I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 69 (Part 1) 

I couldn’t figure it out no matter how hard I thought about it, but when I asked Camilla, she only shifted her gaze from me to the night sky.

“A classmate of mine from my school days was there. It’s something that happened 20 years ago, but… my hair has always been this way, you see? So even in this appearance, they realised who I was.” 

Bicoloured hair of red and indigo. Having two attributes is rare enough, yet she also possessed a tremendous amount of magic power. She was a genius on top of that, so of course a classmate who spent three years at the same school with her would remember her.

“At the time, I had several offers from nobles to be their mistress. Since I had a lot of magic power in addition to being top of my grade, it is no wonder some of them would want to keep me by their side. I also don’t mean to brag, but I was once called the ‘bewitching witch’ because of my attractive appearance, so they were also asking me to be their mistress in the truest sense. Of course, I declined all of them. I wanted to become an alchemist who specialised in medicine and open my own shop.” (Camilla)

Enrolling and graduating from the Royal Academy was merely a process to obtain qualifications. Once a person had graduated and had become an apprentice, from there, they would get assigned to a senior knight if they chose to be a knight like Noel, or get a master and train further if they wanted to become an alchemist. If they then take an exam after a few years and pass, they will then get their qualifications.

“For as much envy as there was towards me, there was an equal amount of jealousy. In particular, when I rejected a noble who confessed to me, he snapped while saying he had gone so far as to confess to me so I should be grateful.”

“What scum.”

I unconsciously criticised him aloud. But as a fellow man, there were no other words for him except ‘scum’.

“I was reunited with that kind of person for the first time in about 20 years, what more, in the form of a child. Naturally, I was questioned and since I was one of the prince’s companions, I was surrounded by other nobles, which made it difficult to leave. I had no choice but to answer, and of course, I was made fun of. If they tried to take my current self as their mistress, they would be ridiculed and suspected of having a preference for children. Then that person started blabbing to everyone around me that I was a lofty, wicked woman.”

“So scum remains scum even after 20 years.”

Just listening to this makes my blood boil. No, more than that.

“Sorry, I didn’t realise that you were in trouble. Were you alright afterward?”

“There is no need for you to apologise. I was fine because Miranda and Cindy were there with me. Rather, it was exhilarating. Cindy’s numerous cutting remarks1 demeaned the dignity of that person, I mean. Miranda was also standing behind him and caught hold of him so he was unable to even escape.”

It was a good thing if there were no issues. But to think Cindy was the kind of woman to overwhelm others completely with just words… I only knew her calm and kind side so I couldn’t seem to imagine it. Yet, it also made sense because she was an avid reader who had an impressive vocabulary.

“That guy was indeed scum. However, it’s also true that many people get deceived by appearances. It’s not a problem with those who know me personally, but there are also those who don’t. It’s hard to gain trust with the appearance of a child, and you’ll also be criticised for trivial things. Particularly in the matter of medical care, it’s best to assume you will not be trusted.”

I see… that’s true. It’s natural there will be serious problems if she stays in a child’s appearance. This is reality. This is not a story where it’s all automatically fine once we reach the ending.

“That is why I am doing research – I hope to be able to turn back. I borrowed some alchemy books that are over a thousand years old from Orobas-dono and it describes a lot of past wisdom that enlightened me on the subject. So it should definitely be possible. …Ah, I made 150 bottles of the MP potion you requested and gave them to Cindy yesterday so do not worry.”

“You made 50 extra for me? That’s amazing.”

Casually accepting a request that should have definitely been difficult in between her research on top of completing it at 150%—as expected of the genius alchemist.

“I will gratefully accept your praise, but please do not thank me. It is my role as a medic to try to save as many lives as I can.”

Camilla’s straightforward and honest attitude towards her work. The reason I don’t get caught up in her childish appearance is because I know her as that kind of person.

A mandatory event in Camilla’s route was to face patients as a medical alchemist wherever she went. In order to gain the knowledge to turn back to normal, she visits alchemists from all around the world, assisting them with simple treatments and sometimes even being asked to save patients with incurable diseases.

The genius alchemist—Crimson Night Flower Camilla—a name known to anyone in the alchemic world.

However, just because she’s called a ‘genius’ and relied on by people, it does not mean she can save everyone. At times, she would also get stricken with anguish in front of the lives she cannot save. Her scenario would then involve getting closer to Camilla to comfort her.

“Anyway, until I return to normal, I need to take a break from being a medical practitioner. I am determined to turn back to normal, but the fact is that I do not know when that will be. Which is why just until I succeed, is it okay for me to stay at your mansion?”

“Of course. If you, my friend, are in trouble, I will lend you a hand as much as you need.”

An uncertain future over whether she can really turn back to normal or not. Even Camilla, who is tougher and more sensible than anyone else, would naturally feel uneasy if she were placed in that situation.

That was the reason for my immediate agreement, yet Camilla just raised her eyebrows and sighed.

“I somewhat expected it, but I will still get worried if you just agree without any hesitation like that. Even though there is a possibility that I will never turn back. Of course, I will pay rent.”

“Assuming that one of the MP potions you made is equal to one month of rent, you have basically paid for 12 and a half years of rent.”

When Camilla accepted the production request, she told me she would return as much of the dragon blood as possible since I was one of the contributors during the dragon subjugation. Even though the production would normally not be free, she had not charged me for payment. So I will also write it off by not demanding rent.

And no matter the reason, it’s just reassuring to know that Camilla will still be by our side from now on.

“If it weren’t for your quick thinking, I would have died in the 9th city. Moreover, you even developed a special MP potion to prevent magic deficiency. You may think that you just did what was natural to you as a friend as well as a medical practitioner, but I am truly grateful. Surely Luca is, too. So you should just take care of us until you are satisfied.”

“…You are indeed strong and beautiful.”

I had no idea why she replied with praise, not to mention that it embarrassed me, but I did not object to it. It’s because I was once told something similar by Nina. Besides, denying other people’s impressions and what they feel about me would be strange.

I finished drinking my tea, but Camilla still had hers left. Moreover, she wrapped her small hands around the warm teacup and stared at the swaying surface.

Was there still something she wanted to talk about? When I questioningly looked at Camilla, she quietly started speaking without raising her head.

“…Hey, Zagan. If I told you the reason I prioritised your MP potions over my research—that the reason I worried about your health wasn’t because we are friends, but for atonement… what would you do?” 

Atonement? What kind of sin could Camilla, the medical practitioner who possesses a noble spirit, even commit?

Nothing could be done with the fact that she was unable to save a patient with an incurable disease. No one is perfect after all. Moreover, even while she feels distressed by that fact, she still does her best to save new patients.

“I think that… the profession of a medical practitioner is difficult. You’ll be thanked if you succeed, but if someone dies, you’ll probably be blamed by that person, the bereaved family, and those close to them. From their point of view, Camilla might be a sinner. But even so, I respect the Camilla who constantly tries to save lives.” 

I didn’t know whether she needed to be comforted or not, even so, I told her that she wasn’t in the wrong. However, she continued to stare at the tea in her cup. She didn’t seem to be crying, nor did she seem troubled.

Silence hung in the air. I felt a bit cold even though I was wrapped in a blanket. The air I exhaled was white.

Should we head back inside soon? As I looked at the stars while thinking that way, Camilla let out a sigh.

“I’m an alchemist who specialises in medicine. I’ve seen many patients while I sold medicine. I’ve also given consultations and sometimes helped with childbirth. …There were also times when the child that was born was of the dark attribute.”

Camilla suddenly raised her head. No emotion could be seen in her profile.

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