Continuation of a Dream in Another World

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Chapter 71 – Record – Toki

“Let us conclude the photo shoot for today. Pardon me for my intrusion.”

Tsugura gave us a neat bow, about to leave, and I called after her in a fluster.

“Tsugura, do wait! I want take with Tsugura and Laham and Joo and everyone as well!”

A so-called group photo. 

A photo of just me and Assam was nice too, but I wanted one with everyone else in it as well.

“This isn’t something that we usually do, but since Toki wants to, I’ll allow it. Tsugura, call everyone except for Laham.”

“No Laham?”

I wanted a photo with Laham in it. Does he not like to have his photo taken?

“Laham is in the middle of a break. We can take a projection of him when he gets back.”

So he’s taking a break? I didn’t want to call him back into work just to take a photo.

The new workers that Tsugura had called over came into the room and… froze.

Huh? You guys as well?

Kiha, the only one who’d seen me already, gave a strained laugh and tried to bring the others back to their senses. The first one to recover was Mima. He blinked, staring at me before starting to talk.

“Do you remember my name? I don’t know how to use polite speech so sorry about that. My bad about earlier. So this is your original form? As expected, clothes from a different world look hella good on a person from a different world. Your black hair and whatever seem a lot more natural this way. Anyway, Toki-sama, aren’t you angry at me?”

I didn’t care much about polite speech. Mima was quite the talker. Receiving his consideration made me happier than being spoken to politely. He probably wasn’t used to seeing people with black hair. In my dreams of this world, I’ve never seen a person with black hair. Why should I be angry at him though?

“Polite speech no, is ok. Why angry?”

“Because we peeped a little.”

His straightforward words made me remember – these guys spied on us doing lewd things!

“Toki-sama I’m truly sorry.”

“I apologize.”

“A thousand apologies.”

“I’m sorry. I lost out to my curiosity.”

Joo, Tomi, Issa, and Mima apologized.

Curiosity he said… I ended up laughing at Mima’s blunt apology.

“Un. No do anymore, promise.”

Joo, Tomi, and Issa nodded.

“Yeah, I promise. So what’s the punishment?” Mima asked.


I didn’t like having people spy on me but was it something that deserved punishment? No, I remember that in Japan as well there were penalties for peeping toms.

This time, they were just spying on us being intimate, but next time it could be an important conversation, so punishment was necessary. I didn’t know what would be appropriate though.

“Assam did punishment?”


“I also need?”

“Depends on the crime.”

Then, I’ll just go along with what Assam decided. I think that that’s what his answer meant. If it had been necessary he’d have probably explained it in more detail. There was no reason to dole out double the punishments.

“From me, no punishment. Addition, heavy,” I said looking at the four of them head-on.

They seemed surprised but bowed their heads in gratitude.

“No punishment. Have request. Can projection?”

When I asked, they all consented with a smile.

“Toki-sama, thank you for forgiving us,” Tomi said as she lined up with the others.

I went to stand by her side and noticed that her clothes had changed. Looking at Joo, her clothes had changed as well.

They were both wearing a Chinese-style tunic that reached down to their thighs with dark purple, straight-lined pants underneath. The tunics were a pale pink, broken up by the deep pink of the collar and crimson covered-buttons.

In her hair, Joo wore a cloth ornament that covered her bun and was made from the same fabric as the pants.

Tomi’s ornaments were made from the same dark pink fabric as her tunic’s collar and covered her two buns.

When I first met them, they were both wearing orange. It was possible that they had changed their clothes to something that was better suited to me.

Issa and Mima had also changed their clothes. I’m pretty sure they’d been wearing something brown before.

Issa’s outfit was similar to that of a Yabusame archer1. He wore a kimono in a somber green and pale blue with a spotted pattern, similar to the mottled pattern on the back of a fawn, along with indigo hakama. His right arm was exposed while a crimson breastplate sat on his left shoulder and a matching gauntlet was on his arm.

Mima looked like a magician from a fairytale in a long, purple robe, holding a staff embellished with a beautiful, purple stone. Both his robe and his hat had pretty patterns on them.

Joo’s and Tomi’s Chinese outfits, Issa’s Yabusame outfit, and Mima’s mage outfit – I think that all of these were chosen with me in mind.

“You did apologize so is ok. Changed clothes and hair. Everybody very kind.”

When I smiled brightly at them, they all smiled back. Their smiles showed their kindness and consideration.

Afterward, we took photos of two people at a time, and lastly, Tsugura and I joined them and we took a group photo with all eight of us.

“Thank you. Gift, will treasure. Am happy!”

These photos were proof that I lived in this world. I was truly happy that we were able to take them.

“Um, excuse me. May we also receive a copy of these projections?” 

When Joo asked, the others joined in on the request as well.

I’m happy that they want to have these memories as well, but is it ok? Are projections expensive? Would it be ok if I promised to pay them back afterward?

“Un. Assam, is ok? Money, a lot?”

“There’s no need for you to worry about money. If it’s something that you want to do or something that you want, I’ll give it to you no matter how expensive it is.”

“Assam, I don’t know value. Spoil, can’t!”

If you’re so quick to spoil me, I’ll become a bad adult whose ignorance leads to excessiveness, no?

“This was tremendously enjoyable; however, we should get back to our duties soon. With your permission.”

I only realized I’d kept them from their work when Tsugura said that.

“Aah, you can go back now.” (Assam)

“Everyone, thank you. See you next time.” (Toki)

With Assam’s permission, they all bowed once and left the room with a smile on their faces.

Assam and I laughed together, talking about how much we were looking forward to seeing the finished products.

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