Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

Translator: AdCaelum

Editor: Cale

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Chapter 3-13: Everyone’s Preferences

“Blue Mountain for Haraedo and café au lait for Min-kun, right? And…”

Uta stood behind the kitchen counter on his day off and began preparing the drinks.

“What will you have, Sukunabikona-san?”

The small god looked at the menu on top of the table and answered, “What do you recommend?”

“In that case, how about a caffé mocha?”

Sukunabikona had a sweet tooth, so he would probably enjoy that.

“Then, I’ll take that♪”

“Got it! Look forward to it.”

Uta took three cups from the shelf and made each to the individual’s preference.

“Okay, L-size for Min-kun with plenty of milk.”

“Wow! Thank you, manager!”

“Grow big and strong.”

Sungmin was teased by Haraedo who was sitting to his right.

He was of average height, but he seemed small when standing next to the tall and slender Haraedo.

“What do you mean? Laugh all you want while you still can. It’s still possible for me to grow taller.”

“But I like your current size, Min-kun.”

“See? The manager just said that he likes my size.”

Sungmin followed up on Uta’s comment and put on a proud face.

His size?”

To Sungmin’s left, Sukunabikona unnecessarily interjected.

“Rather than size, I think OO and XX are more important. After all, big and small don’t matter when it comes to that…”

“Umm, Sukunabikona-san, what exactly are you saying in broad daylight???”

Even though Uta tried to stop him, Haraedo continued the conversation.

“Then, what about Ookuninushi?”

“Well, he’s in a league of his own. I wonder what will happen to my butt tonight.”

“Eh…? What will happen to it?”

Sungmin also participated in the conversation, intrigue apparent on his face.

“Because I’m not human, it won’t hurt as much and I won’t die from all the pain.”

“It must be convenient to be a god…”

“But, it’s still difficult when dealing with something of that magnitude.”

“You’re smiling, y’know, Sukunabikona?”

Even Haraedo, while pointing this out, was smiling.

“But, I’m happy that you two got back together.”

“W-whatever. It’s not like we broke up in the first place…”

“Then, don’t lay another hand on Uta.”

“That’s right. The manager belongs to everyone, so half of him is mine.”

“Why do you own half of him, Minsuke…?”

After looking at those two, Sukunabikona turned towards Uta.

“Mister, aren’t you the popular one? But, then again, I also like you. In that case, a fourso—”


Haraedo and Sungmin covered Sukunabikona’s mouth in the middle of his sentence.

(Umm, next is…)

Uta checked the status of the three drinks and grabbed another cup from the shelf.

(That guy will most likely enjoy this.)

He poured the dripped coffee from the carafe into the new cup and headed deeper inside the shop.

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Lord of nothing
Lord of nothing
2 years ago

Threesome is enough.

Foursome…. Ugh…. Okay, fine too.