Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Editor: Cale

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Chapter 2-9: Heart

“What is that…?!”

“It is giving off an inhuman smell. Someone must have buried this inside you, or—”

Haraedo was about to crush it in his hand. But then, that thing vigorously pulsated; it resisted his grip, successfully escaping from his hand.


At that moment, a strong wind blew in through the supposedly closed window.


From outside, someone dangled a leg over the window frame.

“Return my heart.”

It was a young man with a pockmarked face who was wearing traditional Japanese clothes—the one who had been sitting on the bench at the station square and to whom Uta had called out before.

“You! Are you the one who laid a hand on Uta?!”

Haraedo glared at the man.

The heart leapt from the floor, and the man picked it up before looking at Haraedo.

“Haraedo-no-kami, huh. I claimed him first.”

“He’s my devotee to begin with! Don’t go claiming him!”

“Even though I’ve taken an interest in him.”

“You only cause trouble for the humans you’re interested in!”

Sparks flew between the two with Uta in the middle.

Uta asked.

“Haraedo, do you know him?”

“Yeah. This guy’s Housou-no-kami. He’s feared by people as the god who spreads smallpox. Although, humanity has already eradicated smallpox…”

Uta recalled that the smallpox vaccine had already been developed and there hadn’t been any concern of the disease spreading these past few decades.

Was that the reason this man was drinking alcohol on a station bench by himself? Uta thought that this god must have surely felt lonely.

“Were you lonely and is that why you came to me?”

Uta asked Housou-no-kami.

But, the one who answered was Haraedo.

“Idiot. The realm of the dead is filled with the people he killed. As if he’s lonely.”

He said and drew the sword at his waist.

“Nothing good will come out of pitying this guy… If you lay another hand on Uta, I’ll send you to the realm of the dead!”

Torrents of various energies began to overwhelm the narrow room.

“How amusing.”

Housou-no-kami drew the bow from his back.

“I’d like to see you try to erase me!”

He jumped out from the window like a bird.

Haraedo followed after.

“Ah, wait, you two!”

Uta rushed over to the window.

Streaks of light danced in the night sky.

Uta couldn’t tell who was attacking whom. He could barely make out the arrow fired from Housou-no-kami’s bow.

That would mean the shorter streak of light was Haraedo…

(What do I do? Should I just keep watching…?!)

Unable to do anything, Uta felt anxiety and impatience fill his chest.

Should he pray for Haraedo’s victory? He was even unsure of that.

He didn’t have any particular grudge against Housou-no-kami.

In the first place, how did he become a god of disease…?

Gods existed in every aspect of the world. Even without humans, gods would still exist.

But, humans viewed gods as objects of worship.

In that case, offering prayers was common etiquette to a god and a means of coexisting, even if that god was evil.


When Uta faced the sky and called out, someone jumped in from the window and embraced him from behind.


“Uta, sorry, but you gotta help me…”

“A-are you okay…?”

When Uta turned around, he saw blood dripping from the god’s forehead.

That was when Uta realized something.

He recognized this cold presence clinging tightly to his back.

He was the one who had appeared in Uta’s dreams numerous times and had made a mess of his insides.

Even after those countless one-sided assaults, this god had left his own heart with Uta…

…Uta really couldn’t hate him.

“Hey, get away from Uta!”

“Haraedo, stop already!”

Uta pleaded with Haraedo who came in after Housou-no-kami.

“He no longer intends to fight…”

“Don’t be tricked by that guy!”

Haraedo pointed his sword towards them, but Uta didn’t flinch.

“I’m not being tricked. But… I think it’s fine being tricked by him just this once…”


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