Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 56 – Clash, Snow King [A]

Round Table Heroes – Original Timeline


Tristan trained Tlue every day. Although Tlue collapsed in front of the strongest paladin many times, Tlue grew stronger each time he fell. 


“I guess it’s about time to move on to the next stage of training.” 


“You know about Asclay Mountain?”

“Y-yes. It is a very cold mountain that is said to snow all year round…”

“There is a demon known as the Snow King there. Its breath could freeze people, and if it wished to, it could turn the earth into frozen ground… I defeated one before, but it seems another of the species appeared. Rather, I guess its child?”

“I-I see.”

“So I’ll leave that one to you. I’m sure you can defeat it… as long as you handle the power within you, that is.”

“The power within me…”

“If other people find out, you’ll be put down. That’s why you need to work hard on controlling it, the dark art, that is.”



Tlue went alone to Asclay Mountain. On his way there, he thought about his past. 

About the people of his generation who had died, the people he couldn’t save, and those who are still barely living on even now. If only he had more power… 

He ran straight. He kept running and running. 

He had no choice but to keep running. 

Even Bouran died at the beastman village. Vai also died. He couldn’t endure more things falling from his hands anymore. 


Before he knew it, he had arrived at his destination, the Asclay Mountain. White breath escaped from his mouth. The temperature was so low that even his sweat could freeze in an instant. Tlue expanded fire magic around himself as he climbed the mountain. 

As he kept his body temperature high, he went through the blizzard while being careful not to slip down. However, he stopped on the way. 


“…I heard a noise just now.” 


It was the roar of a beast near the top of the snowy mountain. He proceeded further as he guessed it might be the demon known as the Snow King. 

He thought he was making good progress, but Tlue stopped his feet again. It was because he noticed something was falling near the top of the snowy mountain. 

“It’s a mass of snow… it’s an avalanche.” 

The pure white disaster covered one side. It was big and had tremendous momentum… Knowing that the wrong judgment could very well be fatal, he  strengthened his flame magic. 


“More, power… I need more …” 


The flame was large and sublimated into an explosive flame. Thoughts of lives that passed away, those he failed to save, his regrets, his repentance, mixed into one and exploded within him. 


“It’s still not enough… I…” 


――The pure white wall was swallowed by the sea of flame in an instant.


The snow around Tlue was gradually disappearing. His emotional changes pushed him one step further. 

And then, the Snow King recognized Tlue as an enemy and descended from the sky. 

Its body was covered with pure white fur, and while he appeared to be a tall human, its height was beyond that. 



“So you can actually talk… not that you have the intention to talk things out, though.”


Tlue took a deep breath. He carried an explosive flame in his body and attacked. Even his tears of regret had evaporated. 




“Hey, it seems you’ve beaten it.” 


“The snowy mountain has become a normal mountain now. All the snow has melted. Your potential is really amazing.”

“…I want to become stronger. Please take care of me from now on as well.”

“Of course. I will make you stronger.”


The snowy mountain was transformed by his fire. The sky became slightly clear and the Snow King was burned without even leaving fur behind. 


“It seems you defeated it without using your dark art. Your original potential is outstanding, I see.” 

“…But it’s still not enough. I want to become stronger and stronger… I don’t want to lose anything anymore!!”

“…Leave it to me! To this Tristan!”


Tristan looked at Tlue with interest. It seemed Tristan was worrying about what to do to make Tlue even stronger from now on as his teacher. 


――I’ll definitely become stronger.

Tlue clenched his fist. He then lifted it to the sky. The sun was shining as if the sky was answering him.




Alternate Timeline 


Tlue and Fay were summoned by Tristan. 


“And so, both of you are going to defeat the Snow King.” 

“Why should it be us…?”

“Just do it. It’s because I want to increase the level of my training. Besides, Fay-kun seems to prefer to fight something strong, right?”



Fay learned there was a strong enemy known as the Snow King. Now that Fay knew about that, he tried to carry his feet toward where the snowy mountain was. 


“Okay, let’s go then.” 


As Fay stylishly walked to the exit of the royal capital, Tlue followed him out. 





The two were silent throughout. Tlue didn’t feel comfortable with Fay, so he didn’t strike up a conversation, and Fay wasn’t a person who talked unnecessarily either. 


Tlue felt awkward, but he didn’t say anything. Then came a word that calmed the atmosphere. 


“Oi~ Fay~, there’s also Tlue~” 



Unexpectedly, Bouran appeared. She ran while waving her hand. Tlue was thankful she had come. 

He felt awkward being alone with Fay after all. 


“Where are you two going?” 

“We’re going to Asclay Mountain to defeat the Snow King.”

“Really?! That sounds amazing?! U~hn… okay, let me come along as well!”

“Eh? Bouran-san wants to come as well?”

“If it’s just the two of you, there will be no conversation after all.”

“That’s certainly true but-”

“…Just do as you like.”


Tlue also knew he wouldn’t be able to strike a proper conversation with Fay, so Tlue was honestly happy with Bouran’s suggestion. On the other hand, Fay was indifferent and didn’t even look at Bouran as he proceeded alone to the gate of the royal capital. 

Bouran took the spot next to Fay and turned to look at Tlue, striking the conversation. 

As the two chatted, two unknown paladins came toward them. As those paladins saw Tlue, they raised their hands lightly as greetings. 


“Yo, Tlue.” 

“The drinking party with people of the same generation was fun, right?”

“Are both of you just returning from your mission?”

“You’re right. Rather than that, are you alright after last night?”

“What do you mean?”

“What, I mean after you drank too much, you stripped yourself naked and swung your clothes around, and you went home while throwing up, weren’t you?”

“Eh, did I do that…?”

“It seems you don’t remember.”

“Oh my god, you’re the one who was most excited during the drinking party.”

“…I don’t remember. Well, I’ll be careful next time. I’m on a mission right now, so let’s have another drinking party next time.”

“Oh, do your best.”


Did I actually do such a thing during a drinking party…? 


What Tlue did as he fooled around during the drinking party made Tlue feel a little disgusted at himself. 

Originally, almost all people of their generation already died in the original history, so such a thing never happened. However, it seemed with more people surviving, Tlue’s drinking habit deteriorated. 


“You shouldn’t drink too much. There’s a saying to only drink in moderation after all.”

“You’re right. I’ll be careful.”


While receiving Bouran’s sharp admonition, Tlue headed for Mount Asclay as Fay stared at him as if looking at an idiot. 




“Uh~, it’s cold.”


Bouran shuddered. A blizzard was pouring down on Mount Asclay, dropping the temperature beyond freezing. 


“It certainly feels cold.” 


Tlue agreed and advanced through the blizzard. Then the roar of a beast was heard, shaking the mountain as an avalanche began to descend from above. 


“Oi oi, that one is dangerous! Even if I use my fire magic… Tlue, how about you?!” 

“…Sorry, I drank too much yesterday so I’m not feeling well.”

“You idiot!!”


Because many people of their generation were still alive, his drinking habit became worse. Basically, Tlue wasn’t in his best shape. 

Above all, in the plot of the original history, the regret and repentance of people he lost was exactly what made his power multiply. However, since he was enjoying a drinking party normally with the people of his generation, such an event didn’t occur. 


Therefore, three of them were caught in the avalanche. 

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