I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

Translator: Reo

Editor: PalenMisha

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Eroge Villain 41 (Part 1)

I walked through the town with the armour-clad Noel.

“Um, Nii… Zagan-dono? Where are we going? More importantly, is it ok for you to have your equipment on?”

“I’m completely fine now. I tested it out last night, using half power so that no one would get hurt, and I was fine this morning. We’re heading out of the city.”

“Out… side?”

After I answered her frankly, Noel didn’t ask any more questions and followed behind me in silence.

Having checked the map beforehand, we ducked through the city gates and headed towards the nearby forest. The beautiful autumn scenery spread through the forest as well, however, due to the monsters that lived there, only people with fighting abilities would venture inside.

From time to time, we encountered monsters, but they were all B-rank or lower so I could easily grab them with my tentacles and finish them off with a dagger.

After walking for a while, I found a place where there were no signs of life and stopped there.

“This should work. Now then, Noel, take out your sword. From now on, until Luca and the others return from the dungeon, try to defeat me – that’s how you can make your wish come true.”

“To win… against Nii-sama…”

Noel gulped loudly, perhaps because I was pointing my dagger at her. She Instinctually unsheathed her sword; however, she didn’t make a move.

The wind blew, carrying the fallen leaves along with it. Slowly, Noel dragged her feet into a fighting pose. Despite this, she didn’t move her sword. The expression on her face was grim. Maybe standing face to face like this, she could sense the difference in our abilities, but…

“What are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to strike, isn’t it? When I’m not in my best condition. You’ll never win if you’re scared.”

“H-here I go!”

Noel took a step forward, kicked at the ground and closed the distance between us.

She swung her sword up from below. I parried it with my dagger and another blow followed soon after, as I expected it to. Our two blades clashed with a metallic clang.

No matter how many blows we exchanged, I couldn’t feel any fighting spirit from Noel. She didn’t reinforce her body and her strikes were weak – perhaps she was still hesitant.

“What are you doing? Come at me for real. Or is this the extent of your wish to stay by my side?”

I launched an attack. One strike, two strikes; I swung the dagger again and again until she could no longer follow the trajectory of my blade. I then mercilessly kicked her stumbling figure.


Her body flew quite a ways and crashed into a tree before falling to the ground with a thud.

I kicked her with my body reinforced to its fullest so it definitely hurt. Even so, Noel had strengthened her body just enough to be able to stand right back up.

“Kh… Haaa… Haa…”

“If you don’t want to die, you better heal yourself quickly.”

With this declaration, Noel finally realised how serious I was and glared at me ferociously. That’s the spirit.

She chanted a recovery spell and picked up her sword once again.

After that, our swords clashed again and again. 

I blocked every single one of her rapid-fire strikes. On rare occasions, she used a special technique, but my magic wall blocked all of those as well.

Relentlessly, I drove my sister, who was fighting earnestly, into a corner.

I had also grown stronger than before. During the fight with the dragons, I’d used my magic at maximum capacity and even raised my skill level to use the ultimate spell. And, because I used Euthanasia, my mana pool increased by a lot.1

Since I’d been asleep for almost two weeks and had only gone on walks after waking up, I’ve become slightly weaker, but I could compensate for that weakness by reinforcing my body however much I wanted. Also, by fighting with Noel, I was gradually getting back into shape.

Since it was noon, we took a break and ate lunch, but Noel kept silent. Perhaps because she couldn’t land a single blow on me.

I didn’t say anything either. I was currently her enemy – an opponent she needed to defeat no matter what.

After some rest, we went back to fighting. Gradually, Noel stopped holding back and started releasing techniques one after the other.

“Holy Moon! Divine Efflorescence!”

The attacks slashing through the air were tinged with cold energy. I blocked them with a magic wall. Right behind the techniques was Noel herself. She swung her sword at me at high speed.

I swung my blade the moment Holy Moon and Divine Efflorescence were completed. Though Noel had promptly jumped out of the way, her cheek was slightly cut and some blood trickled down.

However, I didn’t stop, even though my sister was hurt. This was that kind of battle after all and she needed to understand that.


Our surroundings grew dark as night fell. I have the dark attribute so I have good night vision, but it’d be hard for Noel to continue.

“Let’s stop for today.”

“Yes… Thank you.”

I lowered my dagger and relaxed my mana, and Noel sheathed her sword. It was such a shame; it would have been the perfect time to attack me. She truly was a goody-two-shoes.

Maybe because we had been dueling all day long, Noel was in a daze as I was making a fire. Since it seemed that she would fall asleep at any moment, I chose soup with plenty of meat and vegetables as our dinner. Of course, it was a ready-made meal that I’d taken out of the magic bag. Even something like soup wouldn’t spill inside the bag if you put it in a lidded thermos.

I also took out a container with sandwiches and let Noel choose the ones she liked. She ended up choosing the egg sandwich and the tuna sandwich, just like she had in my imagination.

I ate the remaining eight sandwiches. It’s been a while since I exercised and I was hungry.

After dinner, I took out the tent and laid down a futon inside.

“Noel, you should get changed and go to sleep.”

“Yes… I’ll heed your advice.” 2

“Good night, Nii-sama…”

“Good night. See you tomorrow.”

After she went inside, I set up a magic barrier in eight positions around the tent and campfire. By doing this neither monsters nor humans will be able to break through.

I sat down again and started tinkering with a magic device. Soon it was 9 pm and Luca too would probably stop to rest for the night. I took out the communication device and tried calling him. After several seconds, Luca picked up.

“Good evening, Zagan. I feel like your location’s changed since this morning. Where are you currently?”

“Outside the city. Noel was dozing off so we decided to camp here. She’s already asleep.”

“I see. Could it be? Were you guys training all day?”

“Yeah. And I was emitting a lot of bloodlust.”

“It’s no wonder she’s tired.”

I told Luca about my day. That Noel and I were having sparring matches. That by the time they got back I’d have trained her enough that she wouldn’t fall behind.

 I also reported that my mana had fully recovered this morning after I’d used it the night before.

However, I didn’t tell him what Noel wanted from me. I didn’t tell him that I’d promised to make her wish come true if she could defeat me. It wasn’t my place to tell him.

“By the way, Noel was so out of it I told her to sleep in my tent, but… what do you think I should do?”

“Um, eh? You don’t have a spare tent?”

“I don’t. This tent is custom-made in both size and appearance. It’s soundproof, temperature controlled and made from a strong and durable material that can withstand damage from a B-rank monster. I got rid of the one I used before.”

“A tent is an essential item for an adventurer; I know you put a lot of effort into it. Well, do you have a garage or a gazebo with you? Some kind of temporary structure with a roof?”

“Oh yeah, I just remembered I have a mobile home shaped like a log-house.”

“Mobile home you say… isn’t that a high-class item? Doesn’t it need even more magic tools and mana stones than a regular house? And the structure is complicated too.”

“Yeah. Water recycling especially takes up a lot of mana stones and magic materials. The whole space under the floor is like a purifying water tank. By the way, this thing cost me 30 silver coins even though it’s this small – a 2LDK 3 with a shower, toilet and attic.”

“I see. So, it’s something that you bought because you were interested in the magic device and not because you wanted to use it, so you forgot about it until now.”

“Something like that.”

Luca laughed at my evasive reply and didn’t stop laughing for a long time.

“It’s not that funny…”

“Fu, fufu. Sorry, that’s just so like you. For now, how about you take out the log-house and move Noel to it. If you use your tentacles to carry her, you don’t have to wake her up. If it wasn’t for the log-house you were just going to stay up all night, weren’t you?”

He had me there. 

It was a bit much at this age to sleep in the same bed as my sister so I asked Luca what to do. Actually, my intention was to get his permission to stay up all night, but he came up with a solution I hadn’t thought of.

We talked a little bit more before saying goodbye.

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1 year ago

Zagan give me that mobile house!
Due to a housing crisis I won’t be able to afford a house cor at least another 40 years!
I’d love to own that thing!

Thanks for the chapter!

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oh, I actually hadn’t considered that Noel would fall behind the group because she didn’t enter the dungeon…

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ahh! i finally found this series again! i was looking for it everywhere but i did not remember the translated title! thank you for your hard work!! ( ´ ▽ ` )
i adore Noel, she’s best girl