I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 49 (Part 2)


No words could come out. My chest felt somehow constricted. 

Because of Lune’s kindness. 

Because of Soleil’s anger and sadness.

I wanted to thank Lune with all my heart. For continuing to protect us humans even though we betrayed her, even though it hurt her loved one. For continuing to protect us to this day. We were standing here today thanks to her.

I had guessed… that Soleil wasn’t simply asleep. And back then, we’d already established that Lune and the Evil God were one and the same. But if there’s no Evil God, then why is there a barrier around the kingdom? I thought that the answer to this question would surely be unsettling. Reality, however, was much more painful than I could imagine. 

Soleil was betrayed by the humans he protected. They tried to kill his loved one, the existence that had been by his side for hundreds of millions of years. Of course his anger wouldn’t go away in a meager one thousand years.

It made me feel hopeless. But just thinking about the two gods and worrying about them wouldn’t change a thing.

Anyway, right here, right now all my questions had been answered. Why Soleil was asleep, why there was a barrier around the kingdom, why the moon had been hidden, why the name of the Great Forest had changed. Everything except how to save Lune.

“Even if we did, let’s say, prevent the Dark Organization from gathering demonic essence and stopped them from resurrecting Lune as an evil goddess… if we can’t appease Soleil’s anger, we can’t fully help her.”

“I-I want to save them! Lune and Soleil! Both of them… u-uuuu.” Bennet, who had been sniffling since earlier, appealed while crying.

The others nodded, unreadable expressions on their faces as they pondered over what we’d just heard.

Of course, if we could save them both, that would be ideal. But how could we persuade Soleil? Such a thing wasn’t possible as we were humans after all.

“I don’t really know what we should do about Soleil, but even if Lune took in the excess demonic essence and lost control, it says in the letter that there’s a way to bring back her sanity without using violence.”

“I see. That’s a godsend. It would be great if we could do this without the castle being destroyed and with a minimal number of casualties.”

“Yeah. Also if I, a descendant of Soleil, fight against Lune, there’s a chance I might accidentally kill her so, if possible, I’d like to get that demon to help us.”

That was right; if Luca fights with Lune as she’s surrounded by demonic essence, he could end up defeating her like he did in the game. No matter how meticulously careful Luca was, the compelling force of the game might move him. Which was why we should avoid fighting at all costs.

“But in order to bring Lune back without fighting, it’s written that Zagan, her descendant, has to be strong enough to take on the demonic essence. Which means Zagan will be facing the goddess on his own…”

Luca peeked at me looking extremely concerned.

“No problem. Luca, you and the others protect the castle and the people. I’m almost done making improvements to the magic barrier device and if need be I can make more of them.”

“Thanks Zagan. Brother also wrote that the demon will come our way in December to help you out. If it ends up in a duel between you and Lune, I’ll do everything to support you so let’s do our best.”

I nodded and Luca smiled, kissing me on the cheek.

On another note, I wanted to find out first hand just how strong Orobas was. However, immediately after I started getting excited about that, Noel quietly raised her hand.

“Wait a minute, Luca. The reason Orobas is coming, it’s different in the crown prince’s letter and in father’s.”

“Really? What does it say in Sensei’s letter?”

“That he’s coming to test Luca.”

“… Please explain from the beginning.” Luca urged, looking mystified and Noel promptly nodded.

“It seems that father has heard about Luca’s fiancé from Duke Magnifique. He was very happy to hear that both Zagan-dono and I were ok and that we were together. Also, he was extremely worried about whether Luca was a good partner to Zagan-dono. He wrote that he couldn’t imagine that Luca earnestly being in love with someone. He’s worried that Zagan-dono might be being used because he’s strong, or played with because he is rare. Which is apparently why father is sending Orobas here to test Luca.”

No, I wish she wouldn’t say that kind of stuff with such a serious face. I didn’t even know what to make of the idea of Luca playing with me. Was father ok? Wasn’t he overworking himself?

Or so I thought, but apparently I was the only one.

“He’s definitely going to challenge you to a duel. No doubt about that.” (Miranda)

“Ara ara, if Luca loses will they have to break off their engagement?” (Cindy)

“Zagan! I’ll give it my all! I’ll get Sensei to accept me as your fiancé!”

I couldn’t agree with him this time even though Luca was holding both of my hands and pleading. We weren’t actually engaged in the first place.

“I don’t really care if Count Brady accepts you or not. He’s got no relation to me. My name is Zagan and that person’s son died a long long time ago.”

“Well yes, there’s no connection between the two of you on paper, but the fact that Sensei and Zagan are father and son connected by blood doesn’t just go away. So I’ll be really happy if, without me denying his worries, he’ll allow me to have your hand.”

Was that what this was about? But still…

“I haven’t seen him in fifteen years. Also, I never planned on getting involved with him again. So even if he’s worried about me, that’s… I’m in a bind — I don’t know what’s the right thing to do.”

“You’re too cute Zagan!”

I got embarrassed and was about to pull my hood up when Luca squeezed me tightly, so I hid my face in his chest and he rubbed his cheek on me, kissing the top of my head.

When I calmed down a bit, he smiled happily at me.

“I have to prove to Sensei that I too have changed after meeting Zagan. The reason I can love someone from the bottom of my heart is because it’s Zagan. I want to tell Sensei that that’s how amazing his son is and that he doesn’t have to worry because I’ll always treasure him. That’s why I’ll do my best.”

I see. Luca has spent a much longer time with my father than I have. Father has been Luca’s tutor since he was five, which meant that sixteen years have already passed since they’ve met. Of course he would want father to see how much he’d grown.

“Hey, Noel, what did he mean by ‘that Luca’? Did Luca use to be a delinquent?” (Nina)

“He was perfect as a member of the royal family. In reality however, he was just a cold and emotionless person, so I think that father, who’s been with him since he was young, has a hard time imagining that Luca would ever love somebody.” (Noel)

“What? really? If you’re asking me, I’d have a hard time imagining a Luca who’s not in love with onii-san.” (Nina)

“Now that you mention it, I think he did have a rather shallow smile when we first met… I don’t remember though.” (Miranda)

“Then you’re just saying pointless things!” (Nina)


Noel and Nina started laughing too after hearing Miranda’s hearty laughter. At some point, the heavy atmosphere that had surrounded us disappeared. It was a good thing.

“Haa… Luca-san and Zagan-san’s meeting was fate… H-how wonderful.” (Bennet)

I wouldn’t go so far as to call it fate, but she was looking at me with sparkling eyes and Luca agreed with her for some reason so I couldn’t really reject that thought.

“Oh yeah, Luca, what’s in the pouch?” (Miranda)

“Ah, I forgot. It seems this magic bag holds a hundred volumes of books from Orobas’s collection. They’re all more than a thousand years old. Brother sent them along with the letter as proof that what’s written here is the truth.”

“To think there was such a valuable thing inside… May I read them?” (Cindy)

“Sure. Orobas asks us to treat the books with care even though they’re only a small part of his collection, since these books aren’t available anywhere else anymore. But if it’s Cindy and Camilla, you’ll treat them with the utmost care, right?”

“Eeeehhh. Of course! I’ll read them preciously. Ufufu, I can’t wait.” (Cindy)

“Umu. I too will take your words to heart.” (Camilla)

Luca handed the pouch to Cindy, put his arm around my waist and turned his gaze towards Noel.

“You have my gratitude, Noel. It’s because you wrote to Sensei that the demon Orobas gave us the information we were looking for. Thank you.”

“Not at all. The person who persuaded you to go to the dungeon at that time was Zagan-dono.”

“Mhm, thank you Zagan. Brother wrote that Orobas revealed his demon form and told him about what happened a thousand years ago because he saw the photo of the moon that we sent him. It’s all thanks to Zagan crossing the Great Forest and taking a picture as proof that the moon exists. Also, we first learned that Lune and the Evil God were the same being because Zagan generously gave Cindy the book he bought in Terre. Fufu, everything’s thanks to Zagan. Truly, thank you.”

“That, most of the work was done by Cindy…”

“I just read the book Zagan-kun gave me.”

“That so…”

I was happy I could become a source of strength for Luca but I couldn’t handle this much praise. Somehow, I couldn’t lift my face up.

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11 months ago

Oh my, I hope we’ll get to see more about Luca’s backstory. I find interesting on how he suddenly fell in love with our Zagan even though he was supposedly an emotionless man back then. Can’t wait!

1 year ago

I feel like zagan and Luca reflect the gods perfectly. Just see the dragon incident as an example. Zagan protected while Luca was about to commit mass genocide

Carina Wandering Fujoshi
Carina Wandering Fujoshi
1 year ago

Everythin is working out so smoothly.
Thanks for the update!

1 year ago

Hahahaha it’s the calm before the storm. We’re nearing the final battle, it seems. So here’s to hoping that there won’t be much knives hidden by the author in the succeeding chapters hahaha

Nura Ol’Blast
Nura Ol’Blast
1 year ago

So adorable
Thank you for the chapter