Continuation of a Dream in Another World

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Editor: PalenMisha

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Chapter 70 – Favorite – Toki

“Toki, don’t just look at the projections, look at the real thing.”

I looked up when I heard his voice and froze the instant I saw him.

Assam was wearing a kimono.

A large bird was painted on the left side, its feathers gradually turning crimson as if it were a “toki”1. The right half above the waist and on the sleeve was black with delicate red and gold embroidery. The obi was blue with gold embroidery and extended down his side. His lower right side had the blue obi as its border and became lighter the further down it went.

The black nushi-gem glittered around his chest and there was an armband around his right wrist that was black with matching gold embroidery.

His golden hair was tied to the right in a half-updo and matching ornaments swayed in his hair.

That sublime and beautiful figure took my breath away.

“Do you like it?”

Incapable of words, I nodded.

Tsugura arrived almost immediately after and froze at the sight of both of us.

The original plan was to only take some photos of me, but that was revised and it was decided instead that Assam and I would take photos together.

“It is forbidden to use projections for the sake of sexual acts, but such things still persist. Toki-sama’s appearance is enough to become a victim of this so please don’t wander outside by yourself or go along with someone you don’t know.”

“Ah, y-yes.”

I nodded at the mysterious force of her motherly words. I don’t think she really needs to worry about that though, since I still can’t walk that well on my own.

“As it could be dangerous for several reasons, let us only take one projection with you looking directly at the device. You can move as you please.”

Tsugura put something that looked like a somewhat large, golden monocle over her left eye. The finely crafted monocle looked like something a magic professor might use. It seemed that that was the projection device.

Assam, who was used to having his photo taken, touched me lightly, and after about five minutes, the photo shoot was over.

Two photos will be used in the revue. In one of them, we were standing, facing each other, and then turned to look at the camera. In the other, Assam was holding me up, we were looking at each other happily and seemed to be laughing as we talked to each other about something.

“The two of you are much too attractive. I shall limit the number of times these can be replayed. The three-dimensional reproduction will be limited to two times and only one projection will be sold per person. I will talk to Laham about this, but we should use anti-exploitation paper.”

“Please do. Are you done with the revue?”


‘Anti-exploitation paper’ seemed to be paper that had a spell on it that made the image in the photo disappear when it detected a sexual act being performed around it.

I didn’t like the idea of my image being used for such things, but I didn’t like the idea of Assam’s image being used even more, so I thought I should ask Laham to cast that spell.

“I would like to create an album for my personal use. Take several more projections please.”

Personal use? I want one too!!

“Tsugura! Me too want! Assam is ok?”

It’s not good to take photos without Assam’s permission, right? I want to own some photos of him though.

“Aah, I don’t mind. We’ll capture a lot of memories. I don’t really like my projection being sold, but if it’s for your own personal use, I don’t mind. I want some of you as well. Don’t just look at the projections though, properly look at the real thing as well, ok?”

I got a bit embarrassed when he pulled out the same line as before. However, there was almost no distance between the two of us and he was smiling mischievously. Looking at that smiling face my heart started pounding and I couldn’t say anything back. He didn’t need to worry about it, I was already hooked on the real thing.

“Wonderful, Toki-sama. That expression is great!”

“Eh?” I turned around at the sound of her excited voice.

Tsugura was standing there with an enraptured look on her face.

“Toki, Tsugura’s hobby is taking projections. You don’t need to mind it.”

“A-assam! Close. Do let go?”

Assam was holding me up and his face was really close, so I pushed on his shoulders.

“You want me to put you down? I guess I have no choice.”

Not changing the distance between us, he lowered me onto the cotton rug. I was about to let out a sigh of relief when Assam grabbed my face with both of his hands.


I couldn’t move my head at all. I looked up at Assam, confused by the situation.

“Should I… get a projection of this as well?” His eyes were full of longing.

Ah! The moment I realized what was happening, his lips overlapped mine.

“Nn! Yah! Assam!”

Our lips soon separated. When I tried to protest by pushing him away, my hands were caught instead and were lightly pressed into the cotton fabric.

“Assam? Hn! Yah!”

Behind Assam, who was sucking on my neck, I could see Tsugura standing there, and I wanted to cry from embarrassment. She wouldn’t… right? She wouldn’t, right?? I didn’t want such a photo to be taken in front of somebody else.

“Assa-nn! Mn!”

He kissed me deeply. Normally, I would melt from his kiss, but I couldn’t concentrate on it because of how embarrassed I was.

“Hah, Assam! No want!”

The message seemed to finally get across. Assam gave a bitter smile and put a little bit of distance between us.

“Sorry. You were just so cute.”

After apologizing, he released his grip on my hands and sat down next to me. 

Assam always looks cool and, sometimes, he looks cute. It isn’t fair.

“Is it over already?”

“Tsugura… wipe your bloody nose,” Assam told her, slightly taken aback, but Tsugura just cast some purifying and a little bit of recovery magic on her nose and smiled like nothing had happened.

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