Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Anecdote – Fay-kun’s Inner Story [B]

They continued to have a light chat as they walked around the residential area. 





She felt it was rare for him to start a conversation instead. 


“Is the person who has been following you from behind since a while ago your friend?” 



When she turned around at his words, she saw a big and familiar man standing there, and she went pale the moment she saw that man. 


“That… is my stalker.” 

“Ah, I see.”

“Um, I was stalked when I was an idol until recently.”

“So you were an idol.”

“Everyone knew about it. Back then, that person was there, and I got scared so I decided to quit being an idol.”

“Heeh. Should I tell him about it? Tell him to stop, that is. Also, you should go to the police from now on.”

“Ah- eh- yes.”


High School-kun proudly walked into the rain and confronted the stalker. They seemed to be talking to each other well. 

She thought that that would be the end of it, but things suddenly went awry. 

High School-kun was being beaten to pulp. Not only that, but several men appeared from there and punched, kicked, and hurt him as if trying to commit a murder. 

A total of four people jointly assaulted High School-kun. She was overwhelmed with fear and ran off, leaving behind the boy who took action for her sake. 


I-I’m sorry. I… 


She ran. Rain hit her and made her soaking wet but she still ran. When she looked back, those people were chasing after her.

She was horrified and felt a chill down her spine. 

Perhaps even if she went home, someone might be waiting to ambush her. With that in mind, she changed her destination. 

She ran down a road she wouldn’t normally take and before she knew it, she was in what looked like a construction site. She quietly hid when she got there. 

However, those people walked in as if they knew she would be coming to this place. 


“We know you’re here, kitten-chan!” 

“We love you so much, so why are you running away?”

“I paid money, even borrowed money to pay!! I bought the handshake ticket!!”

“Don’t joke about sudden retirement!”


She felt disgusted from the bottom of her heart to the depths of her stomach. But she could also hear the sticky sound of mud being stepped on. 

She hid in a part of the building and peeked out a little. She was wondering whether she could escape, but their patrol was tight. She could see a small opening, but it didn’t seem like she could make it considering her speed. 


“Well then, let’s split out and look for the cat.” 


Thunder roared overhead, resounding loudly in her eardrums as if it was nearby. The accompanying lightning was so bright that her eyes felt like they were flickering. 




She could hear muffled footsteps. It should be similar to the sound of the four people stepping in the mud, yet this one felt strangely loud. It felt more impressive than thunder. 


High School-kun was standing before her covered in blood. 


“You’ve beaten me quite well.” 

“……Are you Sumeru-chan’s boyfriend?”

“Ah? Who’s that?”

“Are you joking? You’re always together with-”

“I don’t care. Anyway, I’m gonna beat you all.”

“You know, I’m a black belt holder.”

“You’re not the final boss, so it’s not a big deal. All of you come at me at once.”


High School-kun approached them with a cheshire smile. A big man came toward him first, but he threw mud at him. 

And then, during the momentary gap, High School-kun kicked the big man’s crotch to the tempo of the rising thunder. 


“……gh!! aRgH?!!??”


Seeing the big man faint in agony, High School-kun stomped on the mud. 


“I won’t lose to someone I’ve already lost to once. What about the rest of you? Don’t just chase after an idol, play with me instead!” 


Blood rose to his head. Or rather, blood was flowing out from there too, so much so that he couldn’t seem to make a calm judgment. 1 


I-is that really ○○-kun…?


Even though he was sopping wet, he punched along to the beat of the heavy rain with a beautiful smile which made the girl wonder whether he liked fighting. 

Within a few minutes, all of them were beaten. The blood that covered his body was washed away by the rain. 


“Are you there?” 

“……Ah, yes.”

“So you really were here after all.”

“How did you know I was here?”



After that, the police were called in and enough time had already passed for the typhoon to go away after questioning. Tachibana Kaoru and High School-kun left together. 


“Hey, do you fight often?” 

“I used to fight bears.”

“You must be kidding.”

“That was my first time fighting humans earlier. Also, you shouldn’t imitate me and fight bears. Bears are dangerous after all.”

“There’s no way I would. Do you like fighting?”

“I don’t like it. I’m not a savage after all. In the end, what’s with those four?”

“They seemed to be stalkers from when I was still an idol… One holds a black belt, one is experienced in boxing, while the others seem to have nothing special in particular… They seem to have gotten acquainted over the internet. It seems they couldn’t forgive my decision to retire.”

“Aah, I see. Then I just happened to be with you when it happened… Well, whatever.”



“I came to like you after you helped me.”

“I think your face is better considered that of a heroine.”

“I used to be an idol though.”

“Idol, huh? Aah, now that you mention it, you are quite cute.”

“Right? You always do things I can’t understand that I end up thinking about you every day. I was scared and in pain and, even though you helped me, I ended up running away. It makes me feel guilty, but then I saw your masculine fighting figure and ended up falling in love with you after my emotions got shaken up.”

“Um, sorry. I think I can find someone I love someday.”

“Don’t you have one right here?”

“I don’t, but I think I can have one someday.”


High School-kun kept walking indifferently while enjoying the night wind. It was Tachibana Kaoru’s first confession in her life and also her first time being rejected. It made her frustrated and sad. But at the same time, it made her convinced. 


“Hey, what are you aiming for?” 

“…A protagonist. Things like effort-friendship-victory, yankee and car races, or even the cooking type.”

“…You are weird as usual.”




“How is it going with that woman?” 

“I think we went on a date or something… but nothing in particular happened. I almost forgot about it. I have a greater impression of going to an internet café and reading manga instead.”

“Internet café…?”

“I’m learning how to become a protagonist.”

“What the heck?”

“Well, it has nothing to do with my current──”


──Suddenly, Fay woke up. It was a dream of his old days. However, he immediately switched his train of thoughts, changed his clothes, and left the room.


“Well then, it’s time for training.” 


Author’s Note:

My apologies, the light novel has been discontinued…

Due to the lack of sales, only two volumes of this story will be available.

─────Or so it seems, but because of the sale of the e-books, the results of the previous “popularity vote,” and various other factors, there will be a third volume that will only be released as an e-book!!!

The light novel version was supposed to be discontinued but thanks to everyone’s support, the publication will still continue! Thank you very much!!!

I will be really happy if everyone can continue to support me, and I have learned from this experience that it will become a great source of strength, so please continue to support me from now on!

The popularity vote is still being held today, so I would appreciate it if you could vote for “volume two” of this work. I’m currently in my fourth year of university and looking for a job, so I think there will be some days when I can’t update, but please take care of me from now on as well!

The link to popularity vote site↓

Tsukii’s Note:

Well, we met again!

As the author said above, the chap update might slow down due to their IRL circumstances, so maybe we won’t see as many chapters as usual.

Also, since this happened during his high school days, and he passed away on his first year of high school (according to prologue, which mean from here to his death took less than a year), let’s hope the former idol already moved on from her love or she would be depressed by his sudden death.

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