Continuation of a Dream in Another World

Translator: Reo

Editor: PalenMisha

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Chapter 66 – Favorite – Assam

Inside the room, my eyes fell on Toki, whose clothes had been changed, and I fell in love all over again.

Sleeping on the bed, Toki’s black hair was adorned with ornaments studded with the gems from our wedding. On his wrists and ankles were similar bracelets and anklets. 

When I heard from Toki that he was named after a beautiful white and crimson bird, I thought of these accessories.1

Currently, the nushi-gem was in the form of a small gemstone, but after Toki’s debut, I planned on turning it into a hair accessory too.

Perhaps because my family on my mother’s side had once been a wealthy merchant family dealing with clothes, I’ve always liked styling clothes and accessories.

It was fun to see the designs of the other world, but just looking at them was a bit unsatisfying. It all started when I talked about it to a craftsperson acquaintance of mine and it spread from there.

The projections in the other world were flat2, but the names of the items were repeated again and again so I came to know them… though apparently “Yosakoi” wasn’t the name of this type of clothes.3

I loved the look of those clothes and they seemed the type that would be the most easily accepted in this world.

When I pulled back the bed cover, a being so beautiful that he didn’t seem to belong in this world appeared.

“To this extent…”

Toki wearing a “kimono” was so beautiful it was almost unreal. The garment on him generated a feeling of dignity, translucency, and an almost sweet eroticism. The coloring also matched that of the nushi-gem resting on his chest.

After admiring him for a while, I deliberately took out my communication device and captured his image. From head to toe, I took a picture of everything, then put the bedsheet back on him as if nothing had happened and released my magic.

Thinking about it, Toki had spent the majority of his time in this world in sleepwear. The clothes I had prepared in a rush were a bit too big on him and I should have done a bit more about that.

Apart from putting the sleeping spell on him, this was something else I’ve been reflecting on. Having said that, I’m still glad I didn’t show his kimono-clad figure to everyone from the start.

“How selfish of me.”

A desire to keep him to myself and a desire to show him off battled inside of me. My heart wasn’t in the right place.

I let out a sigh and waited for Toki to wake up.

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