Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Editor: Cale

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Chapter 4-12: The Shape of the Soul


Housou-no-kami had been walking ahead at a quick pace.


“Please wait for me.”

However, he still didn’t reduce his speed. He didn’t even turn around to look at Uta.

“You can take your time. I won’t abandon you or anything.”

Housou-no-kami said, his back still facing Uta.

As a test, Uta slowed down, and the god similarly reduced his speed, maintaining the distance between them.

How sensitive was the god to what was happening behind him for him to be able to do that without turning around? Uta thought that the two of them should just walk together then…

That was when Uta realized something.

“Could it be that you don’t want to walk beside me?”

“Don’t suggest something so annoying.”

For someone who had kidnapped Uta, the god had guts for saying that. But, the god also might just have been acting shy.

There was nothing Uta could do, so he accepted this strange distance.

At that moment, he heard whispers near his ear.

“…*$%’@? ……”

“…Eh?! What?”

He looked around, but the only thing he could see were the usual, jagged rocks of the cave.

Housou-no-kami turned around with a bitter look on his face.

“Uta, don’t listen to them.”

“But, Housou-san, what was that…?!”

“The souls of the dead humans are making a fuss because a living human is here.”

The living human must have referred to Uta himself.

“Eh? What should I do?”

“So annoying. They’re jealous and might target your life. There’s nothing you can do but ignore them.”

“Wai— Housou-san! I’m scared. Let me stay near you! You’re the one who brought me here while I’m still alive.”

“Can’t deny that…”

Uta ran up several steps to his side and forcibly grabbed the god’s arm.

“If you’re scared, how about I kill you right here?”

Housou-no-kami easily said something terrifying with a serious face.

“Don’t say something like that…”

“If you die, it’ll save me the hassle of having to return you to the world of the living.”

“Does that mean you don’t intend to return me?”

When Uta asked, the god shrugged his shoulders.

“Who knows? It depends on my mood at the time.”

“Ehh… Jeez. I just want to go home and drink some coffee.”

Even though the god had brought him to such a place, Uta had no choice but to hope for the god’s conscience to make the right decision.

Conscience… Wait. If the god didn’t have a soul, did that mean he also didn’t have a conscience?

(I must retrieve Housou-san’s soul at any cost!)

It was right at that moment that the two exited the darkness to see a large mountain that obstructed an otherwise beautiful view.

“This is…”

Another large boulder blocked the center of the mountain that opened up to darkness.

Whispers similar to the ones in the cave also surrounded the area.

“This is Izanami’s shrine.”

Housou-no-kami ran his eyes across the scene.


“But, it looks like she’s out right now. There are also only a few of her underlings here.”


“Dead humans.”


They were invisible to Uta’s eyes.

“My soul is probably somewhere inside the shrine. I’ll keep a lookout, so you can go inside if you want, Uta.”

Housou-no-kami placed his hand on the boulder.

The boulder looked too big to be moved by a person’s hand, but it made a loud sound as it shifted. But, that only lasted for a moment.

After moving the boulder enough for one person to slip past, Housou-no-kami looked at Uta.

“…Uta, hurry…!”


Uta slipped his body through the gap.

Inside was pitch black, and he couldn’t tell his left from his right.

(Where is Housou-san’s soul…?!)

He felt around the rocky wall within his reach.

Something touched his hand.

(This is…?)

Not knowing what he was touching was scary. With every inch he felt, cold sweat ran down his back.

Then, Uta realized that he didn’t even know how Housou-no-kami’s soul looked.

“Hey, Housou-san?! What does your soul look like?”

He called out towards the boulder blocking the entrance, but there was no response.

Did Housou-no-kami leave to take a look around?

(What should I do…?)

Something moved right next to him, startling him.

But, it was probably some kind of flying insect.

(I’m scared, but I’ll do my best!)

At that moment, his hand grabbed onto something wet.

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