I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Editor: Argenti

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Chapter 8 (Part 1)

“By the way, Zagan. What is the thing you’re riding right now? Uhm, this thing.”

“Ahh. It’s a magical car I created myself” 

 It looked like a pure black motorbike, but since there was no such thing as a motorbike in the Kingdom of Soleil, so I called it a magical car. 

 There were many kinds of magic devices in the kingdom. The magic barrier and the magic trolley, and telephone-like devices that allowed you to communicate over certain distances through magic. Many of the things we use in our daily lives, such as the water supply, toilets, baths; in addition to clocks and lights, also had magic circuits built in using magic stones, and they operated when mana was applied. 

 Although such familiar devices are used on a regular basis, there exist no trains to take a person from one city to another.  It would be dangerous to lay rails and run them on monster-infested land, and no one has the mana to move something as large as a train for long periods of time. 

 That’s why carriages were used for long journeys. Luca and the others too, used a wagon draped in cloth. There were two horses. Nina was currently tending to them. Noel and Miranda were setting up the tents, Bennett and Cindy were cooking dinner, and Camilla was watching the fire. They glanced at me from time to time, so I tried to stay out of their sights as far as possible. 

 By the way, we didn’t use any of the fossil fuels from my past life like coal, petroleum or natural gas. This is because the human body contains magical elements, and mana is generated from within oneself. Even if consumed, the mana can be fully recovered in due time. It is the most familiar and convenient energy that does not need to be brought from somewhere else. However, if you use mana beyond its limit, it will kill you.

“I’ve been rethinking the materials I’m using for the wheels lately, and as a result, I’ve been able to go faster than before. But it still takes a lot of mana to keep it running. I can keep riding for a long time because I have a lot of mana, but most people might not last even an hour. If one encounters monsters while riding it, you might want to launch spells just like that, so I need to think of ways to further decrease consumption… But even if it switched up various types, numbers and combinations of magic stones, or even tried tinkering with the materials and weight of the frame parts, the results are unfortunately not that great. Is it because the driving force of the mana isn’t transmitted efficiently to the handle and the tyres? The circuit, no the frame… ah, my bad. It must sound quite boring to you.” 

 Just as I was about to get lost in my own world, I noticed Luca had been staying silent and quickly apologized.

 It may be because I liked playing with machines and programming in my previous life, but I really enjoy using magic tools, magic stones, and magic circuits in this world, and I often get carried away. Getting so absorbed in something that I can’t see what’s happening around me was a bad habit I had picked up from my past life.

 When I hung my head apologetically, Luca patted my head.

“No, not at all. I’m really happy to learn about Zagan’s hobbies.” 

 —Hobbies. I see, this can be called a hobby.

 Come to think of it, the heroines also had their own hobbies. Noel had sewing, Miranda, woodworking, Nina was good with ornaments, Camilla, alchemy, Bennett cooked, and Cindy did reading. There were also individual events related to their hobbies, and on the birthdays of the heroines, one gave them items related to their hobby.

  In other words, mine would be magical tool design. …For some reason I felt embarrassed. Doesn’t this mean I have the same position as the heroines? No, I already knew that I had been recognized as a capture target, but being faced with fresh evidence, my paths of retreat seemed to be further cut off. If I am also a hero-… My thoughts are getting carried away, so let’s stop thinking. 

 Perhaps he was curious about what I explained before, as Luca touched the handle. Next, the accelerator, brake, clutch and the speedometer. His long fingers traced across the components. 

“Sigh, you’re amazing. I can’t believe you can make something this complex. I have no idea what’s going on. It’s too amazing.” 

 I couldn’t have made it without the knowledge of my past life. And moreover, the reason I knew so much about motorbikes was because I thought that the characters that rode bikes in games and anime were super cool. As a man, I couldn’t help but want to look cool. I even studied the structure of a certain character’s bike because I liked it so much. 

“…Well, I had a lot of time on my hands when I was a kid, so I read a lot of books on magic tools and magic circuits, and I didn’t start making them until I was twelve or thirteen. It took me 10 years to get this far, so I don’t think it’s too amazing. But…I’m happy to be praised like this. Thank you.” 

 It was a creation that I thought of as cool if I do say so myself, and so I expressed my thanks. When I did that, a strange sound came from Luca, as if his throat were closing up. I wonder why. His face was bright red, he was covering his mouth, and he was even holding his heart. 

“Luca, are you alright? Do you feel sick? Then you should rest right away!”

“S-Sorry. That’s not it. Uhm…Your smile was too cute.” 


“…What-! Wh-wh-what, what are you…saying…!” 

 Heat rose up in my body in a flash, and even though I wished to retort, my voice stammered.

 S-Smi-Smile, he says. Certainly I was just the tiniest bit shy, but if he showed such an exaggerated reaction, I’d no doubt feel suddenly embarrassed.  Shit, my face feels hot. 

 When I unconsciously hit my face in my arms, Luca groaned again. 

“Ahh, geez, why are you so cute!? My heart can’t take it! ”

“I don’t know! I’m not cute! Don’t look at me, don’t come close! ”

“No! I’ll look at you more, I’ll get closer, I’ll hug you! ” 

 After he had slipped in talk about a hug amidst the chaos, he tightly embraced me, true to his words.  I was still straddling the bike, so I couldn’t escape. Furthermore, my arms were trapped in his arms, so I couldn’t resist. Even though a person was trembling in shame here, Luca shamelessly nuzzled his cheeks against my head. 

“Sigh… Zagan’s smile is too cute. This is my first time seeing it, but it has such destructive power… Ahh, enough, Zagan is so cute it hurts!” 

 I’ve been thinking this for a while, but this guy calls me cute way too many times! I am a man! 

“Luca-kun, Zagan-kun, dinner is ready-! Stop being lovey-dovey in the corner and quickly come sit!” 

 I’m not being lovey-dovey! 

 I felt a strong urge to complain when I heard Cindy’s words, but as Luca’s strength weakened, I prioritized getting out of his arms. I put my hand around his back as if to make him move, and patted him. 

“Look, your friends are calling. Go quickly.”

“What are you saying? Zagan, aren’t you also gonna come? ”

“Huh? Why me?”

“Because it’s already night time. Zagan, you should rest too. Come on, get up. You can park this…magical car here.” 

 Luca held the handlebars of the motorbike and then grabbed my arm to make me stand up. With this, I couldn’t escape by firing up my engines. Moreover, his right arm casually shone. Did he really intend to not let me get away as he used reinforcement magic? Before I knew it, he had even taken my turban. 

 Left with no choice, I got down from my bike and put it away in my magic bag. If you opened the bag, touched an object and thought of putting it inside, even large objects could be stowed away. It was the same as using magic and sword techniques, if you can do it consciously, you can do it naturally. You can’t put anything living in the bag, so if one of your friends faints, you’ll have to carry them on your back in that case. 

“Is it really okay for me to join you?I really don’t want to sour the mood.”

“Relax, it’s fine. In any case, didn’t Cindy call out to you too?”

 Cindy is a quiet person, and she likes to read, so people with the dark attribute are targets of interest to her.

 But what about Miranda? She hated people with the dark attribute. If I am here, wouldn’t that spoil her mood? 

 Unable to put my worries into words, in the end, I was pulled along and sat next to Luca.

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1 year ago

A tsundere’s smile and dere mode are a force to be reckoned with.

B then M
B then M
2 years ago

When I unconsciously hit my face in my arms, Luca groaned again. 

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Kawaii and thanks for the update, I lov u, bye YvY

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tyler, the destroyer
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“…a certain character’s bike” Is it Akira? It’s Akira, RIGHT? I learned how to ride a bike cuz I was (and still am) OBSESSED with Akira’s bike uueueuwu
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Thank you for the update!!! It’s really interesting to see everything from a tsundere mc’s perspective :>{

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Carina Bruckschwaiger
Carina Bruckschwaiger
3 years ago

“I don’t know! I’m not cute! Don’t look at me, don’t come close!”
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Out of topic but now I’m senselessly worried that Zagan would be kidnapped by the Dark Organization and would get raped.

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Something to comment
Something to comment
2 months ago
Reply to  misto713

I mean, he says the dark organization would exist even without Zagan, which makes sense. They’re united because of their pain, not necessarily because of Zagan. Beside, the fact they betray original Zagan does meant that anyone else could take over as the leader even if he was never in the picture.

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Sadie Woods
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