Continuation of a Dream in Another World

Translator: Reo

Editor: PalenMisha

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Chapter 62 – Black – Toki

“Laham, I’ll explain it to Toki. You go get some sleep. You have shadows under your eyes.”

“I feel fine though…”

“I’ll be in trouble if you collapse. Tell Joo, Issa, and the others to go.”

“Understood. Toki-sama, I will return soon.” Laham smiled my way.

As Assam said, he did have some dark circles under his eyes.

“No. Laham sleep good. Can’t play with Yarra. Sleep properly, right?”

“Fufu. Since Toki-sama asked so cutely, I have no choice.”

“Cute, no need.” 

When I tried to sulk about being called cute, he smiled and patted my head.

“Good night, Toki-sama.”

“Night, Laham.”

As Laham left the room, I turned to look at Assam.

“Assam no be jealous. Love only Assam.”

Assam was good at hiding his spirit sound, however, if I concentrate, I notice the hidden sounds.

“I’m no match for Toki. I’m worried though that it’s harmful to your body, so please turn your power off for now.”


When I did as he said, Assam praised me, saying, “Good boy,” and I got a bit embarrassed.

“Right, so about earlier, in this world, color has meaning. For example, the king is white. A prince is off-white. A chef is red and so on…”

A king was white and a prince was cream. Priests were green, chefs were red, attendants were orange and guards were brown. Blue, by the way, seemed to be Assam’s symbolic color.

“And you see, black has meaning as well.”

“Black too?”

What could it be? Was it like in Japan where black symbolized the dark or something evil?

“No, nothing like that,” Assam said while laughing.

I wished he didn’t read my inner thoughts through my expressions. It wasn’t fair.

“Black is the color of judgment. It is the color that stands opposite to the king’s white. Depending on the situation, black could also judge the king. Currently, there’s no one who wears black. To be able to lay judgment on the king, one must be worthy of doing so, and for some reason, the people who are worthy are always born with something black on their bodies. The reason Laham and I were satisfied was because you are ‘Black.’ You can’t escape from the judgment of black – no one can.”

Well certainly my hair and eyes were black but that was because I’m Japanese. I didn’t think that someone like me who doesn’t know the common sense in this world could be a judge.

“That’s right. That’s why you should stay by my side and learn. Then, from time to time, you can come to save me.”

Please don’t read my face like that. But… for the first time since coming here, I had an outlook for the future.

“I, try hard!”

“Aah, let’s do our best together. First, you need to study, ok?”

“Ah! Nn! No, Assam! Nn, mnn.”

The bracelets clanged as a hand pushed its way under my clothes. I didn’t have the power to resist though and that melting kiss took away all the strength I had left in me.

Since I was wearing the loose, Arabian-style clothing of this world today, I didn’t have any underwear underneath. The sensation of being kissed and stroked made me pant. My clothes clung to my body unapologetically.

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