Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

Translator: AdCaelum

Editor: Millinia

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Chapter 2-8: Haraedo and Uta

“Argh, dammit! This one’s also a dud.”

Haraedo stomped on a small demon in a back alley and heaved a sigh.

He had crushed every single god of disease since then, but he still couldn’t find the one affecting Uta.

“… Uta…”

Haraedo half-unconsciously called out his name as he rubbed his dirty palms on his pants.

He wiped the sweat off his brow with his arm before staggering through the alley again.

Truthfully, he had gone back inside the store before and had Sungmin brewed him a cup of Blue Mountain coffee, but it still didn’t satisfy him for some reason.

He felt that the flavor was inferior but couldn’t explain where it was lacking. When he thought about it, Uta’s brewed coffee wasn’t exceedingly delicious or anything.

The coffee tasted good because Tachibana Uta brewed the coffee and watched him drink it from the other side of the counter with a smile on his face.

What Haraedo wanted was that blissful experience.

“Hey, Uta…”

When he went to the second floor of the store, he saw Uta sleeping in his bed.

It was currently late in the night, so even if Uta wasn’t sick, he should still be asleep at this time.

After touching the nape of Uta’s neck to check his temperature, Haraedo grew worried that his hands were dirty. Normally, a god of exorcism like himself could never be corrupted…

On the other hand, Haraedo’s heart was in such disarray that he actually thought that it might be possible.

He checked the state of his hand before once again touching Uta’s neck. Through the palm of his hand, he felt that the high body temperature hadn’t changed.


He brushed the nape of Uta’s neck and softly placed his lips by his ears.

It had only been three days, but it felt like several hundred years had gone by.

He stroked Uta’s disheveled hair and placed his lips on his forehead. Uta’s face was hot. His skin was burning and felt so soft that Haraedo thought if anything happened, it would crumble.

Haraedo suddenly imagined Uta melting away, and his breathing became shallow.

“You can’t, Uta…!”

At that moment…

“Hm… Haraedo…?”

Uta opened his eyes in the dark room —

Now awake, Uta was bewildered by how different Haraedo was than usual.

“Haraedo? Are you okay?”

He touched his hair soaked in sweat and was surprised.

He also noticed a disgusting smell. He thought that it resembled the smell of blood or maybe even gunpowder. But it could also be something completely different.


Haraedo ripped off Uta’s covers and straddled him.

“Eh? What are you doing?”

Uta instinctively tried to escape, and backed up to his pillows.

However, he was promptly held down.

“No… uhn.”

He couldn’t fight back with power. No, it wasn’t a difference in their strength. Uta’s body simply wouldn’t listen to him. It almost felt like he had sleep paralysis.

If Haraedo was serious, a human like Uta would have no means of beating him. Even if Haraedo was normally gentle, Uta was reminded in that moment of the difference between humans and gods.


“Sorry, but just stay still.”

Haraedo held Uta’s chin and forced a powerful kiss to silence him.

The strength left Uta’s body.

Haraedo’s other hand slipped its way through the pajama hem and directly touched Uta’s body.

(Did I leave the thermometer in my armpit again?)

Uta thought as his mouth was being desperately captured, but realized that it wasn’t the case.

Leaving that aside, the invasive hand groped around his body, and Uta’s body unintentionally grew hotter.

“Aah, Haraedo… You can’t!”

“Bear with it a little.”

Uta pulled his lips away and looked at the god’s eyes up close. Haraedo continued.

“Also… don’t make such an erotic face. My intentions aren’t like that.”

“It’s because… you’re kissing me…”

It was cruel to tell Uta, a man, to not feel anything from this.

“I got it. We’ll do dirty things later.”

When Uta’s guardian deity grinned, he felt the hand powerfully enter his abdomen.

(Eh — ?)

He felt the palm enter his insides.


Uta’s back arched on top of his bed.

However, his guardian deity didn’t hesitate as he rummaged inside Uta’s body.

“Eek, aah…! Wh-what…are you doing…?”

“I didn’t want to be this rough with you, but… your body is the only place I found with the disease’s presence!”

“Disease’s presence…?”

Could presences be forcefully tracked down like this?

“No! Aah! Haraedo…!”

Tears formed in the corners of Uta’s eyes.

He felt shocked from having such an unexpected thing happen to him and embarrassment for having someone search through a place people couldn’t see. Moreover, this stimulated him to the point of sexual pleasure. He couldn’t understand anything anymore.

“Uta, you okay?”

Haraedo kissed Uta again to soothe him.

“Even though…I said that…you can’t kiss!”

Uta cried as he clung to Haraedo, firmly pressing his lips against him.

While that was happening, Haraedo’s hand continued to invade Uta’s insides.

He made a mess of Uta’s insides and finally grabbed something.


Haraedo’s fingertips explored deep inside Uta, and a sharp pain ran through him.

Haraedo grabbed something that had attached itself to Uta and held it up in the air.


Uta unconsciously let out a dry scream.

Haraedo had taken out a continually beating, blood-red object —

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