I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 45 (Part 2)

We didn’t really make a lot of stops on our journey, though we did encounter monsters from time to time. 

If they weren’t that strong, Bennett, at the driver’s seat, would cast a spell to ward them off. If it didn’t seem possible to defeat them in a single blow, Bennett would call out and the girls would get off the carriage and deal with the monster. Apparently, it was only the girls because if Luca, who’d gotten remarkably strong, participated, they wouldn’t be able to catch up to his skill level.

Of course, I stayed on the carriage relaxing with Luca… not.

Since we weren’t in the city anymore and there weren’t any other carriages nearby, I switched to my bike. It was because if I just sat around in the carriage without doing anything, Luca would inevitably hug me and not let go. Even after Miranda had told us not to flirt.

Also, when my mana was at full capacity, I felt it too much when I absorbed Luca’s mana at night. Which was why I wanted to use up a certain amount of mana during the daytime. Well… sometimes it was okay to do it while at full capacity…

“It’s lonely not being able to touch you, Zagan. Can I ride on the back?”

Luca, who was supposed to be watching over the carriage, called out to me as I watched the girls fight. When I shifted my gaze to him, he was already getting off the carriage.

“I can’t? I think I’m going to go crazy having Zagan so close yet being unable to touch you.” 

There was going to be a problem if that was all it took for Luca to lose it. It’s only been an hour since I switched to the bike. Didn’t the dogs we looked after have more will-power than him?

Also, he was already caressing my head and touching me. Still, he hadn’t climbed on yet so he probably had some awareness as to how clingy he was being.

“It’s… kind of cold today.”

“! You’re right. It’s gotten cold outside. Can I sit behind you and hug you? It’d be bad if you caught a cold.”

With a small nod from me, Luca immediately got on the bike and wrapped his arms around me from behind. That comforting warmth enveloped me and a relieved exhale escaped my mouth. Luca smiled happily as I relaxed my body, leaning against him.

“Ah, they’re flirting again.” (Nina)

“That… I think… it’s a very… beautiful scene.” (Bennett)

“If Nii-sama is happy, then I’m happy too!” (Noel)

That’s right. Being together like this made me absurdly happy.


In the evening, we stopped and set up our camp. In June, I was just watching them from afar, but now we were setting it up together.

Luca was putting up our tent, so after I created a barrier around the camp, I approached the horses, curious about them. Nina was taking care of them and when she saw me looking, she waved me over.

“You want to help, onii-san?”

“Is it okay?”

“There are two of them so you’ll be doing me a favor.”

That being said, I brushed the horses with Nina’s help and listened to her explanations as she took care of their hooves and everything else. Then, when Luca was finished with the tent, we sat together and watched the horses eat. They were really cute.

“Luca, have you ever ridden a horse before?”

“I have. All nobles learn how to ride a horse from an early age. You want to try it, Zagan?”

I nodded. It was then decided that tomorrow in the early morning I could try riding for a bit.

Everyone gathered around the fire, spending their time relaxing after having a boisterous dinner. While talking with Luca, Noel, Miranda, and Nina, the subject of hobbies came up and each of the girls showed me something that they’d made. Looking at their excited faces, something suddenly occurred to me.

What did Luca do as a hobby?1 Nothing was mentioned in the game, but Luca had been alive for 21 years, he must have had some sort of hobby. Maybe even something aristocratic like horseback riding?

However, in the nine months since I met him, he never said anything about a hobby so he might not actually have one. There was also that thing Noel said – that Luca didn’t seem to have any interest in living.

Luca looked at me questioningly when I kept staring at him.

“What is it, Zagan?”

“I was just wondering… what Luca’s hobbies were. Or maybe being a prince, you were so busy you didn’t have time for hobbies?”

“Well yeah, I was busy, but more than that, I had to learn all kinds of subjects and there wasn’t really anything that I took a liking to. Also, I’m really bad at making stuff.”

“Nii-sama, everyone praises Luca for his diligence and manners and also for his horseback riding, dancing, and music skills.”

I see. So there wasn’t anything that he liked enough to call a hobby but he was still good at everything. Amazing. I respected that.

“Thank you for thinking about me, Zagan. Anyway, I do currently have a hobby – to observe Zagan’s eyes and expressions. Mnnn—-you’re looking at me like you’re somewhat excited. Were you thinking that I’m amazing? Thank you, Zagan.”

He gave me a peck on the cheek.

Well, he was right; he was certainly right, but what the hell was that hobby? Shouldn’t we change the subject to something else so that more people could join in?

By the way, the whole time we were talking, Bennett was washing the dishes and cooking, and Camilla was making something using alchemy. Cindy, as expected, was reading.


The next morning, as promised, I got to ride a horse.

With Luca supporting me from behind, I mounted one horse while Noel and Nina got on the other. The four of us took a leisurely stroll around the campsite.

It was my first time riding a horse even if you included my past life and it was a lot of fun.

“Fufufu, Zagan is having fun.”

Luca was behind me and couldn’t see my expression because I was facing forwards. Or he wasn’t supposed to be able to see. He still knew what I was feeling though because the semen he let out last night was still in my core. My emotions were transferred to him through the mana.

Luca placed his hand on my lower abdomen where his mana felt nice and warm, and would lovingly stroke it from time to time. The warm sensation made me sigh and he’d kiss me on the top of my hood.


The morning of November 5th arrived without any problems.

Careful not to wake the sleeping Luca up, I exited the tent and looked around outside. The sun was starting to rise and I could see the silhouette of the city in the far distance. It looked like we’d arrive at the 11th city by this afternoon, as we’d predicted.

I kept looking at the far away city as the sky grew lighter and lighter.

These past several days had been incredibly fun. Riding on the bike with Luca, being shaken around inside the carriage and talking with friends. Also, helping out when setting up camp and sitting around the fire.

Noel had complained that I only let Luca ride with me, so I gave her a ride once. I could feel her joyful laughter behind me as we rode.

Luca was Luca and he wanted to try driving the bike. I let him try, but it looked like we’d crash any second so I had to hastily help out.

Luca’s uncool and depressed appearance was rather cute.

I constantly ran out of mana to fuel my bike, but Camilla gave me a special MP potion to try and surprisingly my mana recovered twice the usual amount.

There was also one time that I rode on the carriage and we played a card game that Cindy turned out to be a genius at.

During our breaks, I took care of the horses with Nina’s help and, every evening, Miranda invited me to have a drink. Sometimes Bennett would bring us some snacks and when I poured her a drink she’d accept it shyly.

Luca was always by my side, watching over us. Then, at night, inside the tent, he’d give me his love while we reminisced about the events of that day.

It was truly fun. So much fun I didn’t want it to end. I wished it wouldn’t.

However, in two months’ time, if we go back to the capital and destroy the Lumiere, this journey would end.

“What it takes… to be together?”

Luca said he would use his all – his power and his position, to protect me. So that we could be together forever.

Back then I agreed to it in the heat of the moment, but thinking back on it, a conversation about going to the next city together turned into one about our future. He even told me that he would cherish me for the rest of his life.

I thought that the ideal thing would be for Luca to abandon his title as a prince and become an adventurer. However, in Luca’s version of the future, we were living together in the capital. When he said ‘I’ll do my best so we can always be together’ and ‘I’ll protect you from everything that’s thrown our way’ that’s what he was pointing to, right?

What was it that I needed to do in order to be with Luca who thought like that? What could I do to protect him?

“Zagan? Ah, I’m glad. I panicked thinking you’d gone somewhere.”

Luca stepped out of the tent and hugged me who was loitering outside its entrance. He pulled me into his embrace from behind. Maybe because he’d panicked, but he’d left the tent with only his pants on. The upper half of his body was bare. You’re going to catch a cold if you go outside like that.

“We have a communication device, right? You can just call me even if we get separated.”

“That’s right. I was too flustered. I forgot.”

He rubbed his cheek against my head, placing his hand on my lower abdomen where his mana was gathered. As soon as he did, he lifted his face.

“What’s wrong, Zagan? …What are you thinking about?”

At that question, I turned around to look at him.

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Carina Wandering Fujoshi
Carina Wandering Fujoshi
1 year ago

It seems to me like ML is still suffering from trauma.
My gosh! It so hot! How can it sound so intimate and possessive for MC to have ML’s baby matter in his ‘stomach’.
Thanks for the update ~

1 year ago

Thank you for the hard work on this chapter! I speedily came for the update.

Yesss, Zagann. Think of how to live with Luca as Prince Luca. You deserve it D: