I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Editor: Geli

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Chapter 15 (Part 1)

 I let out a long sigh. The rain was cold. If this went on, I would soon catch a chill. While I had told Luca that I wasn’t that weak, if I did get sick, it would invalidate my claim.

 No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t bring myself to kill someone. I felt regretful and reflected on it.

 Then, all that was left for me to do was to push forward. Even if absolute death awaited me, I had to do the best I could to resist.

 I looked up and started walking towards the inn once more.

 First, let’s fill my stomach. I could focus on thinking up a counterplan after.

 I had 3 months left. Naturally, knowing that I was going to die soon was a terrifying thought. My body trembled just from the thought of it. I felt like fleeing from here immediately.

 Would it even be possible to escape if I wanted to? I could stop collecting the star fragments and hide myself. If I did that, maybe I could avoid death.

 But in the game, Zagan was the one who retrieved the star fragment in the 9th dungeon. If I didn’t get the star fragment, the others could wander around the dungeon endlessly. There was no way I could escape, knowing that there was such a risk.

 Besides, their goal was the star fragments that I already had on me. I currently had five. They likely knew how many I had because they seemed to have checked for who’d exit the dungeon first each time.

 What if I simply handed over the star fragments to them to avoid a fight? Even if the evil god was brought back to life, he would be defeated in the hands of the protagonist anyway.

 …There was no way I could do that. There was no doubt he’d be defeated, but the royal castle would be destroyed during the evil god’s revival, and the citizens of the capital would also be sacrificed. Additionally, the people of the dark organization wouldn’t be able to control the resurrected evil god, and all of them would die as well from mana deprivation. I had no intention of becoming their ally, but I also didn’t want to leave them to die.

 So I couldn’t choose to hide either. The star fragments were the only thing that could destroy the Lumiere, so it had to be brought to the castle.

 Thus, if I chose to hide, their target would change to Luca and his party. Because they knew that Luca was the only one I could entrust the star fragments to.

 If Luca and his team were forced to take on five dark dragons, they would be wiped out in no time. Even though the metropolis was half destroyed, the only reason they were able to defeat the dragons in the game was because the knights and mages of the 9th city were helping them. Most importantly, Zagan had already defeated two of the dark dragons by then and had greatly damaged the other three.

 The protagonist didn’t know. But the players knew how strong Zagan was. He fought against the five dark dragons, all while maniacally laughing. In that scene, he fought to the end even while coughing out blood after his body was gutted.

 Zagan was a villain. Yet, he was truly a strong character.

 Then, what about me? Was I even close to being that strong?

 If the Chimera was a tank, then the dragon was a fighter jet. Although I fought well against three tanks, it was such a close call that I could have been seriously injured if I had mistimed my attack even by just a split second. I was also blessed with good luck in terms of the time of day, the enemies’ positioning, and the element of surprise.

 At my current level, I wondered how far I could go if I fought head-on against five fighter jets.

 I knew it would be tough, being a human made of flesh and blood. I didn’t have the madness to stand up to an overwhelmingly powerful enemy like the in-game Zagan.

 But like the in-game Zagan, I still had to fight even if my body was gutted. Actually, I had even more so of a reason than him.

 I couldn’t let people get killed because of me. If there has to be a sacrifice, it has to be only me.

 Of course, I’ll live. I will defy the will of this world.

 …I have to become strong.

 More and more. I have to become even stronger than how I am now.

 The next morning, I visited the guild. There were a lot of people there, but since I didn’t have any business on the quest board I didn’t have to deal with the crowds.

 I found the person I was looking for at one of the many counter windows. It was the guild employee who had dealt with the aftermath of the chimera the other day, and who already knew me and Luca. I cut past a line of several people and approached the guild employee who was dealing with the adventurers.

“Please convey this to Luca. I have something to do, so I will be going first.”

“Ah, yes. I got it. Please take care.”

 Having finished my objective, I immediately left the guild. But instead of leaving the city, I headed for the dungeon that I had just finished capturing yesterday. There were guards standing at the dungeon’s entrance, but I was able to easily get through by showing my guild card.

 With the star fragment gone, the inside of the dungeon looked unrecognisable. The main hall, which initially had a solemn atmosphere, looked crude.  It was now an ordinary dungeon. Basically, a dungeon was a place where you aimed to reach the lowest level, all while defeating monsters. The lower you went, the more powerful the enemies you’d encounter, and the more expensive the items in randomly placed treasure chests became.

 I had thought about how I could become stronger the night before. I wondered how I could defeat the dark dragons. Even if I tried to fight fire with fire by using summoning magic like the Dark Organization, I would probably be able to gather enough miasma for only one dragon in three months by myself. Besides, if I used most of my mana on summoning spells, I’d be too drowsy to move as I wanted and would likely be killed before I could drink the MP potions.

 In the end, I came to the conclusion that I should just single-mindedly kill monsters and raise my level. So for the next five days, I was going to keep battling.

 There were five paths. It was too much trouble to choose one, so I prepared to go straight ahead, but then I saw a group emerge in the middle of the hall. It seemed to be the teleportation magic circle that only existed in the dungeon. What was this…?

 As I curiously stepped on it, my vision blurred for a moment and the scenery around me changed.

 I surveyed my surroundings. This was the place where I had defeated the boss yesterday. The altar was gone, but there was a teleportation magic circle inside that would allow me to return to the hall. I see, so the record that I had from the teleportation magic circle here remained.

 I had planned to break the floors starting from the first level up to where the opponents then matched my level, but I was grateful I didn’t have to actually resort to that.

 I quickly descended the stairs to the bottom, which had replaced the altar.

 I had 3 months left. That was what the doctor had told me in my previous life. It was cancer. But I didn’t give up and lived for eight more years. I vaguely remembered that when my dog died of old age, my own condition quickly worsened after, and I was taken care of by my parents and siblings during my last days. It wasn’t such a bad life.

 And currently, I’ve been reincarnated and lived a new life. Well, I still had three months to live though.

 Even though I tried not to think about it too much, fear suddenly rose within me. I remembered that I could die, and my body trembled in terror. It felt like my heart was being crushed by the dread of that prospect.

 But still, I couldn’t give up and I had to keep doing what I could.

 That was why I decided to fight. With the monsters getting stronger and stronger, I had to be careful not to die; but I still kept fighting and spared no time for sleep.

 All for the sake of getting stronger.

 I wondered how many days I continued to mindlessly fight. When I reached the safe spot within the transfer magic circle, I opened my magic bag to take a break. I set up a tent and placed a smooth sofa inside. It was a sofa that had been the downfall of many in my past life..1

 I sat down on it and took off my hooded cloak. I put down my bag. My eyes then spotted my black cat keychain. It was the one that Luca had been so happy to get matching pairs of.

 Remembering that, I pulled out the stuffed toy that Luca had bought me. A white tiger plushie.

 After we had left the zoo, he held my hand and took me to a hotel, where he confessed his love for me in public. I had buried my face in this fellow and somehow managed to get through that embarrassing and unbearable situation.

 It hasn’t even been two months since then, but it felt like a distant memory. On the contrary, even the time when I had gone to the foot of the mountain to defeat the chimera seemed distant somehow.

 Perhaps it was because I was too desperate at that moment to think of anything else. Or was it because I was too busy thinking that if I died, Luca would be sad, so I might as well never see him again?2

 No, it was useless. I already decided that I couldn’t die. I wouldn’t make Luca cry, and I wanted to live a long life this time. With the amount of mana I had, I could easily live to a hundred.

 That was why I wanted to continue living with Luca. No matter what became of our relationship in the future, I wanted to walk by his side till the very end.

 …I want to see Luca.

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1 year ago

Awwh, the person reincarnated into current Zagan has always been, and still is such a strong person. He got cancer, lived way beyond his estimated months to death, and now as Zagan, he lived a life where his Father and little sister continued to love him, became a respectable(tho feared) S-rank adventurer, and even managed to catch the heart of a prince at first sight.

Whoever this reincarnator is, he is forever an amazing person.

Carina, wanderingfujoshi
Carina, wanderingfujoshi
2 years ago

Wow ,so sad QAQ
Hubby were are you?!
you should come and comfort your wife already!
Thanks for the chapter ~♡

2 years ago

🙁 let’s not have your route be a bad ending, Zagan! Don’t die in three months.. or eight years. (Obligatory ‘more hidden backstory’ celebration ~~)

Also hope he experiences typical OP-ness of being isekai’ed instead of being nerfed like whenever a powerful ex-bad guy joins the main team :,0

Half Fried
Half Fried
2 years ago
Reply to  Yuuki

True, It’s super annoying. Weren’t you supposed to be this big bad guy before!?

2 years ago
Reply to  Yuuki

i completely agree but let’s not forget one thing – original zagan died against the dragons too. our zagan is trying to become even stronger than that. but yes. if zagan ever joins luca’s party, i sure hope he won’t get nerfed.

lol i can just imagine a scene (to explain why it takes him just as long to clear a dungeon as the ‘much weaker’ hero party):

luca: “ok, then let’s just check the map to find the quickest route to the boss level.”

zagan: “wait. you guys have maps?!”

luca: “yeah, they sell them for three coppers a piece at the souvenir shop. limited number of prints, first come, first serve. …wait, you’ve been clearing dungeons this whole time without a map?!?!”

zagan: “…i’m starting to regret only starting at lunch to avoid the crowds…”