The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Frozen Ink

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Chapter 134: The Sage Sees the Steel Knight

Half a day later, I transferred back the Demon Lord’s Army to the southern part of the territory.

The destination was a meadow with a good view.

I could see the opposing army ahead.

It was the Magic Kingdom’s Army, led by the Steel Knight.

Some soldiers were equipped with guns.

It was widespread within the Magic Kingdom.

I took most of John Doe’s inventions and seized their blueprint thoroughly

However, since the guns were manufactured in various places, it was impossible to complete halt their development.

Currently, guns were the main weapon of the Magic Kingdom.

It was an excellent weapon with a reasonable range of fire and power.

From a magician’s perspective, it was a very difficult opponent to deal with.

However, The Demon Lord’s Army was not inferior in this part.

There was a gun unit that deployed in a fan-shaped formation.

The guns in their hands were developed in the laboratory.

Their performance was superior compared to what the other side had.

They were also superior in numbers and training.

It was only natural since Henry trained them himself.

In front of the gun unit, there were tanks lined up at regular intervals.

They were ready to unleash the ray of light.

As the basic strategy, the tanks were to advance ahead.

The gun units were to follow them while hiding in their cover.

By using the tanks as shields, most of the long range attacks like arrows and magic would be blocked.

For that purpose, the tanks were designed to be especially sturdy.

At most, attacks could only scratch the tank’s armor.

There was another tank parked beside me, which was not included with the units ahead.

It had a peculiar appearance, with mixtures of scales and carapace covering its armor.

The tank was equipped with three cannons, two of which were magic cannons.

The other one was a normal tank cannon, which allowed it to shoot both a ray of light and live ammunition.

“Kuhahaha, I can feel my heart throbbing. I rarely feel such an innocent feeling.”

A muffled voice emitted from the modified tank.

The one who opened the lid’s entrance and showed her face was Diella.

As for why she was riding this modified tank, it was because she wanted to participate that way.

Before we left for the battlefield, Diella asked permission to use the confiscated, modified tank.

She appeared to like this tank that she’d modified with Yuura.

According to Diella, she wanted to ride it on the battlefield someday.

I accepted her request.

This modified tank has not yet been tested on the real battlefield.

Since its high performance was revealed through the analysis, I also planned to put it on the battlefield someday.

Since Diella said she wanted to use it, I didn’t mind letting her do as she pleased.

However, I decided to keep an eye on her so she wouldn’t go too wild.

Once she showed excessive behavior, I would suppress her then and there.

With that in mind, I asked Diella about one thing I was curious about.

“Are you trying to fight in that tank until the battle ends?”

“That’s right. This thing is not here just as a mere display.”

“You are stronger if you fight without the tank. As for the performance test, I could just leave it to another subordinate.”

As I pointed that out to Diella, her expression seemed to say that she couldn’t believe what I’d just said.

“That might be true, but know that there’s a thing called romance! Controlling the Demonic Dragon Rakshasa is something I don’t want to give up. You can learn from me later, you know?”

“I’ll do my best.”

Romance was a concept that had nothing  to do with me.

Although it didn’t matter, since I was also interested, I would like to learn of it someday.

On the other hand, Diella pointed at me.

“That thing you have was also a compilation of romance. I look forward to seeing you fighting in it.”

“So it is a romance…”

Certainly, the body I had here was not that of an immortal.

It was a jet-black golem made out of special metal.

It was a golem that was developed by the laboratory based on data adjustment of Yuura’s custom-made golem.

This golem was presented to me by the laboratory.

It was given to me as gratitude and for test performance, so I decided to use it immediately.

My original body was still in the capital.

I was in a state of attaching my consciousness to this golem.

I would fight using this body to test its performance during the beginning of the battle then I would use my original body during the end of the battle.

Considering the capability of the opponent, that should be plenty.

They should be enough to fully demonstrate the power of this golem.

The two armies were glaring at each other in silence.

The atmosphere was filled with tense killing intent.

I paid attention to the army of the other side.

My line of sight was focused on the center of the army.

The one who rode a giant horse was a knight with dull-colored armor.

In his hand was a weapon that seemed to be a combination of a spear and an axe.

It was a pole-arm known as a halberd.

That knight exuded great fighting spirit.

The pressure he unleashed was enough to frighten his own allies.

That was the Steel Knight.

At the same time, he was the commander of the Magic Kingdom’s Army.

The Steel Knight had a slightly unusual background.

He was fatally injured during his days as a recruit, so most of his body has been converted to that of a golem.

By mixing a large amount of magic power into his blood and circulating it, he could unleash physical power comparable to a demon despite being human.

Furthermore, by taking advantage of its characteristic, he was equipped with innumerable weapons throughout his body.

There were testimonies regarding that on each battlefield.

It was something that was difficult to avoid unless one was aware of it beforehand.

Obviously, he not only relied on his prosthetic body.

The halberd of the Steel Knight allowed him to launch a series of attacks.

His pure strength was also amazing.

Because of such factors, the Steel Knight was a powerful person worthy of the name of herald.

However, there was one mysterious part.

It was only recently that the Steel Knight became known as a herald.

Until then, he was only known inside his nation, and he wasn’t strong enough to be a match for thousands of men.

The Steel Knight was strengthened all of a sudden.

Did the series of battles against the Demon Lord’s Army boost his rapid growth…?

It wasn’t impossible, but it lacked persuasive power.

I suspected something happened outside my knowledge.

I didn’t know what it might be, but I couldn’t help but have doubts.

It wasn’t like I had evidence on the matter.

It was more of a judgment based on my gut feeling.

However, this kind of feeling couldn’t be underestimated.

There was something that Steel Knight had that made me think so.

I intended to take the Steel Knight as a prisoner.

It was to interrogate and examine him.

He might possess some sort of confidential information.

He was capable enough to be entrusted as a leader of an army.

Even if the answer I got wasn’t something I wished for, he must possess some sort of secret.

In any case, the interrogation would likely bring something new to me.

There are three Heralds who appeared during the same period of time… what happened?

To find the answer to this, I must win this battle.

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