Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Editor: Cale

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Chapter 3-9: The Boy who Makes Flowers Bloom

(There was no deep meaning behind that kiss, right?)

After distancing himself from Sukunabikona, Uta let out a small sigh and tried to calm his beating heart.

“Mister, this way. They have delicious some ice creams here.”

Sukunabikona’s eyes twinkled as he beckoned to Uta.

(Jeez. His mind changes so quickly…)

If he was being honest, Uta, a free soul himself, was rather envious of how much the small god moved at his own pace.

“What flavor of ice cream do you like, mister?”

“Hmm, chocolate or vanilla… though, I really can eat anything.”

“For me, you see, I think strawberry flavor is the most delicious. It tastes homemade.”

“Oh, I see.”

The two conversed about such topics as they walked and soon arrived at their destination.

They thought it was an ice cream shop, but it was actually a cafe that offered light snacks.

(What a quiet and comfortable place.)

As he thought this, Uta stood beside Sukunabikona in front of the ice cream shop.

“Then, I’ll have the strawberry flavor you recommended.”

“And I’ll have milk, blueberry, pistachio…”

“You’re eating quite a lot, as usual…”

Uta recalled their time at the hamburger shop.

However, it was ice cream this time. Wouldn’t it all melt before he could finish?

Uta grew concerned when…

“I’ll share them with you ~♪”

Sukunabikona said with a beaming smile.

After that, Sukunabikona took one bite and—

“Mmm! Delicious! Miss, I’ll make sure to have your business thrive a bunch.”

(Eh? Handing out bountiful blessings like that?!)

The shop employee Sukunabikona called “Miss” looked confused, but Uta could imagine just what would happen.

He just hoped that she wouldn’t collapse when she calculates her proceeds…

“Let’s go, Mister. I wanna eat by the river ~♪”

Sukunabikona left the store with an ice cream in each hand.

“Ah, the bill…!”

Uta hurried to pay before chasing after the god.

Eating their ice cream, they slowly walked along and soon arrived at the riverbank of the Tama River.

“The wind feels nice ~♪”

While holding a spoon, Sukunabikona extended his hand and sat down on top of a concrete block on the bank.

“The weather really is nice.”

Uta sat down next to him. The flowers blooming on the bank all swayed together in the wind.

“I wonder what flowers they are. The small violet ones are pretty.”

When Uta muttered this, Sukunabikona twirled his ice cream spoon.

“What are you doing?”

“A little gift for you ~♪”

The buds all popped open one after the other.

The scene before him began to be dotted with small violet flowers.


“Ehehe, doing this is a piece of cake~”

Sukunabikona was flattered and smiled.

“In the past, when I did this with rice paddies, the farmers’ children would squeal in delight. Although, there aren’t any rice paddies or fields in this area anymore.”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

Uta saw the loneliness in the small god’s profile and was shocked.

“But, I can enjoy delicious ice cream now. And, since there’s plenty of people having a good time, this isn’t bad ~”

They could see children playing baseball and soccer and people taking walks and cycling in the lower area of the banks.

“I wonder if it’s because we’ve become prosperous.”

Uta gazed at the scenery and gave the concept some thought.

Sukunabikona had spoken about it as if it didn’t concern him, but he was the one who had allowed humanity to prosper through his godly actions and, thus, had changed how humans lived.

This might have been a good thing, or it might have been bad. But…

“Prosperity doesn’t refer to the abundance of possessions and pleasures. Instead, I believe it’s about being able to smile alongside your loved ones.”

Uta was once again shocked by Sukunabikona’s words.

“That’s right…!”

Sukunabikona seemed like a real god now.

In turn, Sukunabikona noticed his gaze and drew his face closer.

“…Eh, what?”

“I suddenly want to lock lips with you.”

“You can’t.”

Although Uta instinctively rejected, his ears grew hot from being stared at by those glittering eyes.

“You’re lying. Your face says that you want to be kissed.”

“It does not.”

Still, he wasn’t certain since he couldn’t see his own face.

“Have you kissed Haraedo?”


This unexpected question caused Uta to blink numerous times.

“Huh? You have? Your reaction is easy to understand. Thanks. Then, I need to do something even better than that.”

Sukunabikona grinned broadly.

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Lord of nothing
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