter. You better leave. If you can’t, then we’ll have to baptize you.”


The two seemed to be brothers. Sinister art emanated from the two of them. 


“Fay, these two have dark art. Actually, the knight brigade holds suspicion that there is someone who is scattering dark art itself in this place. I came here to investigate as well.” 

“I got it. I’ll just pressure those two and make them spill what they know.”


Fay rolled his eyes and stepped forward. 


“Did you hear that, brother? That man said he would defeat us.” 

“I heard that, brother. He certainly said he would defeat us.”

“It’s baptism then.”

“Baptism it is.”

“”It is.””


The moment Fay took a step, the two mysterious brothers attacked him at the same time. However, the two were immediately grabbed by their necks and thrown to the ground. 


“B-brother, what, just, happened?” 

“B-brother… I also don’t know.”

“Tlue, ask them already.”


Fay looked at Tlue while holding the brothers by the neck. 


“Where did you get that art?” 

“I-it’s from the researcher from the place called Eternal Foundation…It hurts…”

“B-brother ……”


The two were forcefully restrained by Fay, but their faces turned pale as they had to answer Tlue’s questions as well.


“Do you know the man called Gawain?” 

“It’s a man who came to this city recently… He’s been fighting over and over again… he defeated most of his enemies… we also were defeated by him.”

“I see. Fay, you can let them go now.”


Fay let go of their necks and wiped his hands. When he glared, the brothers fled. 


“Those two, even though they have dark art, they still maintained their ego. I guess they are actually quite strong? Well, we’ll have to catch them later, though.” 

“I don’t care. I know our main goal is here.”

“It seems certain that dark art is widespread. Maybe we should catch the researchers as well.”

“I’ll move on my own will. You can just move as you please.”

“I’ll contact you if anything happens. Sensei, please excuse me for now.”


Tlue and Fay decided to part ways. Fay and Yururu were left alone again. Then they immediately start searching. 


“Fay-kun, I used to have dark art myself, so I know that when someone uses it, they would forcefully exert more power than they are supposed to have. My brother’s original strength was quite strong, and it was said he was almost at the level of a first-grade knight. That was more than ten years ago, so his current strength should be on par to the top of the knight order. If you feel it’s dangerous, we should leave immediately.” 

“I’ll fight. You can flee.”

“I-it would be meaningless if Fay-kun died!”

“I won’t die.”


There were many beings in Overlord City who were hungry for battle. Recovery potions were sold in large quantities, and there were those who even sold their healing as a service. That was just how often battle happened in this place. 


“Dark art, huh……”

“Fay-kun, please don’t think of using it……”


“──That’s too bad. I really want you to use it, though.”


A white-haired child appeared in front of Fay’s group. His eyes were red and gave off a mysterious atmosphere. 


“Huh, you aren’t surprised? I used concealment magic earlier.” 

“I noticed it.”

“Seriously? So your eyes are good enough to see through concealment. Yep yep, it was definitely worth coming. It’s you, right? Fay, whose rumor has spread lately.”


“You’re the one who has crushed the experiments we have prepared, like the ones in Free City, Alpha, and Garethia.”

“I just crushed them since they stood in my way.”

“We are interested in you. Well, actually, we also are interested in Tlue-kun. But I have personal interest in you. My name is Sydow. Even though I’m supposed to be one of the executives, things under my jurisdiction are practically destroyed. You know about who did it right? It’s Mordred. She is the strongest. The light that came from her destroyed everything, leaving only me.”

“……So it’s her.”

“Let’s return to the topic. So I was thinking of doing new research. You want it too, right? Power, that is.”

“Fay-kun, I think you already know but,”

“You can’t defeat Gawain. You’ll just die. But with this ‘dark art,’ with the fruit that contains it, things will be different.”


Sydow took out a black fruit from his bosom. The fruit was shaped like an apple, but due to its rotten state, it seemed disgusting. It definitely didn’t look appetizing. 


“This is the improved version, unlike the one that won’t allow users to keep their ego in the past. Although it is improved, those with weak willpower will still be swallowed, and exerting too much power will break the body, so there are many disadvantages. However, the fact that it grants power doesn’t change.”


“The brothers you fought earlier consumed this improved fruit. They hadn’t even reached the bare minimum standard in power. That was why they just became a little ferocious but still fine overall. They were originally ordinary farmers who were used to being exploited, yet even they could exert that much power. I wonder what would happen if you eat this fruit? Here, I’ll give it to you.”

“……Fay-kun, please throw it away. It’s dangerous.”


Fay received the fruit of darkness. However, he threw it back without saying a word and drew his sword.


“Ah, I don’t mind if you want to fight me. But is it okay? He’s coming, you know. Gawain, I mean.” 




A person fell from the sky. His white hair was so dirty that it looked gray. His eyes were a muddy blue. Seeing that figure, Yururu involuntarily exerted strength into her hand that was holding the sword.


“So you’re Fay.” 

“Gawain, share the darkness with him. Here, have the fruit of darkness.”



Gawain put the fruit of darkness in his mouth and swallowed it. Darkness overflowed like pus from within. 


“Kahaha, it’s great, great, isn’t it? I’ll just watch, so go ahead and fight to your heart’s content.” 

“I sought strength and reached the ultimate strength. That is the only meaning in my life.”



A gust of wind was coming from Gawain. Yururu trembled upon seeing that the aftermath of dark art alone had caused such a phenomenon. 


He’s completely different from before… so much darkness in him… 


“Nii-sama… Please stop.” 

“I thought I saw a familiar face, but it’s you. Just disappear. A woman like you has no value in existence.”

“No, I won’t disappear. Nii-sama, you killed our father. I’ll have you to pay for your sin.”

“I don’t give a damn about sin. I want to become stronger. That’s all that matters to me. You should understand, Fay. I could tell, from your strong body and the courage that won’t falter even when confronting art. You are someone who is aiming for the top and has the same talent and sensation as me.”


Gawain spoke to Fay. It seemed he could tell that Fay was also someone who sought strength. 

Fay barely had any art because it had been taken away by Molgan. That “empty vessel” caught Sydow’s eye. Trying to give power to Fay, who was wavering due to his sluggish growth and struggle for power, was the plot of the original game. 

Then Fay, who received the power as it was, went out of control, confronted Tlue, and died. 

However, that was just the plot of the game. 

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4 months ago

I can see him eating it just to overpower the darkness, I can see him not doing it because that’s too easy.

6 months ago

Is anyone else reading on desktop?

Jeremiah M.
Jeremiah M.
6 months ago

Naw… my boy Fay isn’t having some lame ending like that, let’s see how he crushes another scenario again(to make it ever better its his own death scenario do he’s about to crush a death flag)