Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Chapter 2-10: Neighbor Trouble?

The next day, Uta’s health improved, and presently, he could be found standing in the Fuda shrine under the noon sun.

By the way, the store was normally closed on this day of the week. He felt bad for temporarily halting business for three days, but he would make sure to get some proper rest today and work tomorrow.

“Where’s Housou-no-kami’s shrine?”

When he asked the shrine office, a shrine maiden informed him of its location.

When he arrived there, he saw three shrines, all lined up. Their small size made them look adorable.

He was told that the rightmost was Housou-no-kami’s, the middle was Haraedo’s, and the leftmost was Mitake’s.

“I see. This…”

Uta didn’t know that such small shrines existed on the shrine grounds…

“They really are neighbors.”

He was surprised to see Haraedo-no-kami and Housou-no-kami enshrined next to each other.

(Those two seemed to be on bad terms, but when you look at it like this…)

This distance made it seem like they were having some neighbor troubles instead.

In any case, Uta had come here today to offer a prayer to Housou’s shrine.

Like he always did with his household shrine, he gave two bows, two claps, and one more bow.

(Housou-no-kami-sama, please quell the epidemic.)

Depending on the person, Housou-no-kami could be seen as a god who had reconciled with humanity and had settled down.

Uta hoped for the day when the rowdy gods of diseases would coexist with humanity and closed his eyes—

After that, he returned home and headed to the store side of his residence, ready to do some cleaning after a long time.

When he did, Haraedo-no-kami was already there.

“Uta, the usual.”

He plopped down on the counter seat and ordered Uta in a very frank manner.

But, the container of the Blue Mountain coffee was empty.

“Huh? I’m sorry. We’ve run out of your usual beans. I thought there were still some left though…”

It was a mystery.

“…Oh, about that…”

Haraedo appeared as though he wanted to say something but decided to close his mouth in the end.

Truth to be told, Sungmin had used up all the beans when he had gone ahead and brewed a cup for Haraedo…

“Nah, just use another.”

Uta didn’t understand the reason and tilted his head.

“Eh? Even though you were so particular about Blue Mountain coffee before?”

Uta was curious, but seeing how Haraedo felt responsible for the container being empty for some reason, Uta decided not to press any further.

“Anything’s fine. As long as you brew it, it’ll be delicious anyways.”

Haraedo’s way of dodging the question made Uta blush.

“Ehe, I’m happy.”

Now it was Haraedo’s turn to look confused.

“……? Why are you red?”

“Why? I mean, you…”

“…Ah, I get it! You’re happy that I complimented you.”

Haraedo was taken by surprise, and Uta stared at his face.

The two looked at each other across the counter, and the atmosphere between them started to get bittersweet.

Several seconds later…

“Hey… it’s just the two of us here. Instead of coffee, do you want to continue from where we left off yesterday?”

Haraedo began to talk.


Memories from yesterday, of their intense contact on top of the bed, resurfaced.

“The way you were turned on by just kissing was su~per cute.”

Uta couldn’t help but feel embarrassed after being told that in such a seductive voice.

But, if they were going to continue what they were doing yesterday, he first wanted to confirm his feelings.

“Hey, Haraedo. What do you think of me?”

When he asked that, he put his hand on top of the counter.

“You know the answer without needing me to say it. After all, I…”

This happened right as Haraedo was speaking.

They felt a cold presence and looked to the side at the same time.

“Whoa! Why are you here?!”

The two hadn’t noticed since they were off in their own world, but Housou-no-kami was sitting next to Haraedo.


“This ain’t a bar!”

Haraedo retorted.

“I wanna see Uta being turned on by a kiss.”

“Cough cough! Wait…”

He had been listening since then?! Uta ended up choking on air.

“Don’t go around having dirty thoughts about my devotee!”

“Aren’t you the one having dirty thoughts?”

Housou-no-kami retorted to Haraedo before turning to Uta.

“Hey, Uta. Did you know that when you become one with a god in that way, a new god is born? It’s rather easy to make a child, so be prepared.”

“You?!! What the hell are you saying in front of Uta?! You’re entering the R18 zone! Abide by the R-rating.”

(I guess there’s an R-rating in the world of gods too…)

While he was bewildered, Uta looked down at the tools on top of the counter.

(In the meantime, the orders are coffee and…alcohol?)

“Umm… We’re a coffee shop and must follow business protocol. As such, we cannot serve alcohol. Is coffee fine?”

Uta told Housou-no-kami this as he began brewing two cups of coffee.

Even if today was a day off, the store was rather lively.

(It looks like things’ll get rowdy from now on…)

As Uta predicted this, he broke into a smile.

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